MAY 7, 2005

Compliments of Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters

Our little reunion began as we tried to think about how our kids, the next generations, could get re-acquainted with each other. Of course, the foundation for all of our relationships was laid when my mom, Lura, insisted that holidays and even every Sunday was when family was supposed to gather to eat. Frankly, that was how she kept up with what was going on in our lives. She really felt it was her duty to keep tabs on comings, goings, dreams, aspirations, relationships, you name it, so that she could pray for 'the Lord's will.' As it turns out the Lord's will quite often coincided with what she and Daddy thought was the right way to live. I loved it when both of the big brothers and their families came home for our gatherings. Sadly, after our parents went to be with the Lord we allowed phone calls and emails to keep us informed. Technology is great but not as special as sitting around the table. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our gathering on May 7, 2005.
Those that attended were Charles Taylor Hennigan (Shreveport) and his children: Dr. Steve Hennigan and wife Michele who is expecting their first baby, Sophie Grace (Bentonville, Arkansas); Charles Taylor Hennigan, Jr. "Chuck" and his wife Janet Kelly Hennigan (Shreveport), Louisiana; Jordan Kay Hennigan and friend D.J., (Houston, Texas); Shalom Hennigan (Austin, Texas); Patience Hennigan (Austin, Texas); Charlie's daughter-in-law Camme (son James is working as a contractor in Iraq) and their children Baylee and Gunnar. Camme's sister Dawn and her little girls, Mia and Sidney (Shreveport); family friend Sara; Camme's mom Martha Ellen (Marti) Ussrey (Little Rock).
Ronnie and Miram Copeland Hennigan (Springhill, LA); Colby and Ashly Hennigan (Shreveport);
Sharon Hennigan Waters, husband Bruce Waters and children: Ian Waters, Camille Waters, Charles Manderson "Chas", and friends Mandy and Brandon. (Hartwell, Georgia)
Roland Hennigan's niece Sewilla (Sue)Hayes and our cousin Billie Murphy with Billie's daughter Anita and her husband Jim. (Arcadia, Louisiana)
Also attending were my good friends Tim Moxley, Gerry Hall and Jim Hamill (Marietta, Georgia) who provided music for our reunion dinner.


Not everyone was able to attend. My brother David and his wife Vanessa and children Stephanie and Christine were not able to be there. Ronnie's children Tim, Todd and Tracy were working out of state. Maybe next year...

Ronnie and Charlie Hennigan

The reunion was a great success. We met at Cypress Black Bayou in Benton, Louisiana. Our cousin, Sewilla Poland Hays brought her wonderful "Hennigan Book" full of pictures of the old folks complete with extensive genealogy charts.
There were some serious bald heads at this reunion.

Chuck is Charlie's oldest. That also makes him the oldest grand of Roland and Lura.

Janet Kelly Hennigan (Chuck's wife)

Dr. Steve Hennigan and Aunt Sharon Hennigan Waters

Steve is Charlie's second oldest and we are only about eleven months apart, I think. Steve and I were very close when we were in our late teens and early twenties. We shared rides back and forth to LSU-Shreveport from Minden.

Taylor and Mona. Shalom is in the background.

Taylor and Mona. Shalom ins in the background

Shalom Hennigan, Jordan Hennigan, and Mrs. James "Camme" Hennigan , and J.D. (Jordan's friend).

There were some really gorgeous girls at our reunion. The lovely auburn haired girl is Charlie's daughter Shalom. Her older sister Jordan is behind her. Camme is in the pink. She is married to Charlie's son James who is over in Iraq right now working for Haliburton. JD (far right) is Jordan's friend. All of Charlie's girls live in Houston.

Mrs. James "Camme" Hennigan (Daughter-in-law of Charlie Hennigan)

Jordan, J.D. and Shalom

Charlie's oldest daughter Jordan Kay. She is a graduate of University of Texas and is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Marti Ussrey is in the back ground. Isn't Cypress a great place to have a reunion?

Faith, Shalom & Jordan

Jordan says I don't care what you two are arguing about but I'm going to have some more Leon's Barbeque.

Faith, Baylee and Gunnar

Faith is Charlie's youngest. Baylee and Gunnar (the cuties next to her) are Charlie's grandchildren by James and Camme.

Baylee Hennigan

Taken at her Aunt Dawn's graduation party the night before the Hennigan reunion.

Charlie and Baylee Hennigan

I see a great light! No! It's just a great big bald head!

Camme, Gunnar Hennigan with cousin Syd

Baylee Hennigan

The tall, good looking ex-marine in the back is Roland Taylor Hennigan. Taylor is telling my son Chas that Skateboarders Rule and Park Rangers should get a life.

