IN MEMORY OF CAROL WHITFIELD

 Triple Title Holder

Miss Minden High School 1953

 Miss Minden 1953

Miss Congeniality at the Miss Holiday in Dixie Contest in 1953


She sleeps in the Gardens of Faith, Section 2, Row 4

Garden of Faith, Section 2,  Row 14


In 1975 RENEE KIRKLAND daughter of Carol Whitfield & Derald Kirkland

                         captures Darling Title

















Earlene Mendenhall Triple crown holder

Miss Civitian 1956

Miss Minden High School 1956

Miss Minden School 1956

Voted Most Beautiful Girl in the Tide Talk in 1956

Miss Illustrious Alumni 2006

Co Authored and transcriptions from the Gardens of Memory Cemetery with sister, Barbara McLemore

Author of The Minden Cemetery of Webster Parish

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Miss Minden 2008 Kayla Develiss crowns Miss Minden 2009 Lexie McKenzie


1st runner up - Molly Brown - Miss Minden  is Lexie McKenzie daughter  of the former

Misty Norwood daughter of Jerry Norwood son of  the late O'Neal and Allen Norwood

Mrs. O'Neal Norwood was a daughter of the late Samuel Odom who died during the tornado

that hit Minden on May 1, 1933 which left approx. 80 people dead. 


and 2nd runner up - Gabrielle Lewis

McKenzie crowned Miss Minden
Written by Jana Ryan   
Monday, 02 March 2009
First order of business — preparing for Miss Louisiana

Lexie McKenzie, 19, a graduate of Glenbrook High School and student at Louisiana Tech University, was crowned Miss Minden 2009 Saturday.

McKenzie, competing against five other contestants for the coveted crown, was also the recipient of the swimsuit award as well as the talent award for her jazz routine to “Hey Big Spender.”

The title of Miss Minden is accompanied by a $2,200 scholarship and a $1,250 wardrobe expense for the upcoming Miss Louisiana Pageant. In addition, McKenzie received a gift basket provided by local merchants.

McKenzie said she is excited to wear the crown and intends to begin preparations right away for the Miss Louisiana competition.

“First, I am going to start selling ads for Miss Louisiana,” said McKenzie.

A self-professed newcomer to the pageant circuit, McKenzie said she wants to work on her “confidence”.

“I need to work on my confidence,” said McKenzie, who added that Miss Minden is the second pageant she has ever participated in. “I know I’m a newcomer, so I think that if I work on my confidence in interview, that I can play with the big girls.”



Two Minden girls were in this Miss Lincoln Parish contest in 1957 while they were attending La. Tech. At the far left is

#11, Sandra Pullig; #1 is Earlene Mendenhall.    

     Compliments of Earlene Mendenhall Lyle  













Sandra Pullig Smith

 Winner of the only Miss Minden Contest held at the Joy Theater

by Box Office and sponsored by City Merchants around 1954.

Some of us always thought Linda looked just like

 Jane Mansfield driving around in her beautiful classic convertible.

 Other's argued that she looked more like Marilyn Monroe. Whatever,

 We think she belongs with the "Minden Gems!"






Linda Holt Morehead and her classic T-Bird 









Linda Holt Moorehead again waving goodbye

This beautiful classic t-bird was destroyed when Katrina

hit New Orleans in 2005.


Corky Marvin is introducing Miss USA Sharon Brown in front of the entrance to city halCompliments

of John Quade Photography, Minden, La.

Submitted by Quade Photography

Stan Quade is in the white shirt holding the camera taking the picture of Sharon Rene Brown



               Sharon Rene Brown, Miss USA 1961












 Sharon Rene BrownSharon never went to school in Minden. She had come

                 to Minden fromWaterproof, LA in the early summer of my Junior year at MHS
                  She was Miss Waterproof and then Miss La Tech and then, Miss USA.

