This is a picture taken at Bobby Howell's house on Goodwill Street on the occasion of his or perhaps

Durkey Howell's birthday.

Back Row: L-R, Jerry Frasier, Eddie McCoy and the boy in the stripped shirt is Bobby Howell, 

Martha Faye Nesbitt, Shirley Frasier, Cleve Taylor, and Verner Nesbitt*

The only other Cleve recognized are Durkey Howell standing in front of him and Raymond Taylor to the right of Durkey (i.e. the far right of that row).

The photo was taken about 1952.

*Verner Berry Nesbitt born 22 January 1939 died 29 Jan 1957

Our Son died of pneumonia during his junior year of high school.

After consulting with Jerry, the date of the photo should be "Late Forties" not 1952 as I had first guessed.  Glad Earlene corrected Nesbitts name and added one. 

The Nesbitts also had a little sister named Catherine that was 10 or 12 years younger than Faye and Verner according to Verna Nash Morris.

If you can name/identify any of the others e-mail