Taylor Hennigan, son of Charlie Hennigan 

Taylor thinks we should get together again next year for a full three days. He and beautiful wife Mona will help us organize the next reunion.

Taylor and Mona Hennigan


Michele Hennigan is giving little Sophie Grace her first taste of Leon's Barbeque. Maybe she'll remember when it's her time to organize a reunion in oh say, twenty years?

Steve and Michele Hennigan. Steve has two older children who were not able to come to the reunion. Luke must be about 17 and Kerry is 9. They all live in Arkansas.

Charles Waters

The boy on the right is my son Chas. He is thirteen and has aspirations of being a professional skate boarder. Chas brought his friend Brandon along to the Hennigan reunion. They skated everywhere they could in the park before the Rangers made them stop. Behind them are Charlie and Sue, and another cousin, Billie Murphy. The little girl is Camme's niece Mia. Too cute!

Another picture of Charles Waters


Ian Waters

This very handsome boy is my son Ian. He is in his second year at Georgia College and State University. He is also a musician. Ian played guitar along with Shady Grove and Big Jim Saturday night.

Aunt Dawn's graduation 

My husband Bruce Waters is sitting with my sister in law Miram Copeland Hennigan. Miram is Ronnie's wife. Their son Colby and daughterinlaw Ashly arrived a little later and I don't think we got a picture of them.

Mia and Sydney

Camme's neices Mia and Syd. Next to them is family friend Sara (who's a special family friend to Minden's Carl Hines). All the cousins are in the table behind the little girls.

My husband Bruce and our daughter Camille.

Sue Hays

My cousin, Sewilla (Sue) Poland Hays is Roland Hennigan's niece from Bienville Parish. When I was a little girl she drove my mom and dad and my brother David and I to see my dad's sister Moese Hennigan Hall in Pocatello Idaho. Her three children Curtis, Ronald and Danny Loe were my three very good looking boy cousins. Ronald's daughter Lauren competes in the Xgames and is a celebrity Wake Boarder. My son Chas thinks that she is so very cool.

Gerry Hall

Gerry Hall is a special friend to Bruce and me. Gerry is a professional strings musician who has played with and for the best in country music. He and Tim Moxley make up Shady Grove and along with Gospel music legend Big Jim Hamill, they provided music for our reunion.

Tim Moxley and Gerry Hall

Tim Moxley and Gerry Hall. They drove all the way from Marietta Ga to sing for us. I have never known such generous and dedicated servants of Christ.

Big Jim and Ian

My son Ian is sitting next to Gospel Great Jim Hamill. Jim was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame last year. He was the lead singer for the Kingsmen Quartet. He has been featured on the Gaither Homecoming videos. We're so honored that he came to be with us for our Hennigan Extended Family Reunion.

This is my dear friend Martha Ellen Ussrey. Marti and I knew each other back in the day when we both worked in Shreveport. Her sweet young daughters Camme and Dawn were only babies then. I was single. Although they don't remember this Camme and James Hennigan played together as little kids. They also don't remember attending Northwestern at the same time. But, friends became family when they married. This is Marti the night before our reunion at Dawn's graduation party. Her 20 year old son John is in the red shirt behind her. Dawn is in the right and Dawn's grandmother is in the red.

These two ladies are Gunner and Baylee Hennigan's Grandmother and Great Aunt. Grandma Marti is called Kiki. Great Aunt Frances is called Boo. Too bad that kids have a hard time learning their 'k's until they are older.  But, "TeeTee and Kinky" are also great names for such a great lady.

Marti and Frances

Marti and her sister Frances (Fannie Boo)

 This is John, Camme's brother

Camille and Mandy

The blond is my daughter Camille and her friend Mandy. They are in their first year at Georgia College and State University.

Camille Waters

My daughter Camille drove from Georgia with her friend Mandy Stowe. Mandy and Camille went on down to New Orleans after the reunion. I'm sure they were very well behaved. Of course, I wasn't there...

 My daughter Camille and her friend Mandy Stowe drove down to New Orleans after our reunion to meet up with my husband's daughter (Camille's sister) Elizabeth. Mandy and Camille have on Mardi Gras masks. I can see the Hennigan resemblance!

Elizabeth  (KK) was thirteen years old when Bruce and I married. She and her husband Andrew and daugter Avery live in Indiana.

Sisters in New Orleans                    KK & Camille

Camille (right) and Mandy are roommates at Georgia College and State University. Mandy has never been to Louisiana so Camille was determined to show her a good time. After our reunion they drove down to New Orleans where they met Elizabeth. Elizabeth (we call her KK) is my husband's daughter and (Camille's sister, of course!) Lot's of fun!