A Memory of Former President LBJ and Lady Byrd when they were in Minden

     By C. Wayne Ellis                               

Some of you may recall the Former President L. B. J. was the great-great (don't know how many

"greats" there are) of the first pastor of the First Baptist Church of Minden.  In 1968 or 1969

(I think) they had a 125th anniversary service for the church and invited L. B. J. and Lady Bird to

attend and make a brief speech. They accepted and were present. Security was tight as you

can imagine, and the church was filled to overflowing. He was pretty cold, but Lady Bird wanted

to talk to everyone--especially when I asked about her grandkids. (I knew she couldn't resist that

bait!) She stopped and talked to me for a couple of minutes while the Secret Service guys were

about to have a COW!!!!  They politely stepped between her and me and escorted them out.

The secret Service had banned any cameras in the service, but Stan Quade had pre-placed a camera*

under a seat the night before and jumped up and snapped a picture while L. B. J. was at the

podium. It was published in the paper. Somebody may be able to get it out of the Press-Herald


 *You can see the picture which is also under stories on this site under....

Ferguson Memorial Baptist Tabernacle Auditorium

It was published in the history of the First Baptist Church .