Mrs. J. A. "Maymie" Whitlow

Bu Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948

You  have a biography of my daddy, Junius Artie Whitlow.  .  Some of your older readers will remember her at Kennon's grocery. She worked along side Daddy in the meat market  at Kennon's grocery on front street in Minden.  She actually took over the meat market after Daddy died.

  She was a very hard working lady with a lot of business knowledge, even though her formal education was at the 9th grade level.  She lost a baby at child birth, but raised a girl and three boys.  She faced many hardships, including, the great depression, the lost of her older son, Artie Jr., during WWII and later her husband due to a heart attack. 

 She was quite a lady, with a heart as big as "all out doors."  She would walk about three blocks to work, so I could drive our car to high school every day.  How she raised me through my high school years, college, etc.  is beyond me.  It definitely was the unselfish love of a devoted, hard working mother.  I miss her.

      Mrs. J. A. (Maymie Griffin) Whitlow      Born: July 3, 1898 In Arkansas to parents George Barlett Griffin & Sarah Rebecca Alphin     Died: December 20, 1976 Houston, Harris County, TX .  Buried alongside husband and older son in Macedonia Cemetery, south of Magnolia, Arkansas