NEIGHBORHOOD FAMIES AND CHILDREN IN THE 30'S AND 40'S submitted by Bo Drake, class of 1953

STREET                                 FAMILY                           CHILDREN

_______                                ______                            ________

 ASH                                        HORN                    Add: Doris Jean - Josephine

                                                HARKNESS           Add:  Marjarie                 

CLERK                                    PERRYMAN                     Connie Mack

                                                BARNES                          Jimmy - Maurice - Dinky

                                                NASH                               Verna - Norma - Bobbie

                                                MORGAN                         Jean - Dewey

                                                Lee                                   Vanita

                                                FLOYD                              Delmar

CONSTABLE                          SKINNER           Note:     John was also known as "Shoebuck"

                                               GILBERT             Add:  (Katherine "Kate"), James "Buddy", Ysleta, (Byron "Tap") Betty - Patsy

                                               NORWOOD                      Betty Lou -  Billy - Jerry

                                               BROWN                            Charlie

  GOODWILL                          FRASIER                       JERRY - SHIRLEY

                                                     NESBITT                       VERMER - FAYE

                                                     PALMER            Add:    GAIL

 JUSTICE STREET                      WOOD                           VERA

                                                     LOFTIN                          CHARLES

                                                     WALLTHO                    JOYCE - PATSY

 MARSHALL                                 ADAMS               Add:  RUSELL


PINE                                           DAVIDSON                      Janie Claire - Gracie

                                                    WEAVER                          Melba, Harold - Dorothy

                                                    ROBINSON                      MARCELEE

Hi ~  Maybe missed it... but I didn't see Deward & Florence Robinson's Grocery store on the corner of Ash and Pine.. (Marcelee's Mom & Dad)...And did I overlook the Melba Weaver's,  think they lived next door to Peggy Staples. (Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 57)

This was the store that sold the Tom's Toasted Peanuts that we would stop at on our way to the park. They tasted so good in the little bottles of cokes that had ice in the bottom of the bottles sold at the playground. They tasted so good after we got through swimming, didn't they?

                                                    VICE                                 Dimple

                                                    BETTS                              Pat


POLICE                                      CORBIN                            JoAnn - Dorothy Jean

                                                    WRIGHT                          Wanda - Patricia - Johnny

                                                    BRITT                              Betty - Huey

                                                    GRESHAM                        Royce - Sherry

                                                    DULANY                  Add: John


PINE STREET                            STAPLES                 Add:  DORIS - MIKE


RICHARDSON STREET            BRIDGES                           LEAH - HENRY

                                                   CUNNINGHAM                   DEAN - KAY - BETTY LOU

                                                   SLAY                                   BILL - Larry

                                                   JAMES                                 MARGARET - DAVID

                                                   BASKERVILLE                    ELLEN -EVE - BILL


If you lived in the shaded area and your name has been left off the list e-mail us so we can add you to the list. Many thanks to Bo Drake for this wonderful addition to the website.

Hi Neighbor

Ellen's Special Place

I went by the house where I grew up (corner of Richardson and Marshall) and hugged my big old oak tree where I used to take my books, climb up into the foliage where no one could find me, and read the day away.  I picked up some leaves and brought them back to press. The day was beautiful and the groundbreaking, an exciting event. 

Ellen Baskerville, Class of 1962

I have just read the Neighbors section and especially enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading the wonderful memories everyone had of the neighborhood which was so close to my own block.  (Richardson St.)  I loved the picture of the Oak Tree that Ellen took.  Mama used to tell us on Halloween that there was a Dutch baby who lived in the tree with the Hoot Owls and he would come out and let us see him if we would be really quiet.  She would proceed to project a puppet from behind the couch and we could talk to it.  It was the most imaginative story I ever heard tell of - all created from my mother's fertile brain.  We never saw the Dutch baby except on Halloween.  I believed that for years.   Eve Baskerville, Class of 1964


                                     Neighbors or Neighborhoods...

  Do you Remember .......The Northside Grocery and Ice Cream Stand?

There was  a "Northside Grocery." It was across the street, a little east, of the trade school. Mr. Percy Frasier's late daughter, Shirley Banks, ran a  "Northside Beauty Shop" in the adjoining part of the building. I would say that the store was there from 1959-63, but it could have been a shorter time period. 

My brother bought the building in 1979 and converted it to a Section 8 apartment. Thereafter, it became a nearly worthless storage building.

There was a home-owned ice cream stand across the street from the trade school in the early 1960s too. I can't think of the lady's name who operated it (she lived on-site), but I can still visualize her face after all these years! 

                                                                                                                                 Billy  Hathorn, 1966

(Buster Ray owned the ice cream stand).

