Charles W. Herring  The 58-year-old son of the late Willis Herring has died in GA. He operated a "Mayfair Cleaners" in the Atlanta area. Wasn't his father's Minden company also called "Mayfair Cleaners," and wasn't it near the American Legion building on Pine Street? I believe that Charles Herring was known as "Chubby."

Billy Hathorn


Willis Herring did operate Mayfair Cleaners on Pine Street in Minden.  He was a member of First Baptist Church and actually held bible study classes at his buisiness.

Patsy and Maurice Whitlow

 I still think of Charles "Chubby" Herring as a young boy.  His family and the Aldredge family visited us in Seattle, Washington, and went to The World's Fair, "Century 21", in 1962.    Then I saw Chubby for the last time at the Aldredge's for a dinner party one night.  That was probably in 1962 or 1963.  LONG ago so you see why I still "see" him as a boy.  His nickname always bothered me but he didn't seem to mind that I could see.  I always wanted to call him "Cubby" but never did. Instead, I just didn't use his name at all!

 Linda Holt Moorehead


 Re: Mayfair Cleaners,

Flo, Jean Ellen Ray and I would go each morning and sing at the bible study that he had for the employees.  Jean Ellen Ray  worked there after graduation until she married. 

Corene King Ingalls



By : Jerry Frasier

Hearing about the Mayfair cleaners brought back a fond memory.

The summer of my 8th grade, we had a summer baseball league of

four teams at Victory Park: Cubs, Tigers, Pirates, and Indians. I was

on the Cubs and our sponsor was Mayfair cleaners. We went to the

store on Pine Street and got your team T shirt with the felt head of

a bear on the front and Mayfair cleaners on the back; a wonderful

moment to the MAYFAIR CLEANERS. Jim McCabe was on the

Tigers. Bobby Hudson was on the Pirates, and Graydon Kitchens

was on the Indians. I should remember others. The Cubs were 1 and 19

and the game we won, I was not there, on a family vacation. It was

great fun and the first organized sports team I played on. It was

ironic that Mr. Willis  Herring had a Mayfair Cleaners in the Atlanta area

where I live.


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