Several years ago I saw a Gunsmoke episode from the early 60's and  I noticed Hap Glaudi's name on the credits. I wrote to WWL to see if they knew the answer and they did not. This morning I stumbled upon this email from Hap's daughter. It was a very long time ago but it was certainly a part of our history.  The years I was in N.O. I found Hap's sports show to be very entertaining. He was a good guy.

Submitted by Tom D. Carey, Class of 1965
Hi Bob. A friend of mine sent me the e-mail from TD Carey (posted here on an earlier page) about my Dad, Hap Glaudi, having a part in Gunsmoke. Yes, it was him. Gunsmoke was on CBS and asked WWL for a local celebrity to play a bit part as part of a promotion for WWL and Gunsmoke. It was 1964 and my Dad took my younger sister, Karen and me with him to Hollywood. It was the first time we flew and our first time in Hollywood. We met Matt Dillon, Festus, Doc and Miss Kitty. My dad dressed as a townsman with a mustache, hat, gun and holster and boots. By the time they finished splicing the film, my dad's part was so quick that if you blinked your eyes you would have missed him. I do have some pictures of him on the set with the stars. It was fun and most of all are our memories of being with our Dad.


Unfortunately, my Dad never had a son. He was blessed with three daughters and a wonderful wife, Millie. He wanted a boy so much, that he named me after two baseball players. My name is Glen Terry. Maybe someone knows who the baseball players are ... I think one may be Bill Terry. Anyway, my older sister was named after him. Her name is Gayloyd. My dad's real name is Lloyd and he was given the nickname "Hap" at Jesuit High School, short for "Happy." "Gay" meant "happy" also, so he put it together and named her Gayloyd. My mother said that she was going to name the third daughter, so she named her Karen. We all live in the area. Karen and I live in New Orleans, and Gay lives in Covington.

Thank you for letting me relive those memories and for your wonderful website.

What an honor to be visited on my site by the daughter of a great friend, Hap Glaudi. Hap was certainly one of the most beloved broadcasters ever on the airwaves in New Orleans, and a prince of a person.



Submitted by Joan Wiley Luck, Class of 1952

I've been trying to remember what movie stars I saw in California during the time I lived out there... I first went out and went to school off and on from the time I was 12 ... in the 7th grade... my mother and stepfather had moved out to Long Beach and that area.  Then I went back when Guy and I married and lived there until 1960... all 4 kids were born out there. Some of these are old stars that you may not remember... some I just saw in passing and others here and there... here goes:  Alan Ladd (I was surprised at how short he was), Guy Williams (played mostly in westerns in the 50's),; Joel McRae, Sr. and his wife, Fances Dee... their son, Joel Jr., had the locker next to mine at University High School in West L. A. (lots of movie stars kids went there... we just happened to live in the same district); Clint Walker used to ride a rather small motorcycle down our street... his legs were so long, he looked like a toddler on a tricycle; Hoss Cartright (can't remember his real name).. lived near us and we saw him often in the grocery store; David Niven who always had a miniature white poodle with him, wearing a pink bow... my mother and I noticed the dog before we recognized him; Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood drove by in a convertible several times; John Wayne and Edward G. Robinson (I already told you about them); Teresa Wright (played in a lot of war movies); Margaret O'Brien (went to that school with me), another young girl star... something Marshall ,same school Maureen O'Hara, in her yard often, the tall blonde guy who played "The Rifleman". Richard Jaekel, blonde, husky, who had 3 little boys in school with mine.  Some are kinda best friend  was Sylvia Sheekman, whose father was a screen writer and whose mother was Gloria something, who played the older lady in the movie "Titanic" a few years ago... she was an old-time movie star... I spent a few nights at their house... it was magnificent and her mothers bedroom was all in pink and white with mirrors on all the walls and the ceiling. I saw my first TV set at their house... we kept in touch for several years. ; Another interesting one was "Alfalfa" from the old Our Gang comedies... he lived around the corner from us but I didn't know it until he got murdered there... something to do with another man's wife, i think. 

