MHS Class of 1956

                Photo compliments of A. C. McEachern




David Nadrchal, A. C. McEachern and I the day we were sworn in.

This was done in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Sgt. is handing us train

tickets to San Diega, Ca.

                                              THE BUDDY PLAN

David, A. C. McEachern and I joined the Marines together in July 1957.  We had

all been out of high school for a year and we all thought that we would soon be

drafted into the army. We joined the service under what was called "The Buddy

Plan" which meant that we would be guaranteed to stay together through boot

camp and advanced infantry training. A. C. and were stationed together for about

18 months at Camp Pendleton, Ca. before I was transferred to Okinawa. I don't

remember where David was stationed.

I was discharged in June 1960 at Treasure Island (San Francisco) Ca after returning

from an overseas tour in Okinawa.

                                       Submitted by: Johnny (Bo) Lee


       Johnny "Bo" Lee  and A. C. McEachern going to Cold Weather training


         Johnny and A. C.  - Pickie Meadow CA - Cold Weather Training

Swearing in date was July 22, 1957. It took three days to get to San

Diego by train. Sam Smitty went with them but the was only seventeen

and was rejected.

Photo's and information Submitted by Ronnie Hennigan, Class of 1961

I was stationed at North Island, Cal. from 1957-1959, and after discharge I returned to Minden and ran into  Bo one day.  We got to talking and discovered that while I was at North Island, he and A.C. were stationed there too.  I had been there for 2 years and never once ran into either of  them.  That is amazing since it wasn't a very big base and the only way to get into San Diego was the nickel snatcher.  What are the odds? 
Freddy Moore, Class of 1955