The favorite years of my life were the early sixties when ladies wore bouffant hairstyles and knee-length dresses.

   to public places. Some of the men were still wearing crew cuts. Everyone was so well groomed back then.  

   Every girls wanted a Jantzen bathing suit, a mouton coat and a poodle skirt.        

   By mid decade, miniskirts or hot pants,  with go-go boats were in style. Ladies were wearing                               Ann Mays Harlan
   revealing clothes.


Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh , 60s hairstyle                                                                                               Ann Mays Harlan, 50s hairstyle



     Take a couple of minutes to view this and listen to the Statler Brothers. You'll be glad you did!

You may need to watch it twice; once to watch the Burmashave signs change and once to catch all the pictures plus listening to the music of the Statler Brothers.


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You can see a photo of James Dean with wearing duck tails

I saw the big hair of the girls and the wigs of the boys ,the poodle dresses etc. ,but I haven't heard anything about "duck tails" and turned up collars during the late 50's.There was also the Levi's worn low with little thin white belts.
   When I die and go to Heaven and I will Eve Baskerville, I want to go via Oak Ridge and be placed with the one's that made it from the 50's. I know Carl Shaw is from the 60's,but i'll try to slip him over with us.

Ralph Maness and Elvis had the best "duck" tails"

Ronnie Hennigan '61

I thought Jim Landrem had the best!


                                                   Some of  us bought shorts to wear under those short dresses. Girls wore their hair very short or long and straight.

                                                   Men were growing beards and mustaches. As their hair got longer it also got wider. I recall ironing a lot of plaid   

                                                   shirts that buttoned down the front.  The fashion industry was not  the only change that came about in the sixties.

                                                   Remember the Woodstock years, the Vietnam War, assassinations, civil rights, peace marches, sexual freedom,

                                                  gay and women's liberation's. Those were turbulent times.  They were also exciting times if you were living in the        

                                                   Bayou City.  We went to count down parties. It was fun watching the first manned landing on the moon live on TV.

                                                   They were also the Camelot years. Remember when Jackie Kennedy did the restoration of the White House? Some

                                                    of the ideas which began in the sixties are continuing today. Seventy-million children from the postwar baby boom

                                                    became teenagers and young adults. It was that generation that started the movement away from the conservative

                                                    fifties. Young people wanted change and they got it. I wonder if they would like to go back to the fifties? I would. 

                                                   Do you remember those bouffant hairstyles. My grandchildren think I look funny in this picture. They should  have

                                                   seen the beehive.     

The mustach became popular in the sixties

Weldon "Snake" Ross and Fred "Wildchild" Townsend

Photo Submitted by Greg Grambling



L-R Jeanne Vane Peene*

Jamie Mays

Barbara Martin*

Elizabeth Roberts*

Linda Nadrchal

Dorothy Weaver*

                   Page boy hairstyle

     Linda Holt Moorehead - Class of 1962



    Notice the cute hair-do's they are wearing.


    This is my friend Vera Woods Weaver. She graduated from Heflin High School in 1956.

    She went to school in Minden before her family moved to Heflin. Tommy is also a

    native of Minden. (Class of 1953.)

































Vera married Tommy in 1957. They are now retired and live in Shreveport, Louisiana.





      This our friend Roy.  He is a lot of fun. Remember when we all wore  wigs in the late 50s and early 60s. Roy Baggett Graduated with the class of 1955.






  Our friend, Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958, wears toe rings. Not to be outdone...Roy wore his ring on his toe.       






This is our friend Greg Grambling, Class of 1968. Greg prefers scarf's to wigs.

The Hells Angels wear their do rags on their head.  Theirs is not an antique like Greg's is.  This one dates back to the days when  Grover Cleveland  was running for President. 






Greg is wearing two rings on his toes. 

Greg and Roy need to paint their toe nails.










                                                                   Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

                                                                        Class of 1956




Says Earlene "I bought me one too and I just love it."