As I was going through some of my files in , I found   the attached article on Hollywood Maxwell Employees.Mom worked there for some time but I'm not sure how
long or the dates.  The arrow points to her in the picture.  Maybe someone  will be able to identify others in the picture? (Mrs. Zale Walker)
Doyle Walker

My Mother, Ressie Gresham, is the lady on the first row, near the right end in the dark colored suit and white blouse. She has black hair with a white streak in her hair. (2nd. from the end near the lady in the wheelchair. 

Hollywood Maxwell was a factory that was located where Cone Johnson is
now located in Minden, Louisiana during the forties. Many of the ladies
in Minden were employed there.

Sadie B. Free was in charge. My Mom was the floor walker. A few of
of the ladies who worked there that I remember were Mrs. Pauline Liner, Mrs.
Eula Lee King,  Mrs. Jack Dulany, Mrs. Ivy Barron, and Mrs. Ella Mae Hough.

At Christmas each of the ladies received a box of dates. My Mom always made
a date loaf which we all enjoyed. If you were one of the Hollywood Maxwell kids
please send us your memories.


Grandmother went to work at the factory around the 31st of October, in1950.
She said they closed the factory about 4 or 5 years later.  A flood happened
and it was put back in for a couple of years and they closed it for good
around 1957.  She worked there from the date she started until they closed
the doors for good.  She said she didn't tell my granddaddy about it until
after she applied for the job.  He said she wouldn't get it and they called
her in 2 weeks.  Her job was binding around the cups.  She said they paid $6
per day while training, then 20 cents a dozen.  They paid vacation according
to the work you did in the spring.  She got $12 per day on her vacation.

Renee'  granddaughter of Mildred Carter

Daughter of Tim Carter, Class of 1951

Thanks to Renee, the daughter of Tim Carter for sharing her memory of Hollywood Maxwell with us also.

December 4, 2005

This is an interesting story.  I had lunch at church today and at my table was Wm. Raymond Smith (Class of 1956).   We were reminiscing about growing up in Minden.  His mother worked for

Hollywood Maxwell.  He said the Hollywood Maxwell Minden plant closed permanently when a union organizer came in and tried to start a union.  The owner closed the Minden plant rather than have union labor.  All employees were given the opportunity to transfer to another Louisiana plant.  His mother chose to stay in Minden.  She found other employment in Minden   Another interesting story about Hollywood Maxwell from another former employee:  The Minden plant closed twice.  The first closing was because an employee filed a complaint with the labor board in Baton Rouge.  The story goes that she filed the complaint because she was fired for "not making quota."   As a result Hollywood Maxwell was facing a big lawsuit and the home office in California shut down the Minden plant.  It was re-opened a year or so later.   Anyone else have a story about Hollywood Maxwell?   Ann

The Closing of Hollywood Maxwell

Did you know Hollywood Maxwell already had a Union? The ladies were required to make so many small sized bras and so many large sized bras to meet a quota. One lady kept grabbing all the small sized bras to make her quotas. They told her she had to make some larger sizes also. She could not make her quota and was terminated for this reason. Hollywood Maxwell closed for lack of sales not because of the Union. 

Be sure to read "I Was A Hollywood Maxwell Kid" by T. Bunner under Stories also.

 Does anyone have a picture of the building that would share with us? If so, please
scan to: MindenMemories@AOl.Com or mail to Sherry Gritzbaugh, 4507 Verone St.,
Bellaire, TX77401. It will be returned to the sender in as soon as I can scan and get
it on line.

I am from the class of Minden High School 1960.  My mother worked at Hollywood Maxwell and I heard you were looking for a picture that showed the front of the Hollywood Maxwell building.  My mother was Oleta Bougues, she is in the back row on the left in front of the window, there is a space where no one is standing and she is the one to the right of that space.  Julia Faye or Judy Faye Lary is on the front row, fourth from the left in a white dress.  I don't remember who the others are, maybe someone else can help.  I also have the group picture taken every year from the first grade in front of the old elementary building and the second grade at the brand new ES Richarson  up thru the sixth grade there (Richardson) of class of '60 if you would like them.
Hope this will add to your collection of Minden memories.
Katherine Bougues Montgomery
Class of 1960
Robert &Katherine Montgomery
961 Old Arcadia Road
Minden, LA 71055