Graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1960 with a B.S. degree in physical education and English.  Took a coaching and teaching position at North Fulton high school in Atlanta, Ga. in 1960 and continued at North Fulton until retirement, nearly 34 years.  Taught English for l3 years, then  into administration for the rest of my tenure.  I returned to Louisiana Tech in the summers of 1966 and 1967 and completed my Masters in English.  I have fond memories of coffee nearly every morning with a mutual group including Coach Pat Nation who was there working on an advanced degree.  I later completed an EDS degree in administration and supervision at Georgia State University and the University of Georgia.
During my time at North Fulton, I coached football, basketball, track, cross country and soccer.  I was fortunate to have been a part of eleven state championship teams,  eighteen region championships, coach of the year honors twenty times, twice, Southeastern United States coach of the year, nominated for national coach of the year twice.  Because of  loss of students in the early 90's, North Fulton closed and I took early retirement.  I was a part of the original group of 5 in 1963 that  founded the Atlanta Track Club an  international known for the summer road races.
In 1964, I married Sheila Roberts and Atlanta native.  Joni was born in 1966 and Britt was born in 1968.  Both live in the Atlanta area.  My two grandchildren, Hannah born in 1997 and Evan born in 2001 are a joy to my life. Today, I spent my time as an unpaid baby sitter, enjoying music( I love those young vocalists, Josh Groban and Michael Buble' doing standards),  and working in the yard, a hobby I begin to appreciate in high school as I admired Jeralyn Shipp's father growing camellias,  all  I expect to continue for many more years...     

Jerry Frasier graduated from Minden High school in 1955; All-State Football 1954Most valuable football player in 1954; Basketball 52-55; He was elected class officer in 1953 and again in 1954. He was voted cutest boy in 1954 and class favorite in 1955. You will also find those pictures and write ups in the Hall of Fame and under Class Favorites on this site.

Jerry also has fond memories of his only sister, Shirley and her three sons all born in Minden. Two still live there. Monty Banks and Marty Banks who writes a column for the Minden herald as well as others. Mickey Banks lives in Shreveport. Marty has attracted an audience with his Bayou storyteller column. Mickey was born in 1959. Marty in 1966 and Monty in 1968.


Jerry Frasier was born on 11-3-1936 and grew up in this house on Goodwill Street a son of

Lillian Alexander 13 Aug. 1918-10 Jun. 1988 and

Edward Percy Frasier 28 Oct. 1898 - 29 Jul. 1967

Jerry Frasier in his stroller

Jerry Frasier and Shirley Dale Frasier in 1941

the children of Lillian Alexander and Edward Percy Frasier

Shirley Dale Frasier and her dog Tony

born 4 July 1938 - 29 September 2000

Jerry Frasier, sister Shirley and a cousin, Mary Helen Alexander

Jerry Frasier - 1952 Baseball

Jerry Frasier - Minden Buddy League - 1952-53, Signs are interesting!

Two of Jerry's favorite cousin's were Dorothy Jean and JoAnn Corbin


Roy Baggett and James McCabe, Jerry Frasier snapped the picture

 Roy Baggett playing basketball in the back yard

Boy Baggett, in uniform, looking more serious

Roy Baggett playing football

Roy Baggett playing baseball

Douglas Burt, Clifford Taylor 22 Apr. 1937-27 Jul. 1968 motorcycle accident

and Jerry Frasier

Roy Baggett and James "Jim" McCabe at Jerry Frasier's house. Jerry snapped the picutre.

L-R, James "Jim" McCabe and Roy G. Baggett in front of the new Webster Parish Court House around 1951-52; Jerry Frasier snapped the picture.

Jim McCabe posing for things to come

James "Jim" McCabe about 1952; Andrus Ford sign in background


 Dorothy Jean Corbin Dempsey, Class of 1950 died June 27, 1957           JoAnn Corbin Holt, Class sof 1952

The boys always wore blue suede shoes on Thursdays. Had Mr. Grambling taken the picture on Friday they would have been wearing Q boots or fruit boots. How do you like the plantation ties the boys are wearing? The pants may have been purchased at West Brothers or Holidays Dept. Store. This picture was taken at the track field on McIntyre Street. From left to right are:
Treasurer - Roy G. Baggett, Vice President-Jerry Frasier, Secretary - James McCabe, and President - Charles Lewis (20 Dec. 1937-10 Mar. 1976).

