1951 - 1952

Perry Lee Sanders, Gary Daniels

Virginia Hammons, Carrie G. Strickland and Jan Calvit

      Waynette Farrington, Mascot

                                        THE PEPSQUAD


                                                             HOW WAYNETTE FARRINGTON BECAME THE MASCOT

L-R, Jean Sentell, Cora Lou Brown ? Betty Jean Jones, Jean Ellen Rea, Pat Wilson, Carolyn Sale, ?, ?????? and Bessie Maness on the end of the first row. I canot see the second row well enough to identify anyone. Third row, Dolores Bright is behind Carolyn Sale in the middle, ?, Lucy Ann Moore, ???, Sue Milner, Patsy Davis, Annetta Baker, Betty Lou Norwood, and Sherry Gresham on the end. I do not recognize anyone on the top rows.  


I don't know if there is room on the website for the "back story" I call it, of my becoming a mascot cheerleader. My mother tells the story that she COULD NOT keep me away from the cheerleaders . Every time that she'd put me down out of her lap, off I'd go to where the cheerleaders performed. Finally they gave up. Meanwhile, I memorized  every cheer  and all the motions that went with them. People began to notice me when I hopped onto the grass, almost below the stadium and began to cheer with them, only I was in front of them. The cheerleaders saw me, but none of the crowd could saw me. Carrie G. asked Mrs. Hilliard if they could ask me to be their mascot. One Friday night, Gary Daniels picked  me up and put me on his shoulders  and said, "Show me where your parents are." All the cheerleaders trailed along behind him .Mother said she almost "died" when she saw the cheerleaders coming toward her with me on Gary's shoulders. They asked my parents if I could be their mascot and the rest is "history" as they say. Mother made my costume with red satin from West Brothers and they got some saddle oxfords for me just like the cheerleaders and we were in "business". Gary Daniel writes me that he remembers one Friday night when they were really "throwing and tossing me around" and I threw up on him. So he REALLY remembers me.

I believe that I was only a mascot for that one year, 1951, but I don't know and my mom or dad aren't around for me to ask. So if anyone finds my picture in the 1952 Grig, I'd sure like to see that too.

  Thanks Waynette


1953-54 I think they are cheerleaders: L-R: Judy Gleason, Gary "Buddy" Smith, Sue Stanfield, Herbert Duncan, JoAnn Mathews, and Sammy David

You are exactly right!  Must have been cheerleader practice.  A football hip injury ended Bud's participation in sports, but he wanted to stay involved as a cheerleader. Sandra Pullig Smith

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Cheer 3

L to R: Bonnie Walker, Patsy Sullivan, Patricia Penix, ?Ann Aldredge?, Linda
Talton, Sue Owen.  The "tiny" cheerleader is a Talton, I think, but not

Ann Mays Harlan & LeVerne Kidd

Camille Ivy was a cheerleader for three years, the school years 1956-57, 1957-58 and 1958-59.  This picture was taken in 1957/58.

1957-58 school year, seated: Catsy Harper and Dawn Glass standing: Linda Atkins, Camille Ivy, Linda White

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

Camile Ivy, Linda Atkins, Linda White, Catsy Harper, and Dawn Glass

Catsy Harper, Linda Atkins inthe back, Dawn Glass in the front, Camille Ivy and Linda White

1954-55 Cheerleaders Top: L-R: Sue Smith and Shirley Boyer

Bottom: L-R: Betty Lou Norwood, Mary Jo Skinner and Annetta Baker

Betty Norwood Nation (1937-2002)

1954-55 Left to right: Sue Smith, Betty Lou Norwood, Mary Jo Skinner,  

Annetta Baker and Shirley Boyer        

Judy Barron, Linda Cox, Camille Ivy, Barbara Baten, Jeanette Woodard

Cheerleaders during the 1956-57 school year.     

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Barbara Baten, Jeanette Woodard, Linda Cox, Camille Ivy and Judy Barron

Identified by Ann Mays Harlan

Jr. Cheerleaders 53; Can anyone tell us who they are? If so, e-mail us.