                   The last time I saw her was long ago in Minden. her hair was in pigtails.
                    My mother thought she was the prettiest thing she had ever seen. She
                    had two younger brothers who were twins, named Lary and Gary.

                                   Linda Holt Moorehead

                Sharon Brown was a Freshaman at La. Tech during 1960-61 during (1958-1961)
                cheerloader, (ROTC Sponsor Lagniappe Beauty. A two page spread honored
                her as Miss USA.

                                Miss Sharon Brown, Miss USA 1961

                                 Sharon Rene Brown, Miss Louisiana 1961

                                 Sharon Rene Brown, Miss Louisiana Tech 1961

                                 Sharon Rene Brown, Miss Waterproof, Louisiana 1961

                                 Sharon Brown, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Brown

Eurlyne Howell, Miss Louisiana 1958

Photo by Bob Grambling, submitted by Greg Grambling

Eurlyne Howell

Photo by Bob Grambling, Submitted by Greg Grambling


1957 Ford identified by Larry Mays, photo by Bob Grambling, Submitted by Greg Grambling

Eurlyne Howell
Miss USA 1958

Marilyn Ann McKinight, Miss America went to Lincoln Parish in 1957

Picture submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

 Mary Ellen Bailey named Ship Pin-Up Queen












Mary Ellen Bailey

This picture of Mary Ellen Bailey (with a different background) was seen
by the crew on the ship, USS Mahopac, and as a result the boys voted
Mary Ellen, "Miss Mahopac, "pin up queen of the ship. The seamen sent
the Minden High school junior a few vital statistics of their ship and, she in
turn sent them vital statistics of herself.


When Minden High School drum majorette drum majorette Mary Ellen
Bailey got her picture in the Review a few weeks back she had no idea a Navy
ship crew way up in Alaska would see it and choose her as the pin-up queen
of their ship.

But that's exactly what happened. The crew of the U.S.S. Mahopac got together
and voted Mary Ellen as "Miss Mohopac".

The sailors voted the Minden high junior their pin-up queen when they saw a
crewman's copy of the Review which ran the picture several weeks ago.

The picture was taken by Robert Grambling who somehow seems to have a
magic touch when it comes to dabbing into photography. Director of the Minden
High School band, he won two places earlier this year in a photo contest by the
Shreveport Times, and now another of his picture had capture an honor.

The crew send Mary Ellen daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bailey of 705  Buchanan
Street of Minden, some vital statistics of their ship as follows: 142 feet from bow
to stern, 32 feet across the beam, weight is 300 tons and has a complement of
44 men."

According to the crew members, the Mohopac has been to Alaska for seven years
of duty, and each man aboard serves 18 months aboard the ship.

In all fairness Mary Ellen feels she had to send the crew a few vital statistics of
her own, so she mailed them the following data: height 5'f", weight 120 pounds,
waist 23 inches, hips 34 inches, bust 34 inches, hair - brown, and eyes brown.

Mary Ellen not only helps the band but she can play in it too. She plays the
saxophone and the piano. Her hobbies are dancing and twirling.

One of her favorite pastimes is collecting miniature shoes - glass wooden, metal,
etc., and she hopes that the seamen who have adopted her as their pin-up girl
will help her out with the collection."

In case the Mahopac does leave Alaska, the crew can shop around for some
shoes for Mary Ellen in the various ports they visit.

Tuesday, October 6, 1953

Earlene Mendenhall Triple crown holder

Miss Civitian 1956

Miss Minden High School 1956

Miss Minden School 1956

Former Miss Mindens also include

      1953-2005 HISTORY OF MISS MINDEN'S OF WEBSTER PARISH                          

1953 - It has been over fifty years since CAROL WHITFIELD first won the title of

MISS MINDEN for WEBSTER PARISH.  When she represented Minden in
the MISS HOLIDAY IN DIXIE contest she was voted Miss Congeniality
making her a triple holder since she had already won the Miss Minden High
School Contest in 1953. When Carol married Derald Kirkland

           1953 - second runner up, SANDRA GRAY HUNT became Miss Minden 1953. Had
she not finished out the term Keith Clement would have became Miss Minden.

