MHS  CLASS OF 1953

Here are 16 pictures that were taken at the 1953 class reunion held at the Country Kitchen in Minden. Our thanks to Trudy for sending them to us.

Submitted by Trudy Brooks Bishop,(Class of 1955)  wife of James Bishop

DSCN139 Kenneth Garcin, Harvey Nelson, Patsy Smith Garcin

DSCN140 James Bishop, Jimmy Barnette, Wayne Barron, Dr. Richard Baker

DSCN142 Joe Batres, Maria (wife of Dr.Steve) Kirkikis, Earlene Mendenhall (Mrs. Bob) Lyle class of 1956, Dr. Steve Kirkikis and Bob Lyle

DSCN154 Jimmy Barnette, Joe Batres,Nan Hunter Castle, Mary Jo Skinner(Mrs. Derald) Kirkland Class of 1957, Derald Kirkland

DSCN147 Earlene Mendenhall (Mrs. Bob) Lyle, Class of 1956. Dr. Steve and wife Maria Krkikis

DSCN148 Rebecca Campbell Marvin

DSCN151 Peggy Almond, Harvey Nelson, and Kenneth Garcin

DSCN152 Joe Batres, Nan Hunter Castle, Mary Joe Skinner (Wife of Derald) Kirkland (Class of 1957 and twins Derald and Gerald Kirkland.

DSCN138 Maria (Wife of Dr. Steve) Kirkikis, , James Bishop Jimmy Barnette, Wayne Barron, Dr. Richard Baker and Gloria Pearson

DSCN141 Dr. Richard Richard Baker, Wayne Barron,  Gloria Pearson Wiley and Geraldine Cottrell.

DSCN143 Sue Tatum Bryant and Kathleen Hortman Bryant

DSCN144 Jane Grubbs Pace and Kathleen Hortman Bryant

DSCN145 Jane Grubbs, Mary Jo Skinner (Class of 57) Kirkland wife of Derald, Sue Tatum, and Kenneth Garcin husband of Patsy Smith Garcin.

DSCN146 Rita Barron Holly, Class of 1958, sister of Wayne Barron  (Jane Grubbs in the background)

DSCN149 Rita Barron Holly, Class of 1958 and her brother, Wayne Barron

DSCN153 Carolyn Merritt, Jimmy Barnette,& Joe Batres husband of Shirley Dunn talking to Nan Hunter Castle