I know this story is true because Roy G. told me so.

Benny Ryan Stewart and Jerry Frasier at the 1955 Prom

Jerry Frasier - 1955 MHS Graduate



Jerry Frasier 1953

Coach Kirtley Miles - B Team Circa '51

Great moment in Minden Sports! Minden beat Springhill in 1953. Charles "Squirrel Harper with ball completely fools John David Crow, 1957 Heisman Trophy Winner at TX A&M. Jerry Frasier is #38 for Minden Crimson Tide. Charles Harper died of cancer in November 1998.

Frasier #38 Minden VS Bossier City

Jerry Frasier #38 with ball Touchdown against Bossier City in 1954

Roy Baggett #13, Jerry Frasier #38,  Ronald Bryan Closest to camera - 1954 Minden VS Springhill game

Jerry Frasier #38 Minden VS Springhill

Springhill VS Minden - Frasier Touchdown #38 (Webster Printing Co., Minden, La.) 1954

Jerry Frasier 1954

Jerry and his Most Valuable Player Awards

 Most Valuable Football Player 1954 State Championship Team

Trophy Award Is Presented to Jerry Frasier by Ed Gulley a leader in the Jaycees.

Three MHS Coaches, School Principal (From L-R: Coach Kirtley Miles, MHS Principal,W. W. Williams, Coach George Doherty and Coach Pat Nation)

La. Tech - 1955

La. Tech 1958

Jerry Frasier win Award in Tech's 33-0 Victory over Southwestern La.

      1955 LOUISIANA TECH, (Jerry and Jim were freshmen at La. Tech that year).

The team won the Gulf States Champions - James "Jim" McCabe #11 back far right

Jerry Frasier #33 - 5th row, second from right

Minden Players at Louisiana Tech in 1958

 #74 Bobby Hudson, #75 Rogers Reeves , #62  Billy Jack Talton , #30 Max Rudd

Front Row, #32 Wayne Parker, #33, Jerry Frasier, and #11 James McCabe

Louisiana Tech - 1958  The #'11 # #33 Jerry Frasier are on the second row the 2nd and 3rd from the left. #30 Max Rudd is 2nd from the left on the third row. #32Wayne Parker is next to him on the left end, #74, Bobb Hudson is on the back row fifth from the right end, #62 Billy Jack Talton is the last one on the right on the second row, and Rogers Reeves #75 is on the middle of the front row.



Basketball 1953-54; Kenneth Beck #29, Jerry Frasier #23, LeRoy Taylor may be to the far left

#23 Frasier shooting,  Beck forground, #27 maybe Leroy Taylor

#20 James "Jim" McCabe, #23, Jerry Frasier

Sam Maxey left and center, Jerry Frasier #23

Baasketball 1954: Clifton Salman under the goal, Clifford Taylor on the far right, Sammy Maxey #40, and Jerry Frasey $43

#40, Sammy Maxey, #34, Cecil Maxey, #42. Jack Moreland, #43. Jerry Frasier and #39, James McCabe

Before Jack Mooreland joined the team - L-R, Back Row, Gay Hardy, Clifton Salman, Jerry Frasier, Clifford Taylor, Richard Yates

Bottom Row, Henry Cecil Maxey, Jerry Harkness, Benton "Benny" Irby, James "Jim" McCabe and Sammy Maxey

Jerry Frasier #23



Coach Jerry Frasier , North Fulton High School during the early 60s

Coach Jerry Frasier, late 70s to 80s

Another pose of Coach Frasier taken in the late 70s to 80s

Coach Jerry S. Frasier , North Fulton High School, Atlanta, Ga.

Teacher-Coach Jerry Frasier attends faculty meeting

Faculty Meeting - North Fulton High School, Atlanta, Ga., Coach Jerry Frasier is in the wine shirt facing the camera

Coach Jerry Frasier and his players




See also The Tunes, Hall of Fame, Class Favorites, Crimson Tide and Jerry Frasier MHS Scrapbooks, J. Frasier 1954 N. La. 1954 N. La. AA, etc. for more information on Jerry Frasier.