2006 - We Choose Jack Roland Kidd As

Minden's Most Handsome With The Look of a Southern Gentlemen

Minden Memories choses Derek Cupples Most Handsome in Webster Parish

Tommy Frye, Class of

1956 Voted Most Handsom  in The Tide Talk

The Tide Talk Voted Robert Miller Handsomest Boy in 1955

In 1952 Charles Roberts was named Handsomest Fresham Boy in the Tide Talk for the Class of 1955.


 DOUGLAS G. SIMOLKE - Handsomest boy 1954                                            


  1953 Charles "Bo" Drake- handsomest boy in 1953

  In 1951 he was named most Handsome Sophomore Boy in the Tide Talk for the Class of 1954.

 Connie Perryman - Most handsome in 1952

Submitted by Rowland Ivy


                         Leonard Colvin - Most handsome in 1951

                         Submitted by Rowland Ivy from the 1951 Grig


  Leonard Reeves - Most Handsome in 1950

  Submitted by Rowland  

Jerry Galloway - Most handsome in 1949

From the 1949 Grig

















           Maurice Whitlow - Most handsome in 1948

          Submitted by Rowland Ivy


                        Tommy Fitzgerald - From the 1947 Grig

                               QUADE STUDIO

                       There were no Grigs during the war years   

                        1941 Grig Compliments of Morris Busby


                               PEARCE  JAMIESON  - From the 1940 Grig

                                            Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan

Dalton Dean was also elected handsomest boy  in 1939

Dalton Dean - Handsomest Boy in 1938


    John Kirby - Handsomest Boy in 1937


William Morris Melton -Handsomest boy in 1936


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