          1954 - Betty Jean Davis Lumpkin, Carla Faye Green came in second and
Cortez David Cupples came in third.

          1955 - Trudy Ann Brooks Bishop , Carla Faye Green came in second and  Annetta Baker Kirkland came in third

          1956 -  Mary Jo Skinner Kirkland first won the title and forfeited two days   later .

          1956  - Annetta Baker Kirkland  would  have been Miss  Minden however she forfeited to marry Gerald Kirkland which  gave
the title to Earlene Mendenhall.

          1956  -  EARLENE MENDENHALL LYLE. It was Earlene Lyle who crowned the 1957 Miss Minden.

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle also performed other duties of Miss Minden 1956...
Today, you might find her writing cemetery books and working to
raise money for the old Minden City Cemetery although she doesn't have anyone
buried there. She and Bob live in Alabama .  I I ear they they may be looking for in Minden to build on.

           1957 - Marcelee Robinson Culpepper  Jeanette Woodard came in second and then
                  Wanda Miller was next.

           1958 - Betty Rhea Deloach

           1959 - Mary Virginia Nethring Kennon

           1960 - Sandra Crockett Brown  

           1961 - Becky McKenzie Leopold 

           1962 - Elizabeth Ann Hardy Burnett

           1963-  Emily Van Horn Wilbert  

           1964 - Carolyn Reed  

           1965 - Betty Lou Cunningham McClure

           1966 -  Cheryl Parker Whatley

           1967 -  Jeanette Zachry Phillips

           1968 -  Karen Norman Van Horn

           1969 - Rita Tyler Carrier

           1970 - Judith Carter D'Angelo

           1971 - Ellen Sullivan Kelley

           1972 -  Cindy Ritchie Walker

           1973 - Carla Powers Herron

           1974 -  Melinda Morgan McMahone

           1975 -  Karen McKinney

           1976 - Jessica Barkas Welch

           1977 - Jerri Ray dePingre'

           1978 -  Janet Locke Clarke

           1979 -  Kelly Higginbotham Warren

           1980 -  Julie Curry Lamon

           1981 - Stacey Austin Gloer

           1982- Mary Beth Irving Love
           1983 - Joanna Byars Marks

           1984 - Terri Lynn McKinney

           1985 -  Sharon Irving Gorman

           1986 - Majorie Blackwell McGowen

            1987 -  Michele Beckel Corley

            1988 - Jeanne Dickson Patterson

            1989 - Angie Holland Woodard

             1990 - Allison Hanson Maxwell

             1991 - Amanda Hamm dePingre

             1992 - Heather Purtle

             1993 - Cathy Jamison

             1994 -  Jennifer McGuire

             1995 - Asleigh Albritton

             1996 - Jodi McGuire

             1998 - Amency Waters

             1999 - Courtney Noles

              2000 - Jennifer Culpepper

              2001 - Megan White

              2002 - Jessica Tucker

               2003 - Jamie Wilson


              2004 - Nicole Paisco takes the crown


Press-Herald photo/Kristi Richie
Miss Minden 2004 Nicole Poisso crowns Kara dePingre’ as t

he 2005 Miss Minden during Saturday’s pageant, while second

 runner-up Britni Russell looks on. DePingre’ is the 18-year-old daughter

 of Benny and Jerri dePingre’. Below, dePingre displays her surprise of being announced as the new Miss Minden.