Gayle Wise owned a miniature golf course next to the ice cream stand.

Hi Sherry, I had not read what Billy Hathorn wrote about the Northside Grocery.  My Dad built the store while I was at Tech.  It was near the baseball field. I had many people tell me that Shirley had a beauty shop in half of it. On my trips back to Minden, I had many people tell me that Shirley had a great shop and when she had one near the high school, my mother would bakes cakes and sell them in her shop. I know everyone always says their mother could cook the best, but my Mother made the best coconut cake I have ever tasted. The old fashioned icing is scarce now. My Daddy always loved her applesauce cake.

Jerry Frasier (1955)

(Note: Jerry graduated from MHS in 1955 so he would have been at Tech between 1955-1960).  Ladies came from all over North Louisiana to get their hair cut and styled at Shirley Frasier Banks beauty salon. She had the best hair dressers in the area. Her shop was always crowded.


                      Rathburn Street Neighbors

Back row, L-R:, Bobby Wise, Dee Grambling, Dorothy Sanders, Doyle Sanders, Bob Scroggins, Thad Sanders, Tom Colten, Luther Moore, Mary Ellen Scoggins, guy in last house, Bob Grambling.

Front Row: Becky Campbell Marvin, Judy Wise, Jane Colten, Sally Andress, Ladies in last house, Connie Grambling, Melody Grambling

Greg Grambling took the picture.


                            310 North College - The Portia Winford Home

        This home was located near the high school. Mrs. Portia Winford lived here with daughter Mary, and twin

   sons, George and Jim during the fifties. She owned and operated Portia Winford's Dress Shop in downtown

   Minden, Louisiana. She sold Jantzen's bathing suits and Bobbie Brooks blouses that were very popular with

   the young girls backs in those days. Later she taught school at Minden High School. Mary was a 1955 MHS

    graduate. All members of this family are now deceased. (Jim 25 Oct. 1939-19 July 1989) Mary Winford

    Meeker 3 Mar. 1937 - 12 Jul. 1985) Mrs. Portia Winford and son George were buried out of state.  The father,

    Loyce M. Winford is also in the Gardens of Memories, row 5, Section 2, Garden of Fountain of Youth; born on

    the 6th day of  Nov.1905 died 12 Dec. 1959.



                OAK RIDGE AND BONNIE HEIGHTS by Waynette Farrington Sharon

When we first lived in Oak Ridge and the Hennigans lived down the street and across the street from me. I remember Charlie well, but I knew Ronnie better, even though he was older too. Across the street from me was Dr. Sam Williams and his wife, Thelma, and boys. My mother loved his wife. When they sold their house, they sold it to Max Armstong and his parents and siblings.  And Next door us us, was a family that the mother had died and the dad was trying to raise 3 daughters...the Brooks' sisters. I can't remember all of their names, but I remember Martha Brooks and Billie Sue. They were all so sweet to me. Wonder what ever happened to them? And down the street from us were the Farror's...with Lucille and Pat. I ran into them at a hospital in Baton Rouge in the 80's and had a wonderful reunion with them both...and my dad's younger brother, named Lamar Farrington. He married Anita Drake, Bo's sister. But they were only married about a year of two and he died of leukemia.

When I was in the fourth grade my family moved into a new house in BONNIE HEIGHTS ON BONNIE LANE that hey had built. So I grew up going to school at WESTSIDE Elementary, then switched to EASTSIDE Elementary when we moved. So I was "exposed" to both schools, and of course two different sets of kids.

                                                                                                                                            BONNIE HEIGHTS AND PECAN VIEW  

We lived at 1205 Bonnie Lane. To get to Bonnie Heights, you take a left off Lewisville Road right near the Lakeview Methodist church, just past the pond. (if you are headed away from town) You will go thru one subdivision first, believe it was called Pecan View, but once you get past the pecan trees, then there's Bonnie Heights. Bonnie Lane is the first street that you come to, after you exit Pecan View.  If you go out the other end of Bonnie Heights, you will be on the road that leads to Lowe Jr. High, I believe. So there is access to Bonnie Heights from both ways.

                                                                                                    Waynette Farrington Sharon(1964)


              Memories of the Milam - Hardy Home - The only two Story House in Oak Ridge

I have been catching up on the Minden Memories emails. Read the entry by Waynette about the "2-story" house on Park in Oak Ridge. I lived there from  68-70 after my husband returned from Veit Nam. It was two houses down from where I grew up at 409 N. Roosevelt in Oak Ridge. The little room upstairs was not in use at that time, and it was a little spooky. Mr. Marks and his wife lived on one side and the Mattinglys lived on the other side.

