Saturday, May 19, 2007

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Women's Historic District

Ghost Of Home & Garden Tour
Historic Residential Association and Dorcheat Historical Museum Association working together for Ghost of Home and Garden Tour held May 19, 2007

The Historic Residential Association announced Schelley Brown as the new President for 2007 in January. Brown will replace 2006 President Linda Miller and was recently hired to be the executive director for the all-new Dorcheat Historical Association Museum. The combined efforts of these two groups will soon be evident with the Ghost of Home and Garden Tour scheduled for the third Saturday in May. This historic home tour will have a new twist in home tours. You will not only get to see at least four of Minden’s oldest and stateliest homes, but you will also get to meet the ghost of owners past! Anyone who has been to the Minden Cemetery Ghost Walk will be familiar with the concept of bringing history to life. Brown stated, “I believe showing history in this manner makes it real for people. They seem to appreciate the importance of what they are seeing, whether it is a wonderful 150-year-old home or a grave marker at the cemetery. This new combined effort is the historic district’s way of showing support for the soon to open Dorcheat Museum.” Brown also stated, “The history of Minden’s homes and the people who lived there is so important. This is just a small way to preserve the past for future generations.” We currently have four commitments from homeowners.” The tour times will be noon-5 p.m. with a vintage trolley available to carry passengers from home to home. You will be able to park downtown and enjoy the day as you travel back in time. We are urging everyone to dress up for the day. This is a great opportunity to dress in your favorite era and get into the fun of the day. So dig out your grandmother’s old hats and gloves and come in style. Tickets will be available at each home at the cost of $10 each.
This will also just be a sample of what this group will have in store for the Christmas Tour “Ghost of Christmas Past” scheduled for the second Saturday in December of 2007. We expect these two historic tours to become something to look forward to every year.
The efforts of these two organizations will also soon be something everyone can enjoy. Minden will soon have cell phone tours in the near future for all of the significant sites and surrounding areas of interest for visitors as well as citizens. This new technology will put Minden on the cutting edge of much larger cities. The two historic associations have already begun the work for getting this new and exciting addition to Minden up and running. This will make a huge impact on our area for tourists as well as providing a wonderful learning tool for our schools. Many of the historic homes’ histories will be featured with sound effects and background music. Also, many of our important downtown area buildings will be included, as well as little known facts about the area. If it is historic or important to Minden and the Dorcheat Museum, it will have a place on this audio tour. This tour will also be available for those without cell phones in CD format. More on this high-tech addition to Minden will be coming soon!
The Minden Historic Residential District Association is responsible for preserving the history of the historic homes and their owners. Many of these homeowners are quick to help with other historic endeavors. They are the life force behind the Minden Cemetery Ghost Walk. They are also responsible for the improvements and the lighting and decorations in Academy Park. Bill Green is considered the “Mayor of Academy Park.” The association is also responsible for the new street signage that indicates when you have entered the historic district. These signs were installed earlier in the year. A current project to erect a state of Louisiana Historical Marker is now in the works for Academy Park. If you live in the district and you love history, you are urged to become involved with the two groups.
The members of the historic district and the Dorcheat Historic Association will also begin gathering information and pictures for one of the exhibits that will be featured in the museum when it opens later in 2007. This project will be documenting when the homes were built, as well as researching the past owners. Pictures, precious artifacts and documents will be very important in putting this exhibit together and preserving this important part of Minden’s past. The two groups urge anyone with pictures or any items of interest related to the older homes in Minden to contact them. These joint efforts will continue to benefit both historic groups for many years to come.
The H.R.D.A.’s only source of funding for these projects has been the Christmas Tour of Homes. This year they will add this new tour. Minden has many homes that have never been seen on tour. The goal of the “Ghost of Home and Garden Tour” is to include some of these beautiful landmark homes and also teach a little history at the same time. It is very exciting to be able to have the privilege to bring this part of history alive for everyone. It is only natural that these different organizations work together to keep history alive for our future. So remember to save the date for Saturday, May 19, 2007. You don’t want to miss the “Ghost of Home and Garden Tour.” The Historic Residential Association meets the third Tuesday of every month at a designated home in the district. The Dorcheat Historical Association meets the 2nd Monday of every month and The Historic Residental District meets the 3rd Tuesday. Come join the fun, and be a part of preserving our history. For more information you can contact Schelley Brown at 423-0192.

Ghost of Home and Garden Tour
Saturday May 19th, 2007
Noon – 5p.m.
$10.00 Tickets available at each home day of tour
Tour Historic Homes In The Heart Of Minden’s Historic District
Learn the history behind these homes from the ghost of past owners.
See actors and actresses bring history to life!
The History of Academy Park
416 Broadway Miller – Inabnett Home Built in Mid 1850’s
1111 Broadway Vance – Sugg Home Built Pre Civil War
315 East & West Street Creighton Home Built in 1925
311 East & West Street Davis – Green Home Built in 1901

 416 Broadway Miller – Inabnett Home Built in Mid 1850’s

311 East & West Street Davis – Green Home Built in 1901

or 315 East & West Street Crichton Home Built in 1925

1111 Broadway Vance – Sugg Home Built Pre Civil War