FROM 1938 - 1950

Submitted by: Carol Miller LeBlanc, Class of 1958 and Christine Sparrow Miller, Class of 1938


Unknown girl, Carol, and Betty Sue Alexander

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Carol Ann Miller, Class of 1958

Carol Ann Miller

I really enjoyed the  Goathill notes.  I was somewhat disappointed that I could not recognize the streets where I lived or the exact names that were included.  I do remember a Casey Jones who was a volunteer firefighter.   He and I rode the back end of a fire truck to a sawmill fire in Cotton Valley.  I remember he was talking a lot about not getting back to Minden in time to go duck hunting.  It was snowing and sleeting and I was too cold to think of anything but getting warm.  I'm not sure what year it was, but I do recall the snow being beautiful.  I recall people like Otis Minter, Gene Hamner, Jim Sparrow, Mary Alice Williams, etc., but I don't recall where everyone lived.  Charlotte Wardlaw (my class of '48) lived in the Fairfield apartments and I believe her Mother was the manager of the apartments.  I rode around Goat Hill  this year on our trip back to the MHS reunion.  My old home is still there, but boarded up and vacant.  The ladies are certainly right: times have changed.  Thanks again to mindenmemories,Christine and Carol for a walk down memory lane.

Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948

I also lived on Goat Hill for a while and have fond memories of the area. We lived on Lee St. between Pershing and Meyers.   I graduated in 1956 and other 1956 graduates who lived on Goat Hill were Billy Ray, Elizabeth Maddry, Wesley McCullough, all on Meyers St. and A. C. McEachern who lived on, I believe, Jackson St.

Johnny Lee, Class of 1956

Sherry, I lived on Goat Hill at one time.  Since I have read several items on MindenMemories about Goat Hill, I thought I'd send you this photo of my former residence.   As you can see it is a mansion, boarded up and vacant now, probably because no one could afford to rent or buy the place.  Maybe they will open it as a tourist attraction someday to show off the beautiful construction details of the period.  That neighborhood has changed, but it was a great and wonderful part of my life. Later,  Mom and I lived in an upstairs apartment (Mrs. Fort's residence) on Pearl street before Mother bought her home in Bossier City.  The Fort house has been torn down.
How are you and Jim doing?  Patsy and I are really doing well for a couple of old folks.  God is good!  Thanks again for MindenMemories.