Submitted by Marie Roberts, 1963   Your talking about the 2 story house being spooky , how about Mr. Marks and Mr.  Matttingly.  They were spooky also. We use to steal Mr. Mattingly's coke bottles and sell them to Mrs. Samuels store for 2 cents apiece.  I have asked for forgiveness.

  Submitted by Ronnie Hennigan

The Hardy family sold that house in about ’58 or ’59 and moved to Bossier City. Incidentally, that space was really just attic space that had been made into two different “rooms” and that window part  added probably for ventilation’s sake. I don’t remember thinking of it as overly hot up there, but it must have been just the fact that back then we were used to living without air conditioning.

Bill Scott '61 (a relative of the Hardy family)

Thanks for the information you sent along on 11/24/07, especially  narrative of Oakridge by Waynette Farrington Sharon. One photo was of the house in the inside part of the curve at the bottom of the hill on Park. Apparently that house was owned by the Milam family until they moved in the early 50’s. My Uncle W. C. Hardy apparently bought the house from the Milam’s. I lived with my Hardy relatives in that house for several months in the summer and early fall of 1957 and slept in the “upstairs” part you can see in the photo. The stairs leading to that area and the area itself were both so small I still feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. A younger Hardy cousin who everyone called “Brother” apparently was doing some sleepwalking one night and tried to climb out one of the widows onto the roof. His actions woke me and I was able to pull him back inside before he hurt himself in a fall.

Bill Scott '61 Fair Park High School

This was the only one story house in Oak Ridge. It was owned by the Milam's. Edwina was once a friend of mine. She was a neat girl and would have graduated in 1954 had the family not moved away.  Does anyone if she had an older sister? I think they may have shared the upstairs bedroom but my memory is growing dim and I am not sure about this.

Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh class of 1955

Edwina's older sister was named Mildred.  A couple of the dirty six just might have had a personal interest  in  her at one time or another. 

Charlie Hennigan, 1953  



                                                     Marie Reeves, Yvonne Reeves and Joy Garriss during the snow storm of 1949 taken.


Yvonne Reeves, Marie Reeves and Joy Faye Garriss enjoying the 1949 Minden snowstorm.

Oak Ridge Addition- You are seeing the rare January 1949 snow store that came to Minden, La.

This was the side yard of the Garriss home on Park Avenue.  The house in the picture belonged to

Sammy Odom and his family.

Located on Park Avenue, the Boyd Carroll (Dick) Garriss Home was the model home when Oak Ridge was still in its

infantcy.  It was probably the largest home in Oak Ridge and had many beautiful built in cabinets, french doors and

other features that made this home charming. I still remember his wife, Mrs. Alma Garriss, grew beautiful flowers and

shrubs in the yard when they lived there. They were the parents of Joy Connell who graduated from M.H.S. in 1955. 


The Milam family lived in the house on the end in 1948. The upstairs bedroom belonged to their daughter, Edwina.

She would have graduated with the class of 1954 had they not moved away.

Thanks for the information you sent along on 11/24/07, especially the photos and narrative of Oakridge by Waynette Farrington Sharon. One photo was of the house in the inside part of the curve at the bottom of the hill on Park. Apparently that house was owned by the Milam family until they moved in the early 50’s. My Uncle W.C. Hardy apparently bought the house from the Milam’s. I lived with my Hardy relatives in that house for several months in the summer and early fall of 1957 and slept in the “upstairs” part you can see in the photo. The stairs leading to that area and the area itself were both so small I still feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. A younger Hardy cousin who everyone called “Brother” apparently was doing some sleepwalking one night and tried to climb out one of the widows onto the roof. His actions woke me and I was able to pull him back inside before he hurt himself in a fall.


Oak Ridge was a typical neighborhood of the fifties. These photograph's were taken

on April 29, 2004.



785 Tillman

Does anyone have any information on the Tillman family? My son, George
Bunner, purchased the family property Thursday and has already begun
restoring it. The back yard extends all the way to and includes the entire
east side of Howell (my street).

