CITY  MERCHANTS                                                                       


                               PA2802 South Broadway Minden, La. Compliments of Archives & Special Collections LSU

                                                       One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399


The Eyes of Minden 

Marianne Colvin & Joyce Dulany enjoy a day of shopping in downtown Minden

Compliments of Archives & Special Collections - LSU - Shreveport

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

Christopher and Jane Chaffee built this as their original home around 1855 on North Broadway & Fogle St., later turning it into an inn and blacksmith shop, foundry, and stagecoach line.  The stagecoach ran as far west as Nacogdoches, TX and as far east as    Vicksburg, MS. They built a new home on the location of where the new Minden Medical Center Parking Lot is now located .    

                           PA2273 Minden, La. Stagecoach built by Christopher Chaffee on Broadway Street

                         Compliments of Archives and Special Collections, Louisiana State University, Shreveport One

                          University Place, Shreveport, Louisiana 711115-2399


 The Rex was located before Fort's newstand  going toward South Broadway

Compliments of  Quade Studio, 513 Main St., Minden, La.

The Rex Theatre was located further down North Broadway during the
thirties. It later became the Tower. Sullivan's dress shop is on the left.
A sandwich shop or concession stand was on the right. To the far right
was the entrance to the balcony.                                                                 

 Quade Studio


P3004 Minden Express Office, Minden, La. 1920  F=307

Compliments of La. State University Archives & Special Collections La. State University - Shreveport, La. One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399.

Air Express Delivery boy is standing in front of the delivery office about 1920. This site was later the home to Fort's Newstand, a Minden landmark for half a century. In the background is the 1902 First Baptist Church building which was later converted into the Texas Theater. See a more recent view of Fort's newstand below.



This sign is under the Arizona Ash on Broadway St. just across the street from the Civic Center.

Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan

YPA2697 Capt. Alfred Goodwill's store around the turn of the century. He sold pharmaceuticals, buggies, coffins and even offered funeral services.

This was also a clothing store where hats, and other material could be purchased. The decoration reminds me of the store that once housed A&P. The

store opened in 1880.

Compliments of La. Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport, 1 University Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

      Minden Has A Parade

                                                                Do you remember the year or recognize Anyone?

Nearby on this same side of the street was the Imperial Hotel &  Morgan & Lindsey

Compliments of Quade Studio, 513 Main St., Minden, La. 71055

This is the hotel that sold the delicious blue plate specials

From the Minden High School Grig


                                                                                  Submitted by Gary Mathews 2001

                                                                       Main Street - Looking at the old pool Hall building. .



Citizens Bank & Trust Company

704 Main Street

National Register of Historic Places

Erected in 1910 as the Bank of Webster

Renovated and occupied 2001

Contractor - McInnis Brothers Construction, Inc.

Architect - Ballard & Associates, Inc.

The principal architectural feature is its monumental style in antis Ionic facade, which culminated in a classical shaped parapet with a central bas-relief eagle inscribed in a wreath.The building is locally significant in the area of architecture as a very superior example from among a limited number of historic commercial buildings in Webster Parish.  It is the only building in Webster Parish to feature high style neo-classical articulation.  It is the only commercial use of freestanding columns and use of a full entablature.
Submitted by: Ann Mays Harlan December 2, 2002.

                                                                   The Old Webster Parish Court  House

If you looks closely, you can see the post office next to the court house on the left

The old  Post Office and Court House have both been torn down.

Compliments of Quade Studio, 513 Main St., Minden, La. 71055


This is an Old Minden Photograph

Is that the Old City Jail I see in the background behind the Minden Courthouse?

Compliments of Quade Studio, 513 Main St., Minden, La. 71055


Overview of Minden looking East toward the Methodist Church


Overview of Minden, La. 2003 Compliments of  Gary Mathews

    Tiny Togs, a baby store was here during the 60s. Mrs. Pauline Liner and Mrs. Opal Adams worked                               


                     This is the way the Dothl House looked in the fifties - Notice the open walk-ways on both sides.  

