LAKESIDE High School and Jr. High

 I don't know the exact order or titles, but I think Ms. Johnson is wrong about the principals at Lakeside. 

 Butch Williams was the first high school principal and

Gene Reynolds was the junior high principal. 

When Butch became WP Superintendent of School, Gene became principal of Lakeside Jr/Sr high school, and

 Darrell Peddy was the assistant principal.  Gene left to go to Johnson City in south Louisiana. 

I'm not sure if Beverly was the assistant at that time of if she was still at Cotton Valley, but after Gene left

Beverly Smith became principal. The assistant principal now is Guy Sanders.  When I talk with Butch, I'll ask who was what

and when.   

Claire Turner Fussell, Class of 1965


The school opened Fall 2000 and Butch Williams of Minden was the first principal. I graduated in '01 but I think Mrs. Smith was the second principal and she is still there.
The school colors are Red, White, and Blue.

During Jr. High School the principal was Mrs. Reynolds. Not sure of his first name. He was over Central Jr. High before. He was there in 2000 and retired a few years later at which time Mr. Williams was over both the high school and Jr. High. After Mr. Williams retired, Mrs. Smith took over both the Jr. High and High school.
Both have red, white, and blue as school colors but each has a different shade of blue. I think the high school is navy and the Jr. high is royal.

Kewanna "Co-Co" Johnson


Dubberly High School and Sibley High School Students now attend this school. It was built about four or five years ago. It is located south of Sibley on highway 371.

Sibley, Heflin, Dubberly, and Central consolidated years ago.  Sibley became the high school, Central School became the junior high school, with Sibley elementary students north of the railroad tracks going to Dubberly and those south of the tracks going to Heflin.  When Lakeside Jr/Sr High School was built, Dubberly and Heflin Elementary Schools were closed and all the elementary students went to Central Elementary School. Central Elementary 2006/7School is k-6 (Principal Marvin Jones) and Lakeside Jr/Sr High is 7-12 (Principal Beverly Smith).

School colors are blue and gold

         Alma Mater

Onward Mighty Warriors

Bring glory to thy name

We honor you, we lift you up

We'll love you to the end.

Our love, our faith our loyalty.

We hold your name on high.

We pledge to you our love for thee

Majestic Lakeside High!


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The words to the Alma Mater were copied from a moving sign off the Lakeside School webside. If a  corrections needs to be made. Send us a message.

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