Robbie Ann Kidd

 People' Choice Award & Winner of the Swim Suit Competition in 2005

2006 - Nicole Daye won the Miss Minden Contest

2007 - Hannah McFarland was killed in a car - train wreck on June 25, 2007 

           MINDEN MOURNS

Hannah McFarland















Hannah McFarland, 19, was killed in a car-train

accident early the morning,  of June 25, 2002






Miss Minden 2008 Kayla Develiss crowns Miss Minden 2009 Lexie McKenzie


Jamie Wilson, former Miss Minden 2003 won

the Miss Louisiana Contest in 2006

 2006 - Jamie Wilson was Miss Louisiana

The Miss Minden Pageant is sponsored annually by the Young Women's

Service Club and is a preliminary to the Miss America Pageant

 2006 - Jamie Wilson and she won Miss Louisiana

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If you have a picture of one of the above you would like to submit, please e-mail me so I will be expecting it.

Robbie Ann Kidd, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kidd of Minden, La.


 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kidd of Minden, La.

Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Billy Kidd of Minden, La.

Granddaughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roland Shilling of Blanchard, La.


Robbie Ann Kidd

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kidd

& Granddaughter of

Mr. & Mrs. Billy Kidd of Minden, Louisiana & M. & Mrs. Roland Shilling of Blanchard, Louisiana




1975 Grig - Renee Kirkland was crowned by 1974 winner Donna Greer.

                                            MHS DARLING 1975



Miss Denise Green is MHS Darling  - 1959 - MHS DARLING 1959




















Leonard Miller, Master of Ceremonies

Left to Right: Marsha Hoefeld, Mary Virginia Nehring, Denise Green and Diane Green (Twins


Mary Kennon

Memorial services for Mrs. Mary Virginia Nehring Kennon, will be held at 2 p.m.

today, June 3, 2002, at Rose-Neath Funeral Home in Minden with Dr. Ronald Price

officiating. Mrs. Kennon, a resident of Doyline, passed away Thursday, May 30, while at Dubuis

Hospital in Shreveport. She loved living in the country enjoying her garden, flowers,

birds and animals as well as managing her apartments. Mrs. Kennon was well known

for her vivacious, energetic personality. Her absence has created a void, but her vitality

 has left a ray of sunshine that will never fade.

She was preceded in death by her father, Allen R. Nehring and grandparents, Julius C. Nehring

of Wisconsin and Dr. and Mrs. S.C. Cade of Many. She is survived by her two sons, Rodney Kennon

and wife Jymme of Bossier City, John Kennon of Minden; daughter, Kelly Gillis and husband Don of

Haughton; grandchildren, Brad, Steven and Jennifer Kennon, Jodi and Tyler Gillis, and Natalie Butler;

 parents, Vicky Cade Fischer and Clarence Fischer of Bossier City; brothers, Steve Nehring and wife,

Sally, and Donald Fischer of Shreveport, and Greg Fischer and wife Karen of Atlanta, Ga.

Memorials may be made to Bossier Kids, Inc., 2125 Airline Drive, Bossier City, La., 71111, a foster care

program supporting needy children.

                        MISS MHS DARLING 1957-1958



                    Sandra Crockett, Miss Minden 1958






        Submiteed by LeVerne Langheld Kidd



      Earlene Mendenhall, Miss Minden 1956Crowns the new Miss Minden 1957, Marcelee Robinson

       First runner up is Jeanette Woodard - Second runner up - Wanda Miller

       Miss Minden 1956, Earlene Mindenhall crowns the new Miss Minden 1957.


      Jeanete Woodard, Marcelee Culpepper and Wanda Miller

Also in the contest was Lovely LeVerne Langheld below

This pretty Minden Gem is LeVerne Langheld


              Another Minden Gem is

Pretty Erika Traynham, Grand daughter of Billy and LeVerne Kidd





























LINDA COX,  was also Miss Civitan  in 1955.