                     There was a parking lot behind the Dothyl House. People would park back here to go grocery shopping,  or

                     to attend the Tower Theater, or shop. It also made a nice parking area for those who wanted  to eat at

                     the Dothyl House.                 

                                   Compliments of Quade Studio, 513 Main St., Minden, La. 71055

                                    This is the way the Dothyl House looked in 2005


This is the way the Dothyl House looked in September 2000

  Compliments of  Gary Mathews                                              


Next to Bryan's Jeweler's in the green building was once a Dotyle House Cafe

 "The Dothl House". The name was a combination of the first names of the owners — Dorothy and H. L. Bridges. (From Mrs. Juanita Agan's Cameo's of Minden.)

The large  building was not there during the fifties. That area was an alley to a parking lot where people could park while they shopped for groceries, at ethe Dothl House or went to a movie at the Tower Theatre down the street.

Compliments of  Gary Mathews September 2000

Another Minden View


Main Street Just East of City Drug Store

Compliments of  Gary Mathews September 2000

Mother's business, Don's Record Shoppe, was first located on Union Street next to Lowe's Printing Shop.  Mother started working there in 1958 when it was Sammy's Record Shoppe and bought it two months later. It was later in the teal blue building to the left (looking at the picture) of the cafe, to the right of Gunn's. I MAY have a picture of it as it was in those days but don't know where to look to try to find one. When the shop was in it's heyday on Union Street, we used to have great fun there. Kids would go there during lunch breaks from school and sometimes some would dance in the big open room behind the sales desk. I loved the holidays there. James and Billy Fuller and I and sometimes Vern Stonecipher and David Bailey would work there and get to see former MHS students that were home for holidays and such. It was because of the record shop that I knew as many of the pre-1959 graduates as I did. 

Compliments of Linda Holt Moorehead    

Brumley's Shoe Store was in the Gunn's Shoe Repair shop.(117 North Broadway)  Portia's Dress Shop may have been where the Car Title Loans place  She sold Bobbie Brooks blouses that were popular in the fifties..


                                                     Submitted by Gary Matthews September, 2000    


Front of City Drug Store

Submitted by Gary Mathews September 2000

Compliments of Gary Mathews, Sept. 2000

On the left was Franklin's Dress Shop. At 207 South Broadway was Grayson's.

The Tower Theatrer was located to the right of the City Drug Store which opened in 1903 buying out the Pharmacy from the Goodwill Store. It closed in 1999. It was operated by David Williams and Rollin "Froggy" Williams Sr. The Imperial Hotel is across the street.

P2166 ROLLINS THEATRE owned by Rollin Williams Sr. 1938, Photographer   L.M Maddry.

The theatre picture is taken in either 1941 or 1942 at the Tower theater next to City Drug. Rollin Williams, owner of City Drug owned that theater (thus Rollin's theater). He called it the Scout while he operated the theater. He began leasing it to Edgar Hands in the late Summer of 1938. Hands changed the name to the Tower when he took it over. John Agan.

Compliments of La. Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport, 1 University Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

This was before there was a Joy or Rex Theatre. The compiler does not have the physical address of the Theatre.             


Main Street   - Partial building to the far left is the old Webb Hardware building which was owned by Will Life.  (See the photo of the interior of Webb Hardware under photo's). The building is located between Fogle and East Union St.

Submitted by Gary Mathews September 2000



A&P was once housed in this building until the 1970s.  Next door was the Minden Bank & Trust  Co., with its distinctive green tile front and the clock erected in May 1939.  There was once attorneys offices and a beauty shop located in the upper floor of the Drake Building back in the 40s.

Drake Building , North Broadway - Compliments of  Gary Mathews, September 2000

Tullus five and dime was also on Main Street which was a popular store to shop in.

Also Ellis five and dime  was farther down from Tullus toward Pine Street.

