Minden City Cemetery

on Bayou Avenue off

Pine Street in Minden, La.

          Ghost Walk

   November 12, 2005

Photo's by Jim Gritzbaugh, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Ann Mays Harlan and Joan Luck

Schelley Brown, Coordinator and Director 

Sisters, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle and Barbara Mendenhall McLemore

In the background is James Madden and Lynn Warnock

Photo compliments of  Earlene Lyle

Admission taken by Ron Robinson 

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Barbara Mendenhall McLemore sold note cards and afghans

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Earlene Mendenhall Lyle selling Minden City Cemetery and Gardens of Memory Cemetery Books

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Ann Mays Harlan and Martha Luck, Mother of Joe Luck

Ann was working as a tour guide

This Photograph was taken by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Ann Mays Harlan, Jo Kennon Williams and  David Williams

Bettye Lowe and her daughter, Nancy Lowe, in front of the Grigsby monument

Bettye also took a group on a tour

Lynn Warnock  was also working as a tour guide.

 Notice - Rob and Linda Lee Mims Martin were among those who took her tour.

L-R, Bill Green, tour guide; Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Carolyn Sale McDaniel,  David Williams, Jo Kennon Williams,

and behind the lady in the white blouse, is Coy Gorman of Minden wearing with a beige and orange stripe blouse  and her

daughter-in law, Jessica Stewart Gorman who is also from Minden.  Jessica is the young lady wearing the purple 

 and white blouse; behind the lady in red. The lady in red is Benny Ryan Stewart from Doyline standing next to Martha

 Belton who portays Jacqueline Ward Taylor

(Jim Gritzbaugh took the pictures) If you know who the other people are e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

L-R, Tour guide Joan Wylie Luck;  Diane Thompson, Erika Traynham (LeVerne Kidd's granddaughter),

Melba Weaver with the keys in her hand, standing behind Melba is LeVerne Langheld Kidd.

 LeVerne Langheld Kidd is standing next to her is her granddaughter, Shelby, that you can hardly see.

Does anyone know who the other people are? If so e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.COM

                               Martha Belton as Jacqueline Ward Taylor

                              Jacquelyn Ward Taylor

                           Alice and Daniel Stewart

  Alice & Daniel Stewart.  They are portrayed by Craig & Mona Farley, the current
    residents of the former home of Alice & Daniel.  They bought the home from the
    Stewart family.

The Stewart Home on Broadway and the Homer Road

Sandy Corley portrayed Roy Scales Miller

Dr. Albert G. Harper was portayed by his great grandson, Mike Harper

Vernon Love Legend of the Bagpipes

Vernon Love playing the Bagpipes

Mary Ann Crichton was portrayed by Janis Murphy Mourad

Roger White as Edward Pratt and Joe Luck as Clarence B. Pratt

Blake Powell portrayed Robert S. Lewis

Lucy Brodnax Brooking Kennon portrayed by Billie Jean Green, wife of tour guide, Bill Green

The Civil War Trench

L to R,  Richard Talton and William Talton

Cora Lou Brown Robinson as Ada Jack Carver Snell

John Quade as his maternal great grandfather, W. G. Stewart

Picture of W. G. Stewart

John Quade as W. G. Stewart; front row with his arms crossed by the street is James Madden;

Row two; in the maroon coat and black pants is Linda Lee Mims, in the blue jacket and white ball cap is Buddy Burns,

Back Row in the beige top and black pants is Judianne Braswell Myers, next to her in the ball cap and grey shirt is

Rob Martin.

Suzanne Roberts Burns, Class of 1953 and Judianne Burns Braswell Myers, Class of 1954

Two beauties from 1954 - Judianne Braswell Myers and Carolyn Sale McDaniel

and two impressive men from the 50s, James Madden and Rob Martin, in the background.

The gracious Martha Luck

                                                 These three vivacious ladies,

 Joan Wylie Luck, Carolyn Sale McDaniel and Benny Ryan Stewart and all the other Tourists were

invited to the Coca-Cola Museum for a guided tour of the history of Minden and and the Hunter Family.

Complimentary refreshments were served in the "Big room".  To See Coke memorabilia as well as the

history of baseball and recreation in the Minden area.

Judianne Braswell Myers and Buddy Burns