The new MHS facility has a beautiful walkway between the buildings and the stadium. It has sections with brick pavers that we can remove and have engraved as an &ldquoAlumni Walkway&rdquo&hellipmuch like Louisiana Tech has.We are attaching a form to order the pavers. All profits from this project will be deposited into an account set up for the MHS Alumni Association. Claire Turner Fussell (1965) and Morris Busby (1975) will be working together on this project. Fred Evans (1966) and Kathy Boyett (?) will be working together to set up a Tax ID package for the MHS Alumni Association. We will provide a list of those purchasing bricks, money collected, and a progress report once things start rolling in. Forms will be available this weekend as well hope you will become a part of this awesome project.Some of the proceeds will be used to restore various composite pictures and other artifacts from years gone by.

Morris H. BusbySecondary SupervisorWebster Parish SchoolsP.O. Box 520Minden, LA. 71058mhbusby@websterpsb.orgPhone 318.377.7052 ext 231Fax 318.377.4114

Below is a sample of how they will look...

P.O. Box 520
Minden, LA. 71058
Commemorative Brick Pavers
Purchaser's Name: ____________________________________
Contact Address: ____________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________
MHS Class of: __________
(Please note that imprint is limited to 11 letters per line&hellipdoes not include spaces)
You can squeeze 12 letters per line if some of the letters are "i's".
LINE 1: ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

LINE 2 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

LINE 3 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ______________________

Cost is $50.00/brick paver. Please make check payable to MHS Alumni Association.
(See Reverse Side for Examples)
(These are only suggestions.)
Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


Example 4

Cleve Strong

Example 5
John "Jack"
Class of 1950

For more information, please contact:
Morris Busby at 377-7052(office)/377-7307(home)
Claire Fussell at 377-7052(office)/377-7302(home)

Here's the square with classes 1956 - 1959.  You need a magnifying glass to
read each of the pavers.       Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan, class of 1958


Classes of 1920 – 1939 pavers as follows:

No year of graduation noted on these pavers. Maybe a family member will let you know the years. John Batton, Harmon C. Drew, R. Harmon Drew, Richard C. Drew

Richard Drew graduated in 1952
Harmon C. Drew: 1906
R. Harmon Drew 1933
Have no idea when John Batton graduated
1922: Treeby Miller Andress

1926: Deward Robinson

1929: Audrey K. White

1931: Katie E. Drew

1936: Elizabeth Jamieson

1939: C. E. “Shorty” Baugh, Marie Lites Crockett

Classes of 1940 – 1949 pavers as follows:

1943: Virginia Stewart Fox

1944: Claude West, Leatrice David West, Ramona Wigley

1946: John W. Woods

1948: Leonard Doerge, Robert Burns

Classes of 1950 – 1955:

1950: Thad Andress, Billy Ray Wright

1951: Norma Warren, Willard McClung, Gloria Lynn Grubbs, Miller Andress

1952: Gary G. Daniel, Joan Wiley Luck, Louise E. Grounds Sander

1953: Shirley McClung, Jane Reeves, Jane Grubbs, Charles Pugh, Steve Kirkikis

1954: Bobby Ray Moorehead, Billy Kidd, Everett Doerge

1955: Sherry Gresham, Dan Wigley, Myra Crownover, Lawrence E. McCoy

Oops, I forgot to add Loretta Allen to the 1955 Pavers list. She was added September 5, 2015. Ann

Classes of 1956 – 1959 except the Class of 1958 which will be listed by itself:

1956: Ed Duncan

1957: Charles Berry, Wiley Cameron, Tommy Culpepper, Marcelee Robinson, Margaret Powell, Phillip Ford, Joan Andress, LeVerne Langheld, Jerry Grigsby, Jim W.

White, Cassie Taylor, Benny White, Benton Irby

Class of 1958 MHS Alumni Walkway pavers laid, listed here in alphabetical order as of 9-29-2015 (63):
Sherman Allen, Hal Anderson, Ellen Baker, Billy Joe Booth, Jannell Boyce, Ronnie Brazzel, Patsy Brown, James Bryan, Robert Bryan, Lonnie Buckels, Jeff Caskey, Sam Cheatham, Nancy Craine, Charles Cranford, Ralph Crownover, Kay Cunningham, Linda Davidson, Ray Davis, Dixie Dugan, John Dulany, Terry Frazier, John Wayne Glaze, Jimmy Greene, Norma Harper, Andy Harville, Johnny Hudson, Jimmie Jarrett, Glenn Dale King, Margie Kirkley, Patricia Elise Law, Robert W. Lee, John Ford Lewis, Jeannie Lindsey, Myra Lowe, Joe Luck, Bobby Lyons, Douglas McCrary, Gary Major, Ann Mays, Linda Monzingo, Vermer Nesbitt, Jerry Norwood, Pat Phillips, George Rhea, Ann Russell, Hathia Searles, Mary Belle Smith, Judy Spitzfaden, James Stillwell, Dorothy Jean Stovall, Billy Jack Talton, George Tash, Robert Wainwright, Lewis Ward, Lila Mae Warren, Jimmy Watts, Bonnie White, Linda White, Patricia Jane White, Frank Winderweedle, Peggy Woods, Dalton Young, Carolyn Moore Youngblood.

Class of 1958 Alumni Walkway pavers purchased but not yet laid (10):
Carroll Burton, Sue Coleman, Betty Holcomb, Floyd Jones, Gene McDaniel, Wayne Parker, Martha Sawyer, Johnny Spears, Sherwood Swain, Johnny Walker

1959: Jerry Huckaby, Dovye Thornton, Linda Monk, Rodney Mason, Jamie Mays, Edwardene Swain, Torchie Walker, Camille Ivy, Beverly Simolke, Betty Simolke,

Mary Ann Watson

Classes of 1960 – 1965:

1960: R. O. Machen, Jr., Sherb Sentell, Diane Green, Sandra Crockett

1961: Judy White

1962: NONE

1963: Judy ????? Hubbard (need her maiden name)

1964: Will Hubbard, Freda White, Larry Mays, Jimmie Woods, Sandra Tubberville, Steve Fomby, Sam Wigley, Harmon Drew, Jr.

1965: Ronnie Joe Volentine, Claire Turner, Butch Williams, Gary Simolke

1966 – 1969:

1966: Troy Odom, Suzanne Haygood, John Collins, William Watson

1967: Linda ????? Fomby (need maiden name)

1968: Karen O’Dell, Sharon O’Dell, Steve Hulse, Lynn Eskew, Mickey Walker, Diane White

1969: Larry O’Dell, Benita Simolke

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan, class of 1958