There was also a Wren Mercantile Store where Miss Maude Bullock worked part time.

                             MINDEN BANK & TRUST CO.  alias  HOLLAND -  CRAWFORD INSURANCE

This was the Minden Bank & Trust Company also known as Holland  - Crawford Insurance Building located at 605 Main Street, Minden, Louisiana.  Historic Significance Signifiance: Architecture/Engineering Architect, Builder, or  engineer: Unknown Architectural Style: Romanesque Architectural Style: Romanesque Area of Significance: Architecture Perior of Significance: 1900 - 1924 Owner: Private Historic Function: Commerce/ Trade Historic Sub - Function: Commerce/ Trade Historic Sub - Function: Financial Institution : Commerce Trade

The clock stopped years ago

Compliments of  Gary Mathews - September 2000


P2949 Minden, Louisiana  - Tree in the Park 1980

This is the most photographed tree in Minden - See the bottom of the page

On the right was once the A& P Grocery store        

                             Scotty Williams wrote:                                            

Boyle's Drug Store (Ray Boyle).  to the left of Pearle St, on the corner is currently unk - at one time (ca 1940's) was Garlands jewelry, to the left of that , we think, is Scugg's men's store.

Merchants in the background per Tom White are: Boyle's Drug Store, Wayne Crawford's Insurance, Quality Shoes, and McCrary's men's Store

 According to Ann Mays Harlan the merchants in the background are:

Boyle's Drug Store, Crawford Insurance, Vivians, Quade Studio, ? and Stan Quade's car in front of his store

Compliments of La. Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport, 1 University Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

The store on the right of the clock was once the Brown and Goodwill Store. Next to that use to be A&P.

Quade Studio is now where E. Henry Lowe was located.

                         Vivian's is located on the corner of Pearl Street where the Joy Theatre was located in the fifties

                         Quade Photo Studio is a few doors down from Vivian's. The old wagon yard is still across the st.           

      The store on the corner of North Broadway and Pine has been torn down and a new building.                

                                                               Submitted by Gary Mathews - Sept. 2000                                        

                                                                The Joy  Theatre was located on Pearl Street

Compliments of  Peggy Cheshire Baldwin

Williams Electric Appliance was at 105 North Broadway Broadway. Boyle Walgreen was at 119 South Broadway. They had free delivery.

Merchants - "The store on the corner of North Broadway and Pine has been torn down and is now a parking for  lot the New Minden Bldg. & Loan across Pine St.



                                      Compliments of Gary Mathews 2000

                                       The Cab Stand was once located here.

 Short alley between North and South Broadway across from the City Drug Store     

Submitted by Gary Mathews - Sept. 2000                                                            


 BACK STREET - Looking East toward First Baptist Church                                     

  See the Western Auto sign by West Brothers (The blue building)                                  

Morgan & Lindsey was on the right of West Brothers going toward the water tower

        Both West Brothers & Morgan & Lindsey had a front & back entrance.                          


You can still see the old City Shoe Store Sign on the side of the building.

Back Street - Otis Rea's Appliance Store & Old City Shoe Shop           

  Compliments of Gary Mathews - September 2000                                     

"Thad Cafe" was a popular restaurant during the fifties is now Jack's Guitar Shop.

I remember Thad's Cafe was another restaurant in town where you could go in, be seated, and order a steak or some other item off a menu. Thad's daughter is Mrs. Kenneth McGowan (Betty) and she owns and operates "Cards and Things" in Park City Shopping Center. (From Mrs. Juanita Agan's Cameo's Of Minden).

Compliments of Gary Mathews Sept. 2000

The building with the coke sign is an old hotel. Rumor has it that the building had a history. According to some this wasMinden's own version of The Chicken Ranch, made famous in "Best Little *****  House In Texas.  Thebuilding is currently being used by Cox Communications Webster Printing is located where A & P Grocery Store was located. Jitney Jungle was down the street.                     

