Mr. and Mrs. Linda  (Holt) & James Moorehead

This is Linda's husband, James Moorehead, from the Class of 1956.

This was James Moorehead in 1958.

James Moorehead and the Rev. Billy Fuller in the City Jail

Pelican Boys State  1956

 Back row: Perry Lowe, Ed Duncan, Eugene Frasier (Sponsor, James Rhea Love, Bill Terrill, James Moorehead

Back Row: David James, Ed Kenon, Jack Moreland and Don Bloxom

 Identified by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and submitted by Linda Holt Moorehead

After Linda and James married they had one son and one daughter.

This is their daughter. Isn't she beautiful? She is the mother

of their two wonderful grandchildren.

What a handsome young man & this must be Linda's Mom, Mrs. Clara Holt 

Here they are again...


Those Adorable Grandchildren


Many thanks to Linda for sharing her memories.