The Tide Talk elected Earlene

Mendenhall Most Beautiful Girl in 1956

          Earlene Mendenhall                                  


                Mary Jo  Skinner

Jeanette Woodard                                        Betty Claire Rhea



Shirley Boyer                     Mildred Aarons

The pages from the Grig were submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd





































                       SISTERS ARE CROWNED

Earlene Mendenhall , Miss Minden 1956

Barbara Mendenhall, Miss Minden Jr. High Shool, Miss Minden Jr. High School 1956













            Radiant Charming Barbara Mindenhall crowned by

                     Jasper Goodwill, Mayor of Minden in 1956

      Runners up were Marsha Hoefed, Martha Sers, and Ann Frazier




















Jasper Goodwill crowns Earlene Miss MHS

 Runners up were Mary Jo Skinner, Jeanette Woodard and Jeannine Mobley





















FIRST runner up to Trudy Brooks was Carla Faye Green

SECOND runner up was Annetta Baker



                    MISS MINDEN 1955

 Trudy was voted most beautiful girl in the Tide Talk

















This is the photo just after Joyce Hillard married Robert Patten.  The marriage lasted less than a year.  Pictured admiring

her wedding ring are clockwise from left:   Ellen Baker, Camille Ivy (Jeanette Woodard's head shows behind Camille Ivy.), Mary

Jo Skinner, Ann Mays, Jeannine Mobley, Joyce Hillard Patten, Lyda Roberts, Ginger Rushing. 

1955 Grig



















1955 Grig


















Barbara Mendenhall - Camelia Princess during the 60s











Miss MHS 1955




                             Scroll to the right














Betty Jean Davis, Miss Minden 1954


   Cortez David                         Betty Jean Davis      1954                       Carla Faye Green           















Milly Aaron's became Miss Minden High School when Pat Wilson forfeits to

marry Hugh Cranford in 1954. 

See Milly's picture in her beautiful evening gown above on the right.













































This is Carole Whitfield's picture when she was crowned Miss Minden High School.

Later she was crowned Miss Minden. She went to Miss Holiday in Dixie and won

the Miss Congeniality Contest making her a triple title holder. She held the title holder.


      1953   Carol Whitfield was crowned Miss Minden High School.

       That same year she was crowned Miss Minden.

        First runner up was Sandra Gray. Sandra assumed the role

       of Miss Minden after Carole and forfeited the crown.






































Keitha Clement graduated in 1951 but was

  was 2nd runner up  for Miss Minden in 1953                                                                               















1952 Dorothy Jean Hunter was voted most beautiful girl in 1952                                                      

                          Submitted by Rowland Ivy - From the 1952 Grig



                                     From the 1952 Grig - Most Beautiful. Submitted by Rowland Ivy



















1951 Submitted by Rowland Ivy



















Submitted by Rowland Ivy - From the 1951 Grig
















Submitted by Rowland Ivy

Gloria Woodard  1950














 1950 Marilyn Allgood, Betty Sue Britt, Patsy Carson, Betty Sue Britt                                                                                              













Submitted by Rowland Ivy -1949


                From the 1949 Grig - Submitted by Rowland Ivy


               1949 Grig - Submitted by Rowland Ivy
























 Submitted by Rowland Ivy from the 1948 Grig

                The girls are: Bottom left -Bobbie Staples, left - Kirkikis,

                Center - Betty Sue Alexander, right - Flois Gay, and

                 Bottom right - Ruth Brooks




                Submitted by Rowland Ivy -1947/8Grig   




















                      Del Messer - Submitted by Quade Studio

                     Del was also homecoming queen in 1945


                There were no Grigs published during the war years


























 Margaret French is the beauty beside Sue Willie Matthews                                                      


         1940 Prettiest girl -  Marybelle Butler                                                        


               1939 Prettiest girl  


        1938 Prettiest Girl - Margery O'Kelley


      1937 Pretties girl - Marie Lites  













Geraldine Harkness, 1936 Prettiest Girl

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan





















Another surprise find while searching newspapers

 in the Minden library was this picture of Minden's recently

crowned Miss Minden of 1932, Nellie Graham Colbert. 

 Runners-up were Nancy Lee and Kay D. Drew. 

 Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

                                                                         Camille Daniels - Prettiest girl in 1925

                                                                            Submitted by Amy Wiley Jason


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