By C. Wayne Ellis

Actually this mainly applies to the class of í69.

 As some of you recall, they used to let the Seniors out of school two weeks ahead of the rest of the people.  The first day that the Seniors are out, they would traditionally cruise around the school building before school honking their horns and burning rubber.

Well, with the whole school watching from the front lawn, one of the guys popped the clutch and threw out his whole driveshaft right there.  Everyone was rolling on the ground laughing. 

I may be wrong, but I think it was Raymond Bell in (I think) a í64 Mustang. 

Donít know if the school lets them do that any more. 


If it was Raymond Bell, it was the Class of 68. Every year someone destroyed their car during Senior Day Burnouts. College Street would be littered with tire parts, Engine Parts, Transmission Parts, Drive Train Parts, and Various Automobile Fluids. Seems like I remember getting word that someone had completely blown an engine during the Class of '68 performance but I can't remember exactly who, since I was at Byrd.

Greg Grambling

Here is my husband's (Kenneth Gay) senior day experience (in his own words). If I had been with him, I might have prevented this catastrophe from occurring! Silly boys will always be silly boys, I suppose!

Cyndi Clement Gay

I slammed my fingers shut in the truck door after making a beer run all the way from Lake Claiborne to the Pines Beer Joint and back to Lake Claiborne. I guess I had already drank so much that I didn't even feel them in the truck door and tried to walk off when I reached the end of my arm, it jerked me back around and only then did I realize that my fingers were closed in the truck door. The next day they were all black and so sore I couldn't even bend them.

Kenneth Gay, Class of 1970