Compliments of Randy Ball


Here's a little visitor to our deck at night.

Louisiana Raccoon, Submitted by Nola Stonecipher Ellington, Class of 1964

(For your La. Wildlife section)
My daughter Kelsey caught this when she was four. At that time, it was published in the Minden paper. We were fishing in the small private lake behind the old Wal Mart in Minden.  Kelsey is a little older now. She graduated last month as valedictorian of her class from Glenbrook and will be attending Tulane.
Thanks for the work you do with Minden Memories!
Wm. Watson , He graduated in 1966.  He was principal at E. S. Richardson (Eastside Elementary).

Albino possum

You may want to add this unusual little guy to your birds and
animals section.  He had robbed one of my hummingbird feeders for several
nights.  I set the trap two days ago and caught him at 4:30 this morning.
The bait was a cup of sugar water.  His eyes looked bright red in the dark.
They are light pink in the daylight.  His new home will be in the Kisatchie
National Forest.

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

This is “Spec.”  He is a Common King Snake.  He lives near Ann on Bay Creek Drive.

Look who I found this morning.  I leaned over to pick up a limb at the edge of the driveway and there he was, curled up about 2 feet off the driveway.  I ran back to the house to get the camera.  I tried to get a closer shot with the second picture and he lifted his head and moved away under the leaves.  He was back there again this afternoon.  This is the first time I've seen his this year.

Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

Hi - here's a little yellow bird, (a Hooded Warbler),  landed in our window today... He must have been lost,  we don't normally have these birds around here, not for very long periods of time, that is....Maybe he's heading south for the winter...

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Look what was hanging on the side of our window moments  ago...and of course I'm sitting at this computer, as usual, with me back to the window.. I heard a little sound, not very loud, reminded me of an old hen calling to her baby chicks..cluck !
Was I surprised to see this visitor.. Thank goodness my digital camera was ready and handy, so and I move ever so slowly and got off two shots... Amazed me the flash didn't scare 'em.  Wanted just one more a little closer, but when I moved, so did he !....
Yesterday I happened to see a very large bird land not 10 feet away from our patio door. Was a large red tailed hawk, eating something, maybe a lizard..But I knew if I moved to get my camera, he would see me..so I missed that shot..
Doesn't take much to get me excited !!

Says Randy...
"My mom is down visiting with me from Louisiana and we were drinking coffee
on the deck this morning and she asked me what the little brown spot in the
tree was.....   I really could not see much of anything but decided to walk
out to the tree to get a closer look.   As I got closer I could tell it was
a bird but most of it was hidden - he never flew away. Turns out - he was a baby Great Horned Owl -
He was only about 8 inches tall. Enjoy.

Compliments of Randy Ball


I met this friend this afternoon as I was spraying poison ivy down the "wooded side" of my driveway.  He stayed still long enough for me to run back to the house and get my camera.  Then he cooperated
enough to let me get a close-up photo of him.  He's about 30 inches long and three-fourths inch in diameter.  He is a Speckled King Snake

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan



Be careful Ann. That snake looks mighty hungry to me.


 This is so exciting to me.  I had never seen a Pileated Woodpecker until yesterday and he's in my yard!  This is a large bird and the one that the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker" is copied from.  He escaped my camera yesterday but I caught him this morning.  Hope he shows up well enough to post on the website.  He is right in the middle of the photo on a tree trunk.

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan














Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd


 "RARE LOUISIANA TUMBLE BUG sighting" all the way from New Orleans,

and this ain't no Herhsey's Kiss he's rolling either !
The ancient Egyptians worshipped them. The "sacred scarab" can still be found in Egypt and surrounding countries. To the Egyptians, ball rolling symbolized the daily movement of the sun. The tomb of King (Tutankhamen) contained a pendant depicting the sun god Ra as a scarab beetle rolling the sun across the sky. We don't need to worship these lowly poop rollers, but they are magnificent creatures deserving of our respect.

Guess you could say I was on a roll back in '91. This little fellow was in our drive way, of all places! Couldn't recall ever seeing one of these insects before, maybe when I was very young, and I've not seen one since. He or she was working so hard I just had to snap it's picture. Now don't faint, Sherry!. It's just a bug roll a ball of you know what! ! Make me wonder now if it had rolled this ball all the way from the cow pasture llk


Took this picture of one of our plated woodpecker, Dad always called them "Indian Hens". Someone must have called them that when he was a boy. Love these birds, this was taken back in '91. We still have these birds around our place. I love hearing them call to one another. If one calls the other ALWAYS answers straight away!. They communicate better than some people I know. .
LeVerne Langheld Kidd









                                                      This little tree frog lived in Greg's bluebird house for several years. Compliments of Greg Grambling. Class of 1968


I tried to send this one last nite, but it didn't come out..... so if you want a real close up of "HEARS LOOKIN AT YOU KID!"  -------- OR as Ralph Hock has often said to me, "sometime ya have to kiss a few frogs in you life !"  


















This little tree frog jumped into my sun room tonite, and our granddaughter, boy friend,

Marcus caught it for me. Erika, our granddaught just had to take a picture of it.













 Louisiana Alligator , Compliments of Joy Connell, Class of 1955


This isn't from Louisiana however it is Fred's son.

This is one of several fish my son, Erik Moore,

caught on Chesapeake Bay on July 14.

