Photo's by Bob Grambling

Photo's submitted by Greg Grambling, Class of 1968


Hi Sherry…I enjoyed the remembrance of Kick the Can.  However, in our Oak Ridge version, if someone could run in from hiding and kick the can before “It” could get back to it (the can), this set all the prisoners free.  I remember never liking to be “It” ‘cause you could be “It” forever.  Can’t remember how we chose “It” in the first place.  Perhaps we drew straws….Another game we played was Slinging Statues.  One player would literally sling another and that person had to remain in the position he/she was thrown into…to freeze there like a statue.  Can’t remember if there were teams and how or if anyone actually won.  Maybe we just had a good laugh at all our funny positions.  Does anyone else remember this game or did I dream it?  

Jeannine  Mobley Love, Class of 1956

P. S. Oh yes, there was Red Rover, Red Rover, Can (Name called) come over?  I believe the called person had to break into the opposing line.


I remember I couldn't wait to get outside after supper to play Hide and
seek or Kick the Can. I always had dish drying chores first and couldn't
get out the door fast enough as it seemed like all the other kids were
already at it. The darker it got, the better and then we collected fireflies.


The way I remember it is that one person was "it" and stood
touching the can with eyes closed while the other ran and hid.
Then the it person went looking for them and if she spotted one
hidding, it was a race to see who would kick the can first. The
loser was now in jail and the old it or the new it started looking for
the others. The rule we liked best was at any time one of the
others could come out of hiding and race to kid the can and
set anyone in jail.

I'm sure I forgot some of the rules but the remembering was fun.

Story submitted by Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Class of 1955

Picture #1. Playing with inter tubes in the water

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Picture #2. The man is Mr. Bullock, the sixth grade teacher at Eastside and Ronnie Greer is driving the car. The picture was taken one Sunday afternoon pony rides which went on in the middle and late fifties. All volunteer and all free if I remember correctly. The Greer family had a large enclosed area next to their house on the same side of the street the Sentells lived on. (Almost right across the street from the Sentells) That's where the pony rides, car rides, wagon rides, etc. took places for a number of years. Greg Grambling

Ronnie Greer is driving the car and he lived on Pennsylvia. That could very well be the fenced in lot next to their house house in the background. Larry Mays

Picture #3. Shooting Marbles

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Picture #4. Three boys playing marbles

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Picture #5. The Football players

Robert Tooke is taking the snap from Greg Grambling. He later became a lineman & Greg became a quarterback.


Picture #6. The Greased Pole. Do you recognize anyone on this pole? If

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The boy at the top of the greased pole is Clifford "Spot" Taylor. It was at the Webster-Bossier Parish Fair and Festival, and Spot got the $5.00 bill from the pole and won the contest. So, I would say with considerable confidence, that is who it is.

Narley Stryder, Esq. (Aka Fred Moore)

The blonde boy right under spot was Fred Moore, James McCabe was the boy to the left of him pulling on his pocket, Roy Baggett is the boy in the plaid shirt, & on the right is Jerry Frazier.

Picture #7. Potato Game, Does anyone remember how this was played?

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Picture #8. More fun with the potatoes. Wonder if they had a sack race also?

Picture #9. They seem to be having fun, don't they?. If you recognize any of these boys

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10. Potato Sack Race Can anyone identify the boys in the picture?


11. Swimming at Caney Lake was fun! Do you remember when the boat house was in the middle of the lake?

Do I see Joe Inabnet and Ann Mays walking on the pier?

12. Playing in the Snow. If you know who this cute little boy is please e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COM

This appears to be at the intersection of Ash and Sullivan, probably in the West's or Wiggley's front yard.

Greg Grambling

13. Playing with toys and having fun with friends

Sam Wigley and Connie Grambling

#14. Janet Allen and Brenda Pilcher consulting a magic 8 ball. Remember the magic 8 ball

that would tell the future and answer questions?
Identified by Greg Grambling

 #15. The Scuba Diver  Terry Love and Ronnie Howell, anyone know the boy in the background?

Identified by Greg Grambling and Larry Mays

16. Playing on the jungle jim

16. From the class of '57 is Wiley Cameron, right side wearing a hat. Under his arm is Ellen Baker and to her left is Kay Cunningham. 

Identified by LeVerrne Langheld Kidd

The girl standing on the ground on the right side of the photo is Linda Rushing.  I think that's Brenda standing on the left on the jungle jim wearing pedal pushers.  Brenda was a brunette.  Linda was a blonde. 

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

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17. Are they playing the game picking up sticks? Janet Martin #2. May be Anna Roberts

Identified by Larry Mays

18.  Anna Roberts deeply engrossed in a game of Pick up sticks