My Dad, by Maurice Whitlow


Junius Artie Whitlow

This is the only photo of my Dad.  We just never took photos in those days. 

 Dad died in 1945.  I was 15 years old.  Some of the MHS folks may remember him

as the Meat Cutter in Kennon's grocery on "front" street. 

 Dad worked hard all his life and never owned a home. 

 He had a tremendous personality and, I'm sure, was liked by everyone. 

I loved him very much and still shed a few tears when I think of him. 

I recall Dad getting all choked up when he tried to thank Larry Hunter for all he was

doing for me and other kids.  Mr. Hunter "rescued" Dad's feeling by telling him, "Hell,

 I do it because I want to."  Dad use to sing in a quartet and taught a singing school

long before I was born.He wasn't wealthy, but he was quite a man.

Forgive me for rambling.

Maurice W. Whitlow

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