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International Paper Company
Compliments of Herbert Browning

Looking Northwest at wood yard of International Paper co. across the hwy. from Cullen.

Part of International Paper Co. Box Plant which manufactures corrugated boxes better
known as chicken boxes. They are wax coated on the inside for packing perishable
products in ice.

             More of the Box Plant.  To the right or North of the previous pictures.
This was formerly the main entrance to the paper mill. This is now the office of Conversion
and Distribution Center, which  are some sort of paper products. (Not sure of

                          International Paper Company Building
   Looking South from the North side of the Wood Products Plant, it is not easy to see big yellow objects
   object that is the yellow crane which is used to unload the trucks. It is mounted on tracks and move  north &
   south. The barely visibly cab at the right and at the top of the legs, can move east and west. This is the crane
   art that does the unloading INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY


This is the last of this group. The lady waving is Betty Holloway,

the Plant Managers Secretary. The building on the left, is our office,

and the stuff you see beyond the lady is part of Stauffer Chemical Co.

Plant. I will start sending pictures of the next and last boile rto be demolished

this way now.


This is the first batch. The long yellow building is a new bldg. which

will be part of thewood products plant. The second picture is the boiler

 just before detonation, and the next is the detonation. You can see the puff of smoke

. . 

Many thanks to Herbert Browning for these pictures.