Compliments of  Gary Mathews Sept. 2000    


Corner of Back Street & Dixie Street - Looking West across street from Western Auto.

This building was once a hotel.

Compliments of Gary Mathews September 2000    

The blue building was once West Brothers. In 2003 it was "Hers Bridal"

Next door was Morgan and Lindsey's

Both West Brother's and Morgan and Lindsey's had a front and back entrance.

They also had a Fines Men Store that faced Main Street.

Western Auto is still located on Back street

Compliments of Gary Mathews in Sept. 2000

Back Street looking West toward Shreveport

Hibernia Bank once People's Bank - You can see the Webster Parish Court House in the distance

Compliments of Gary Matthews September 2000

Hibernia Bank on the right with a nice view of the Webster parish Court House

Compliments of Cindy Pons

The Yellow Ribbons could be for our boys in Iraq

Murrell Street toward the Minden Medical Center

Submitted by Gary Mathews, Sept. 2000

One of the photos of downtown Minden shows the House of Gifts. This was previously Brown & Goodwill.

Submitted by Gary Mathews, September 2000


 PA2748 A. H. Maddry Store, Homer Road in Minden in 1925

Does anyone recognize the large home next to the store?

Compliments of La. Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport, 1 University Pl. Shreveport, La. 71115-2399



See us for all fishing, hunting and repair needs

Dealer of Scott Attwater

413 Sibley Road

Mr. Trenice H. Ivy. 


 Pat Wilson and Douglas Simolke

Left to right: Edward Davis , John Watkins, Lawson Davis, and Walter White


Picture from the thirties the store operated from about 1890 until the 1980s .

Compliments of Quade Studio, Minden, Louisiana

The kind souls of Webb Hardware

Compliments of Juanita Agan, Columnist for the Minden Press-Herald

As I drive down "Front" street as we called it back then in the thirties and forties, I look at the building on the corner of Union and Front street (today you know that street as "Main Street"), just across the street from the location of Hibernia Bank. It has seen several tenants in the last few years, but it will always be the site of Webb Hardware to me. Do you remember how Webb Hardware looked inside? I loved to go there and browse through all three floors and look at the furniture, the cooking utensils, the china and the crystal, the linens, and all the other accessories that helped furnish a house and make it a home.

As you walked in the door off "Front" Street you were in a hardware store. Glass doors on each side of the room held an assortment of bolts and nuts, and screws of all sizes and kinds.

Further back there was paint, all kinds of paint. And there was anything that you might need from a hardware store. In the back right hand corner of the first floor was the office.

For many years the pretty black haired girl that took your payment on your account was Miss Doris Monzingo.

Later she was Mrs. Doris Lomax. And also there was Walter White who also worked with the accounts.

Mr. Life WAS Webb Hardware to me – he showed and sold furniture, he arranged credit terms and of course he did the purchasing. Perhaps the most memorable of the clerks there would be George and Inez Lorraine.

Mrs. Lorraine

Mrs. Lorraine had been my Sunday School when I was thirteen. Later she had taught my daughter at about the same age.

It was a pleasure to have her show you the pretty patterns of china, of crystal, and all the many things that brides would love to receive as wedding presents.
The gift shop was on the second floor of the store, just a portion of the second floor.

It was there, as a bride-to-be that I selected my china, my crystal, and the other accessories that would enable me to set a beautiful table. She was so helpful in guiding me in my selection and then when the customers came in to select a gift she helped them buy something that I wanted.

Cooking Gear

There was so much beautiful furniture there.

At one time they also handled kitchen stoves and other appliances for the home. My first purchase for the new home was a Magic Chef range.

I had owned a small apartment size range that was adequate for just my mother and me, but now that I had acquired a husband there would be more cooking and in larger quantities.

Mr Life gave me a set of cookware when I purchased the stove. Already he had sent us a beautiful Sterling Silver Sandwich tray. Back then almost all pieces were solid sterling silver. I was not aware of this until the time when silver prices escalated and there was a rash of thievery.

