Neighborhood Museum  - PHOTOGRAPHS BY Cindy Pons


               WAR MEMORIAL

Mail to Dorcheat Historical Association and Museum , Inc.

P. O. Box 1094, Minden, La. 71055 (318-377-3002

I think Larry Milford designed the new facade for the Minden Museum on Pearl Street.


The Neighborhood  is a collaborative effort between Cultural Crossroads and Dorcheat Historical Society. People can join both organizations for $30 a year and all the money goes to operate the museum.  We have plans to renovate the back and place a permanent with exhibits that a more directly related to Webster Parish History, i.e. the tornado and fire of 1933...the fact that Webster Parish was the first in the nation to introduce school buses.  And many other wonderfully rich accounts that have not been told.

The way your group can help is if they would write down any memory they have of the fire, the tornado or the bank failures.  We are accepting all photographs and written or oral documentation for our upcoming documentary. 

If you could send out a message to that affect with our phone number, email address or mailing address so they can contact us, we will do the rest.

Again, thank you so very much for all you are doing.  It's going to take the community behind us to get this done. We can't do it alone. Many of us where either too young to remember or didn't live here at the time. So any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

Chris Broussard
377-0319 or 927-2888  The Neighborhood # 377-3002
Address P.O. Box 1393, Minden, La. 71058

Pottery on a pottery wheel.  They hold a summer art camp for kids at The Neighborhood.  And during the fall and spring, they hold adult art classes there.  They are now trying to get their schedules with the artists.  They have a full time professional potter, a full time professional sculptor, They have part time professional artists that can teach anything from mosaics to free form clay to painting to pastels to drawing...whatever the pleasure.  They  will also book private art parties for anyone interested with a minimum no or amount required.

They have just hired their first ever employee, a full executive director Safa Paulson originally from Athens.  He has a degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. We think they will see some good things come from his association with them. Scroll down to see Mrs. Chris Broussard with some of her art students

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Aaron Pons and his sister Laura attend summer art camp at the Neighborhood. They are the children of Cindy Pons, the photographer who took these wonderful pictures for us to enjoy. Above Aaron is looking at the uniforms while Laura is helping Mrs. Chris. She thinks this record player would be fun.




Laura and Mrs. Chris

This is Chris Broussard's Dad, Harold L. Sampson,  he was in the Army and served in the Korean Conflict. He retired as a Master Sergeant.

 Chris Broussard

This is Boe Cook, Pattie Odom's father. He owned KASO Radio for years before retiring.  He died a few years ago.

In Memory of Boe Cook 1925-1997 Husband of Lou 1927 -1994 Gardens of Memory, Row 7, Section 1 Garden of Prayer

Margaret's 1922 Graduation Day

Mrs. Chris and Laura Pons during art class.

This was Aaron's first lesson With Mrs. Chris and I think he did an awesome job with his scarecrow.

What a great teacher!!! 

Submitted by: Cindy Pons


Note the name David Bailey on the second row,  a popular entertainer during the fifties. Wonder if he still plays the piano?

In Memory of Robert Franklin Burns born 20 May 1930 died 12 Jan. 1993 AT3 US Navy KOREA husband of Joan Wiley, Gardens of Memory Cemetery,

Row 2 Section 2 Gardens of Fountain of Youth.

In Memory of Norman A. "Frenchy" Dulany  PFC US Marine Corps 4 May 1907 - 10 Aug 2003 husband of Jewel W. Jack Wood 6 May 1910-11 May-2000 Minden City Cemetery.

Rupert Krouse, who are the other three soldiers pictured above? _______________, _____________, _____________________

In loving Memory of Tommy Bruce Stiles PFC US Army 1 Dec. 1948 - 15 Feb. 968 LA PFC 7 Field Hospital  Section F Minden City Cemetery

In Memory of William C. Sugg Jr. born 21 Oct. 1921 died 3 Apr. 1949 La. Lt. (DC) USNC WWII

In Memory of Thomas C. Sugg 19 Oct. 1922 - 13 Apr. 2003 died 13 Apr. 2003 TSGT U S ARMY Air Forces WWII Distinguished Flying Cross husband

of Mrs. Louise Stiles Sugg father of Billy and Melanie Sugg and also Jerry and Jerry and Tommy Stiles.