Narley Stryder (Fred Moore.) Class of 1955





















Louisiana Heron










Blue bird, submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

It is not an eagle.  From the behavior, a young hawk.  From the ambiguous pictures, a red-shouldered hawk.  From the prey & territory, a red-tailed hawk.  Something that indicated size or a clearer picture showing more detail of markings (tail, breast, etc.,) would make identification less tenuous.  It could also be a broad-winged hawk . They have been seen in the area recently.   That is also a possibility.        

Compliments of Larry Mays, Class of 1964















Compliments of Bobby Joe Nelson, MHS Class of 1956, caught this catfish May 30, 2005 in the lake behind  his backyard.

This isn't Louisiana but Roy is from Louisiana.....so we will leave this for a while (Class of 1955)

This photo displays our catch of halibut, on my last trip to Alaska. These fish were caught in

      Resurrection Bay, south of Anchorage. That's Roy Baggett, Class of 1955,  on the right.













 These two Red-tail hawk chicks are about 60 feet up in a pine tree at Kalorama Nature Preserve in Collinston, La. near Monroe. 

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan and her younger sister Beth, the curator of the nature preserve.

Another picture of the birds at Kalorama, 4-30-05.  On the left is an immature male Blue Grosbeak.  The others are male Indigo Buntings.

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan







4-30-05 Hello to all. Today ends day ten of my two-week adventure.  I drove this morning from Hernando, Miss. to Collinston, La.   Took a 20-mile detour by Hamburg, Ark., hoping to see Linda Atkins Grigsby and get a free cup of coffee.   Aw Shucks!  She was in Shreveport today so I left her a note with the employee who was running the store.
I've been relaxing since my 11:15 a.m. arrival here at Kalorama Nature Preserve, the home of my baby sister Beth.  Bird watching today has been fantastic.  Pictured below is a small example of the view from her living room window.  This picture has male & female Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, male & female Indigo Buntings & a male Cardinal.  There were also Blue Grosbeaks.  Wish I could have gotten one photo including every bird variety seen.  
Love to all of you,  Ann Mays Harlan




L to R:  an immature Blue Grosbeak, three male Indigo Buntings.  Each of these birds has a millet seed in its beak. 

 Photo taken 4-30-05 at Kalorama Nature Preserve.







                                        Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

Louisiana Wildlife today at Kalorama Nature Preserve, Collinston, Louisiana.
A male cardinal and ten indigo buntings. 4-30-05
Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan








Alligator - 4-25-05

This is one of the three we saw on Grand Bayou.  This guy was quite curious and looked us over for several minutes,

Louisiana Alligator compliments of Ann Mays Harlan







Finch from Greg Grambling's back yard feeder                                                                                                    


 Blue Jay compliments of Linda Moorehead


Cockatiel, compliments of Linda Moorehead                             Macaw, Compliments of Linda Moorehead



This is Natalie Bodin Martin, a 1996 graduate of Doyline High School, a 2000 graduate of LSU/BR- Bachelors program and a 2002 graduate of LSU/BR-Masters Program. This picture was taken around 2001 on Lake Claiborne at Lake Claiborne State Park near Homer, La. 

Submitted by Patricia Shea Palmer









House Finch and Female Finch, Compliments of Greg Grambling

Robbie Ann, taming a wild hare.

The first pix is of Robbie Ann, our son's little daughter, this was taken at our house. This little rabbit was from a rabbit's nest Billy plowed up in our his garden. We tried to save the babies.










Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd

       Louisiana Pelican, Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Black Snake, Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957

 Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden, Class of 1956

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Tallulah - Hunting - Compliments of James Madden

Louisiana Black Bear - Compliments of James Madden

A Tiger Swallowtail on Blue Salvia at Kalorama, Collinston, La., April 16, 2004.









Pictured is a Red Fox in the backyard at Kalorama, April, 2004, Collinston, La., compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

A Leopard Frog in the fountain pool at Kalorama in Collinston, La. on April, 16, 2004, Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

Pictured is a Screech Owl at Kalorama in Collinston, La.,  on January 14, 2003, the home of Beth Mays Erwin, Class of 1975. 

Cardinal and American Goldfinch - (Red and Yellow) Compliments of Greg Grambling

Cardinal and American Goldfinch - Compliments of Greg Grambling, Class sof 1968

Squirrel, Compliments of Greg Grambling

Possum, Compliments of Greg Grambling

Armadillo, Compliments of Greg Grambling

Chipmunk, Compliments of  Greg Grambling

 "Big Bird" Photographed by Greg Grambling

 Greg's "Big Bird" is a sharp-shinned hawk,
 Larry Mays







Jack and Kasey Kidd shot this bobcat in the Sanders pasture in Minden, Louisiana in the winter of 2003 because bobcats attack calves. Compliments of LeVerne Kidd.

The little lad with his deer is our grandson Kasey Levi. This was his first deer. He is older now and kills a deer or two each year. I lost count.   Compliments of LeVerne Kidd












Racoon, Compliments of Linda Moorehead, Class of 1961

Racoons and Birds, compliments of Linda Moorehead

Silver Squirrel - Compliments of  Linda Holt Moorehead

 Grey Squirrel - Compliments of Linda Holt Moorehead

Ducks, Compliments of  Linda Moorehead

Dove above the bird feeder, compliments of Linda Moorehead


Wiley Hilburn, one of The Sh'port Times' regular columnist... wrote about fox squirrels a few days ago... so I sent 'em a couple of pictures of our "neighbor" fox squirrel, he doesn't live in our yard, but loves to drink water from our bird baths... MUST be the well water he likes, because theres a creek in his neck of the woods !!.
After looking at the WILDLIFE pictures on the MM site.... that one of my very favorite sites BTW, I just decided to forward these pixs to you...

LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 1957