Family of  Frank and Trudy Langheld Krouse.  All of Frank and Trudy's children served in the Armed Forces during WWII except the oldest daughter, Elsie Krouse Hock, and Francis Otto.  Even the Krouse's daughter-in-law, Rita Moore Krouse, wife of Prescott and son-in-law, Ralph Hock, husband to Elsie, were in uniform at the same time.  Thank God they all returned  home.  Ralph and Elsie had not been married long when Ralph was sent to New Guinea, New  Zealand, and Australia.  Ralph said he was so home sick the almost 3 years he was stationed there. one day he  calculated the mileage to he and Elsie's home in Cotton Valley, La. and made little road sign with an arrow pointing the way home! 
1994 at age 80, Ralph wanted to make a sentimental journey back to New Zealand and Australia.  He and Elsie invited Billy and I to assist them in this long journey. Shared some interesting stories about those days of service and sacrifice in the South Pacific. We all own a lot to this generation..
Pictured from left to right: Rupert Benjamin, served in Europe and told of
crossing the Rhine River in Germany and on the German-Austrian border 
 at the foot of Hitler's hideaway call the "Eagle's Nest".
Joel Life (J. L.) was a navigator----Louis Prescott ----Pierce Franklin
Front row: Rita Moore Krouse, Prescott's wife,----Gladys Letitia---Edith Florence---
Ralph Laymond Hock, Elsie Krouse's husband.

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd