We had so many special times growing up, I am grateful for the money and time that the Hunter's invested in me and so many others:  the summer sports teams, the trips, the playground and swimming pool, the Playhouse.   The things the Hunter's did made special memories.  Many of my happiest moments are centered around their generosity.  So much has been written on your site about them and I feel they received their rewards in the faces of the youngsters who were fortunate to grow up in Minden.  I noticed that Steve Cole wrote about the Hunters in his memory.  I will always remember Steve and his wife at the Playhouse dances many nights as chaperons. 

Mr. Hunter would recruit for the Red Birds and the players would be lifeguards and have various other duties around the park.  I remember an LSU pitcher Benny McCardle(may be a t) who was there many days as life guard.  He may have played in big leagues.  I can never forget the 18 year-old from Nashville, Marvin Thornberry who could hit the ball the farthest out of Minden's old park at the playground of anyone I had ever seen.  Jim McCabe and I were the scorekeepers in centerfield and saw many of them go overhead, probably our 7th grade summer.  Marvin became somewhat of a joke with the early Mets because they were such a poor team in the beginning and made lots of errors, but he could hit a baseball.  The Mets became champs when they got the great pitchers a few years later, Ryan, Seaver, Koosman and the others.

I can see Mitchell Torok sitting in the Playhouse picking his guitar and singing.  A couple of years later he recorded "Caribbean" on Abbott records and it became a classic.  I don't remember his baseball role.  I only remember him singing and  picking.  Pardon my rambling, but The Hunter's were the Champions. Did you ever go to the park at dusk and watch the cartoon movies outside on the grass near the swimming pool?  What a treat in late 40's for us kids.  No charge of course. 

 I do remember talking to Harry "The Cat", and the homeruns.  I remember the long bus ride.  We did stop in Little Rock and played one of their teams (the only time in my years of baseball I got 4 hits, 4 for 4), that would be hard to forget.  I do remember seeing my first TV in the lobby of the hotel.  I believe we all stayed in one big area in cots.  I vaguely remember Gayle Wise chaperoning..  The game was big stuff for us.  I had seen the Shreveport sports play several times and remember Jim Greengrass (then playing in the Texas League later a Cincinnati great) hitting the cycle against them. I  asked him at one of the shows in the 80's if he remembered the game and he replied, you always remember it when you hit the cycle.

Jerry Frasier

Program Compliments of Doyle Walker

Fifteen year old Buddy Leaguers attend St. Louis Cardinals Game in St. Louis

Doyle Walker submitted the souvenir program. In charge of the boys are Coach

K. J. Miles and Nick Love, father of two of the players. The first stop is Little

Rock, Ark. where they have scheduled a game Tuesday afternoon. After spending

the night in the YMCA the youths will continue the trip to St. Louis where they will

witness a game between St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburg Pirates. Team members

making the trip were:

    Roy G. Baggett

    Jerry Day

    Jerry Frasier

    Tommy Frye

    Lemuel Grigsby

    Richard Grigsby

    Bobby Hudson

    William Holcomb

    Robert F. Kennon, Jr.

    Billy Kidd

   James Ray Love

    Nick Love

    Charles Lyles

    James Allen McCabe

    Bruce Mcmichael

    Fred Moore

    Douglas Skinner

    Clifford Taylor

    Johnny Tinnell

    Doyle Walker

    Richard Yates

These games were probably played around 1948/49.

1957 Minden Press-Herald Submitted by Jerry Frasier


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