I heard the police cars and ambulance and went out in the back yard where I could see the apartment house where he lived... they brought him down on a stretcher but he was already dead from gunshot wounds.  We found out a few years ago that just before we moved to the house we had in Van Nuys, that Marilyn Monroe, who was just a beginning starlet at the time, had lived just down the street from us but moved shortly before we moved in. When Cyndy started kinder garden, I met another young mother named Bridgett ... she was married to the war era star, Robert Hutton and she had been a starlet when she met him.  They had a little girl Jolie, who became Cyndy's best friend and they had a little boy Mandy's age... She and I used to walk the little girls to school, each pushing strollers.  I didn't often have a car but when I did, I would go by and get them.  Bridgett and I were both southern girls far from home and became very good friends.  I visited their home often... most of the furniture in it was bought from George Raft... Robert was rather stand-offish and had trouble making a living for his family... they were every bit as poor as we were... one Christmas, Bridgett was really "down" because they had no money to buy the kids Xmas presents and just a few days before Xmas, he got a residual check for some old movie that ran on TV.  She was just beside herself with joy.  He was considerably older than she was and eventually she left him... she made a couple of movies herself (before she left)... one with Red Skelton... "The Fuller Brush Man"... maybe a couple more... Cyndy saw an article last year on Bridgett... she married someone outside the movie industry the last time, I think.


A few others I remember seeing are Jean Peters (who was married to Howard Hughes), Jane Withers, Lloyd Nolen, Lloyd Bridges and his 2 sons,  John Caradine and one of his sons; and we had a man in our church who always played the "heavy" in the westerns... can't remember his name and a few others but my memories are fading and i can't call some of the names.


There was, and still is, an outdoor market and shopping center near where we lived  called "Westwood Village"... we saw most of these there. some were friendly and some were not.  I was never into movie stars much nor autographs and we would never have bothered them when they were on "their own time" anyway.  My mother recognized lots of the old silent stars we saw there. We, under no circumstances, ever lived "like the movie stars do"... we just happened to live in the area... if I think of any others, I'll let you know...

                             Joan Wiley Luck, Class of 1952


                                           THE DAY THE MOVIE STARS CAME TO MINDEN

 All these movie star memories make me want to pose the question, "Does anyone remember when Julie Adams came to Minden?"  

I was in the 6th grade, i think.   East Side.   We had lunch then we were all going downtown to the parade featuring the star.  Maybe she was a starlet then. I just remember that is the day I discovered that I am allergic to "red weenies."   I broke out all over and threw up but was determined to go see her.(Just for the record, i have not eaten another red wiener.)   

I remember that she was a disappointment to me, because--now listen to this shallowness--she was wearing gaudy silver high heeled sandals with NO stockings.  My mother said a lady always wore stockings.

Her legs were long, thin, and brown.    

Today, the whole episode seems amusing.   If anyone else remembers this tiny slice of our history, I would love to hear their perspective.    

                                  Dixie Dugan Clark, Class of 1957

P.S.  Interestingly, I have a grandson who was allergic to red dye in foods the first seven or eight years of his life.  He has outgrown that now. He is 9. 

                                    MY MEMORIES OF THE DAY THE MOVIE STARS CAME TO TOWN

Dixie, I also remember the day the movie stars came to town.  Was it 1951 or 1952? Carol Whitfield and I were skipping class when we ran into my homeroom teacher in downtown Minden. We were caught! We thought we were going to be in bad trouble but she did not tell on us.

                                     Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Class of 1955
                                                                    THE DAY JULIE ANDREWS CAME TO MINDEN

I remember this day.  A group of us skipped school, which we thought was ok since she was a movie star and went to see her. I was real close to her and was very disappointed to see that her dress was very wrinkled and dirty.  She was pretty but I expected her to be pristine clean and starched.
Later we all had to go see Mr. Cathcart and explain why we went and why we thought it was ok.  I was the spokesman for our group and finally convinced him that we thought it was OK to go.  We all got off unpunished but I began to wonder if we were going to be expelled for a few days and I knew my Daddy would be very unhappy, so I was doing some "tall" talking and it worked.
                                                  Patsy Elkins Starling., Class of 1954



I remember Julia Adams in front of the old courthouse selling bonds. Also, George Murphy (singer,
dancer, actor and later, Senator from California) was with her.
AllI can say is she looked better on "BONANZA" in later years. She looked pretty good in "Creature
From the Black Lagoon".

                                  Bo Drake, Class of 1954


Note:  We also invite you to read the biography of Rudy Robbins on this website. Rudy played in the Alamo with John Wayne.  He was a graduate of East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas where he met and became friends with other Minden High School classmates while they were attending ETBC during the mid fifties. He is a super nice fellow. Rudy was one of the first people I met when I arrived at the campus. He told Billy Hathorn that he still remembered me even though I haven't seen him in fifty-two years. What a memory!