We moved to Howell Street in 1962 and the land on the East side of Howell
was known as the Tillman estate.  The 1978 community directory for Minden
shows John H. Tillman, a boiler fireman, and wife Lula, a teacher, living at
785 Tillman.  He died in 2001.
    Today George was having someone repair the fireplace.  Carved in it was:
JCT 1923.  JCT would have been John Charles Tillman, 1886 - 1940.  His wife
was Mattie, and the property is known as the Mattie Tillman estate.  That is, till
this week when George bought it.
    One of the Tillman sisters, Lois, born 1916, was married to Chris Temple, a
Minden businessman.  They are both deceased.  They lived on Crislo Drive,
which must have been named for them.
    I never met any of the Tillman family, but wish I knew more about them.
Submitted by Theresa Matthews Bunner, Class of 1948


If anyone can supply more information on the Tillman family please submit to MindenMemories@AOL.COM


Minden City Cemetery, Section A East

Mary Frances Tillman 28 July 1884-11 April 1877
John H. Tillman 12 Aug. 1849 26 Sept. 1919
Mason, Orphaned at the ago of seven; lived in Appling Co. Ga.
born in the state of Georgia and was the son of Mary A. Cowart and Henry
Tillman. After his parents died he lived with James and Emily J. Tillman next-
door to his grandmother Martha. He was a Baptist.

Martha A. Tillman 17 Nov. 1853 - 7 Mar. 1919 wife of J. H. Tillman born in Ga.
She was a Methodist.

James A. Tillman 25 Dec. 1880 - 23 Aug. 1903
Son of J.H. and M. A. Tillman born in La.

B. Frank TIllman and Estelle
3 Nov. 1885 24 Feb. 1887
8 June 1918 29 Jul 1932
Son of John H. Tillman

Section H Minden City Cemetery

John H. Tillman and Lula
3 Aug. 1919 18 Sep 1925
4 Sep. 2001 Blank
Shriners Unknown Symbol

John Charles Tillman
15 Jul 1886 - 26 Mar. 1940

Mattie Talton Tillman
20 Oct. 1887 - 2 Sep. 1973

Minden City Cemetery - Section G-1
Chris James Temple and Lois Tillman
6 January 1920 21 October 1916
18 May 1990 9 November 1995
Mason Eastern Star
Children: Barbara Ann Temple Walton 5/23/1950
William Chris Temple 7/19/51
Jan Harriet Temple 8/18/1958
Owned Singer Sewing Machine Company



I was just reading  Was so amazed to read Earlene Mendenhall and family lived in the house with the red roof in the curve.  My mother and daddy bought that house "approximately 1961."  I'll have to check with my Baby Sis, Carolyn to get an exact date.  Mother and Daddy passed away 1997 and 2000 respectively.  Through the years we, and now Carolyn have done remodeling projects on the "Homestead at 809 Tillman Dr."  Carolyn now lives there.  I'll write more memories of visiting our parents there on our trips back home to Minden.
Sue Milner Strong  ---- Class of 1955 


Re:  807 Tillman Drive   

Our house number was 807 Tillman Drive which, at the time, was the second house on Tillman Drive after crossing the little creek and coming a bit uphill.  The first house was occupied by a couple named Gray who had two small sons (John and Jerry), but it was subsequently bought by George and Ruth Turner.  The next house, which must have been 809, was occupied by Shorty Long and his wife, one of the Morelands.  Both of these houses set well back from the street.  I believe we lived there until around 1952 when we moved to Park Highway.                                                                               Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956


On the back of the picture, it said "1950".

Earlene Mendenhall during the snow storm

My aunt was going through all of her old pictures and trying to send them to people while she could.  Here's one she sent of me at our home on Tillman Drive.  I had to be in the 8th or 9th grade since we moved to Park Highway after that.                                                                                     Pretty good snowfall for Minden

               Here is another one that she sentjust for me but I could not resist sharing it with all of you. Wasn't she adorable?


I would have been in the 5th grade in 1950 and starting the 6th in the fall.  I can't believe how thick my hair was back then.  I've always thought it was thin, but it really looks thick in this picture.  I went to E. S. Richardson in 1950.

Roosevelt Drive in Tillman going toward the Lewisville Road.

The Mendenhall home from 1948-1951 is the white one with the red roof in the curve.

John and Jerry Gray lived in the first house. The Long's and Irby's also lived on the same

side of the street.

Under "Hi, Neighbor", you have a picture of a street in Tillman Addition and ask which street it is.  I think the only street in Tillman, other than Tillman Drive, was McArthur Drive which cuts through the middle of the neighborhood.  That's the first street I lived on in Tillman, and we were there for a few years before 1946 when we had to move to New Orleans because that's where the railroad had sent Daddy.  My 4th grade was in New Orleans; when we returned to Minden, we lived at the Fairfield Apartments until my parents bought our second Tillman Addition home on Tillman Drive.
  Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Class of 1956

Tillman Addition - What Street is this?

