Bistineau1. Charlie Berry, Class of 1957

Photo by Bob Grambling, Submitted by Greg Grambling


 Compliments of Wanda Monzingo Ballard photo May 2006

Very few people have seen the bottom of Lake Bistenau. I went on 4 wheelers with my son and daughter in law to an old Indian mound. It was located near the old Salt Lick.  This all used to be covered with water. I thought it was really interesting.  We found a lot of broken pottery, some damaged arrow heads, and a few intact arrow heads.  We were told that where we found the pottery and damaged arrowheads was probably like our trash piles.  You could see the places on the stones where they had been knapping them, and broken them.  My son, Stan Haney, is in the top picture.  I'm behind the 4-wheeler.  There were a few places that still held water, but mostly it was very dry.  Thought you'd like to see it.

Many thanks to Wanda for sharing the pictures.  She graduated with the class of 1952 and still lives in Minden.


Beautiful Lake Bisteneau photographed by Chuck Liles at the 1954 Class Reunion October 1954


Photo by Charles "Chuck" Liles taken at the 1954 class reunion Oct. 1954


Picture of a tree taken at Lake Bistineau photographed by Charles Liles Oct. 2004.


Photo by Charles "Chuck" Liles taken during the 1954 Class reunion, 10/54


Cabin on Lake Bistineau where the 1954 Reunion was held. Photo by Charles "Chuck" Liles


Photographed by Charles "Chuck" Liles at the 1954 Reunion in October, 1954


Photographed by Charles "Chuck" Liles at the 1954 M. H. S. Reunion October 1954


          Photographed by Charles "Chuck" Liles during the 1954 Oct. 2004 Class reunion


            Photographed by Charles "Chuck" Liles during the 1954 M. H .S. Class Reunion October 2004


   Photographed by Charles "Chuck"Lyles during the 1954 Class reunion Oct. 2004


Photographed by Charles "Chuck" Liles, Minden High School Reunion, Class of 1954  October, 2004


Beautiful Lake Bistineau


The New Lake Bistineau Dam

       Click on Loggy Bayou  to see water coming over the Lake Bistineau spillway into Loggy Bayou.
                  Photo by Ann Mays Harlan


Hi Sherry!
As you know my sisters and I and our families all get together twice a year.
In the summer we go to Lake Bistneau State Park arriving on Friday afternoon with checkout by
noon on Sunday. This is a large camp roughing it LOL! We have a large family so we
really need this size, usually average around 70 plus.
We have been going to this place for 19 years.
There are 21 cabins, a main dinning hall..completely furnished, separate mens and womens
bath houses, swimming pool, 2 playgrounds. Everything is airconditioned.
Melba Newsom Bair