Then I noticed that on the back of the twelve or fourteen trays of various sizes there was the mark of Sterling Silver. Back then a pair of silver candlesticks cost $5.00 - and these were good heavy weight silver candlesticks.

Mirror, Mirror

At one end of the second floor was an array of wall mirrors. I loved to look at all the accessories and often wished for some of them.

In fact I admired a mahogany framed large mirror so much that I told my mother how much I would like to have it.

When my husband of less than a year asked her what he could get me for a Valentine’s gift she mentioned the mirror. At least one of the clerks knew which one I had coveted.

Today that mirror hangs over my Duncan Phyfe sofa in the living room - 54 years later.

There was a section of nothing but lamps - some of them fashioned like the old fashioned hand painted globe lamps - sort of the "Gone with the Wind" era. I still have two of these that I bought there in the late 1940s.

The bedroom suites were so pretty and Mr. Life offered me a suite at a really good price. He had ordered it for someone else but they had bought one before this one arrived.

It was solid mahogany and it is still one of my proudest possessions. Along with the bedroom suites there was a great selection of Beauty Rest Mattresses. There were many Tell City dining room sets. I still use the one I bought almost a quarter century ago in my breakfast area.

Lifetime of Purchases

People say they have Early American furniture, or period furniture, or French Provincial style furniture. I often say that everything I have is either early Webb Hardware or early attic.

The most important thing about my purchases there is the fact that it was quality furniture and will last my lifetime and be passed on to the next generation.
I had already bought Mersman mahogany tables in about 1941, and they are still in perfect condition. I have enjoyed the drop leaf table that I use as a console.

There was furniture in every nook and cranny all the way to the third floor. In the back of the first floor just past the office area that was a section that was devoted to garden tools and it was there that we purchased our hoe, shovel and rake for our yard.

Good Help

When I look at the Lazy Boy recliners that I bought there over eighteen years ago, I think of the wonderful people that worked there and the care they took with your wishes.

Their advice was always good and you could trust their opinions. When I first started buying furniture there in the early forties just after I had gone to work at Andress Motors Company they opened an account for me.

I paid them monthly and they charged me no interest. I can still see the sofa that was on sale in the window in January 1949 as I passed by.
That sofa is in my living room today – 54 years after Webb Hardware delivered it.

Kind Souls

There were others who worked there – Doc Gibson who was so helpful in the stove section. Mr. L. E. Davis worked there, along with Mr. John Watkins - later John married my Home Ec teacher, Miss Elouise Sanders, and Mrs. Margie Carson, in the china and crystal area.

Almost all the old stores in Minden have changed now, but in memories I can still recall the wonderful people who worked there, the products that they sold and how proud I was to acquire some of the things they sold.

My memories are like the beads on a rosary. In my quiet times, and today there are many quiet times, I count them off as I remember the people who are now gone who had such an influence on my life.

Growing up in Minden has left me with many wonderful memories of good friends and of the old stores we frequented.
Don’t you agree?
Mrs. Agan has lived in Minden for 35 years. her column appears in the Minden Press-Herald every week.



This tree was planted after the new court house was built facing Main Street.

Submitted by Gary Matthews, September, 2000


Photo by Quade Studio

Arizona Ash

Photo by Stan Quade.  The Arizona Ash in downtown Minden decorated for Christmas 1990.

Quade Photography, Main Street, Minden, Louisiana 71055

Submitted by Ann Mays HarlanONLY GOD CAN MAKE A TREE

Minden's Arizona Ash taken at night December, 2003


Arizona Ash

Photo by Stan Quade.  The Arizona Ash in downtown Minden decorated for Christmas 1990.

Quade Photography,  Main Street, Minden, Louisiana 71055


The Christmas Scene Under the Minden Water Tower Christmas 2003



Hope the photographer didn't get stung taking this picture!


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