Life's Railway to Heaven

Life is like a mountain railroad, With an engineer that's brave;
We must make the run successful, From the cradle to the grave.
Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels, Never falter, never fail.
Keep your hand upon the throttle, And your eye up on the rail.

Chorus: Blessed Savior that will guide us, 'Till we reach that blissful shore,
Where the angels wait to join us, In Thy praise for ever more.

You will roll up grades of trial; You will cross the bridge of strife;
See that Christ is your conductor; On this light'nin train of life;
Always mindful of obstruction, Do your duty, never fail;
Keep your hand upon the throttle, And your eye upon the rail.

You will often find obstruction; Look for storms of wind and rain;
On a hill, or curve, or trestle. They will almost ditch your train;
Put your trust alone in Jesus; Never falter, never fail;
Keep your hand upon the throttle, And your eye upon the rail.

As you roll across the trestle, Spanning Jordan's swelling tide.
You'll behold the Union depot, Into which your train will glide.
There you'll meet the Superintendent, God the father, God the son,
With the hearty, joyous plaudit, "Weary pilgrim, welcome Home!"


James William Carraway               submitted by Kip Stadnicki

14 years ago, James William Carraway married Ernestine Connell Stadnicki. They had known each other fifty years ago and became re-acquainted when she was visiting her sister and brother-in-law Tommie and Johnny Lombardino of Minden, LA.

Ernestine was born and raised in Dubberly, LA. She married and moved to Pennsylvania in 1946 and had four daughters, Toni Bahnak of Apollo PA, Catherine Charlton of Sacramento, CA, Ava Rokop of Orlando, FL and Christie Cave of Atlanta, GA and a son, Kip Stadnicki of North Huntingdon, PA. She became a widow in 1976.

They made their home in Sarepta, LA. until last year when, on the request of Ernestine's children, they moved to Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

J.W., Kip, and J.W.'s neighbor, Gene Gower, formed a band and travel around the Greensburg area playing concerts for the residents of retirement and nursing homes. The band has recorded 1 CD and are planning on recording another soon.

JW has also been attending Bluegrass Festivals, and jam sessions. His Jimmie Rodgers songs are a big hit with audiences. He has been sharing memories with many Railroaders everywhere he goes. The Carraways have done some traveling around the state of Pennsylvania. A tour of the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth Pa. was a favorite as was the steam locomotive ride at Strasburg.

Although, JW misses his friends and family in Louisiana, he is enjoying the family gatherings in Pennsylvania. In addition to his 5 stepchildren, he has 9 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

Kip Stadnicki

Singer, Preacher         Submitted by Robert Stephens



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