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Here's from my pile of 50's musical magazines a page about Minden's KAPK radio station. Maybe some of you should remember some of these acts?

Sonny Harville was a staff pianist for the Louisiana Hayride who backed some great artists on night session at KWKH. All these sessions were engineered by Bob Sullivan who passed away few month ago.

Charlotte Ray Hunter, born in Shreveport in August 21, 1937, was a friend of Carol Williams and was signed by Ram records with her Singing Sons in August 1957. She worked on KAPK radio station and being backed by Larry Bamburg and James Burton, she recorded a country ballad written by Mira “Lonesome Heart” which was left unissued until 1994. Charlotte plus Bob McGee then recorded “You and I Love”, an almost accapella ballad, issued in 1957 on the Ram EP RA 57228. Charlotte’s second release was “When There’s No One” issued with ”Now Is The Time” (K 5811) around September 1957. Charlotte left in the vaults several songs such as the moving “Love Me Baby” with Shelton Bissell on horn, “How Lonesome”, “The End of the World” that owes much to Slim Whitman, “I’ll Do Anything”, the rockin’ “Wherever You Are” and fine covers of Elvis’ “Paralyzed” and Faye Adams “I’ll Be True” which was issued in 2001. 

Gene Harper and his saddle pals has "Thank The Lord For The Rain"/"Jesus Is A Friend To Me" (Diamond 45-666) issued in 1957.

*The Southern Swing Boys were lead by Troy Beavers and included Frank Corbin, from Minden, playing bass. Also on the band were Paul Woodard (fiddle) and Fred Beavers (rht gtr) and various other musicians. A early version of the band around 1949 included Tommy Tomlinson (lead gtr), Frank Corbin, John O. Wright (gtr), Billie Reeves (vcl and gtr), WL Dub Thomas (vcl and gtr), Pete Hardin (fiddle).

I don't know nothing about Wanda Lyons.

Wishing you a nice Sunday in Louisiana.

Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES.

NOTE:  Elvis first record (Sun 209) was issued on July 19, 1954 and he got first his name in a local paper referring to race records programs on July 28, 1954. Elvis played his first large performance when he staged the Memphis Overton Park  in Memphis on Friday July 30, 1954. with Louisiana Hayride performers including Slim Whitman and Billy Walker. That connection will help him to come in Shevreport in October 16, 1954. For that July's performance he was advertised in the Memphis Press Scimitar as Ellis Presley. As far as we know he don't played out of  town until October 2, 1954 for its only Grand Ole Opry's performance. Elvis was a real unknowin Louisiana by August 1954 and any picture of the Hillbilly cat was then available.  Thanks to Fred for its much appreciate words but there is a little mix up there ... However if  the musical researchers build their work mostly on performances, we know than having not a show for a date mean necessary Elvis was not in town. By late 1954 to early 1956, Elvis may have stop in Minden or any other town for various reasons while being on the road or vacationing. He may have stop to refuel or fix the car, eat a burger, meet a DJ at radio station or some local friends. These guys were much on the road and had to stop somewhere, sometime. So Fred may have seen Elvis, when he was already well know,  at some Minden' s place between late 1954 and  the time Fred was sent in California but not in August 1954.

Sincerely yours from France.

Dominique "Imperial" ANGLARES


So, if you got that feelin' and it's in your soul

When you think you've got that rock 'n roll

Then come down, we'll have a ball

(Kenny Parchman - Get it off your mind)



 James Frank Corbin born 5 April died 4 December 1969 husband of Opal father of Dorothy Jean and JoAnn. He is  buried in the Gardens of Memory Cemetery on row 5, section 1 in the Garden of Prayer.

John O. Wright (1913-1977)  Together Forever Nina W. (1912-2001) Parents of Wanda Jean, Pat and Johnny.  They are buried in the Gardens of Memory on row 9, section 1, Garden of Prayer. 

John Horace "Rusty" Gilbert - Booking Manager , Son of Edna M. and Arthur P. Gilbert of Minden, La. interred in the Gardens of Memory, row 15, section 3, Garden of Prayer.

Jim ?

Billie Reeves was in retail sales at Beals department store before his death.

Troy Beavers died in a car wreck.

Dub Thomas

Gerald Tomlinson played the guitar in Johnny Horton band and was in the car with him when he was killed.