There are five streets in Tillman addition:  Chandler St.,Tillman Drive, McArthur Drive, Washington St.  and Chandler Drive.  Washington St. runs parallel to McArthur, one block north of McArthur. Chandler St. is the south boundary street of the neighborhood and runs between Lewisville Rd. and west Tillman Drive.  Tillman Drive loops around three sides of the neighborhood, begins at Marshall Street and ends at Chandler. Chandler Drive is a cul-de-sac off Chandler halfway between Lewisville Rd. and the west side of Tillman Dr.

Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 1958

  I lived in Tillman from 1943 til 1946 on Washington Drive, 115 Washington Drive. There were two streets in Tillman, Tillman Dr., McArthur and Washington.   Narley Stryder (aka Fred Moore, Class of 1955)


616 Police Street Where I lived from 1948 - 1955

Memories are great things.  Maybe we remember something better than it really was or maybe it really was that great. ...My travels down the roads of memory take me to the country roads of my childhood.  The first one I remember was the dirt road on Police St, in 1948. A ditch of blackberries grew along that road on one side. There was always open space on that side of the street.

We moved to that part of Minden, where our street was only one block long. We could
walk to the park, the school and town from our house. Later they did pave the road.

There were no streetlights or sidewalks. Occasionally, neighbors would leave their
porch lights on so we could see as we walked by. (Sometimes the Moonlight lit up the
whole neighborhood as if it was day time.)

In the summer, a truck would come by and spray to keep the dust down. In the winter,
they came by with ashes and salt to keep the road from being slippery.

The road over from our house had blacktop. Sometimes we would go over there and roller
skate or ride our bike. When the tar got sticky in the sun's heat, we would ride where
the shade trees kept it cooler.

My Mom lived on that dusty road during my teenage years. I wonder how many times
I walked that road before they paved it?

We hung our clothes on lines to dry. If a neighbor was not at home it was not uncommon
for another neighbor to take the clothes off the line, and fold them for her. Perhaps the
hardships we shared were the reason neighbors helped neighbors. Everyone on the
dusty road knew everyone else.

But I also think about the lives that were being lived on Police Street. Perhaps the
hardships we shared were the reason neighbor helped neighbor. We did not have
clothes dryers. We hung our clothes on lines to dry. If a neighbor was not at home
and she had clothes hanging on her line ...we took them off the line for her, folded
them and the neighbor would do the same for us.

In the Good Old Days, people were really Neighbors.

 My Mother this sold this house around 2006.  

The Boekee family lived next door to us at 614 Police Street.

The Walker's lived at 612 Police Street.

Mr. Walker's Dad built a tiny house at 610 Police Street.

The Harpers lived at 608 Police Street

The Hairs lived at 606 Police Street

The Wrights lived next door to the Hairs. Their house was once a duplex.


 Being neighborly was a real blessing then and should be now. Thanks for the memories. Dottie Day Adcock, Class of 1957.

                                                                         KEEPING COOL AND RUNNING BAREFOOT

Talk about old times - did you ever take your mother's clothes sprinkler bottle and sprinkle your sheets at night before going to bed to help keep you cool?
Or run down a gravel road, barefoot, and never feel a thing!!!

Carolyn Sale McDaniel, CLass of 1954

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Buster Maness once  lived at the corner of Police Street and Marshall Street
Funeral services for Mr. Buster Maness, 67, were held Monday, Oct. 12, 2003, in Kentucky. Burial followed at Shiloh Cemetery under the direction of Hardy and Sons Funeral Home.
Mr. Maness, a resident of Smith's Grove, Ky., passed away Friday, Oct. 10, after a brief battle with cancer. He was born and raised in the Minden area before moving to Kentucky. He was a retired truck driver from Wal-Mart.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Albert and Myrtle Maness; brothers, A.L. Maness and Ralph Maness; and sister, Jeriline Butler.
He is survived by his son, Donald Maness of Jacksonville, Ark.; daughter, Teri Riley of Portland, Ore.; granddaughter, Brenna Riley; brother,

 Ted Maness of N. Little Rock, Ark.; sisters, Shirley Maness and Iris Grigsby of Minden; and numerous nieces and nephews.

When I moved to Minden in 1948 the Charlene and Carson C. Day family lived on the corner of Police and Marshall Street with their three children Jerry Wayne, Bennie and Mike.  Minden City Cemetery Section A. has markers for Carson C. Day born 17 Oct. 1885 died 29 Nov. 1956; Charlene B. Day born 1922 died 1995; a granddaughter Kimberly Ann Moore born 30 Sep. 1957 - 16 April 1963 daughter of Bennie.  After they moved the Maness family moved in.  After the Day family moved to Loop road, The Maness family moved in with their mother, Mrs. Myrtle Maness, A. L., Buster, Jeriline, Shirley, Iris Ralph and Ted. According to this obit from the October 14, 2003 Minden Press obit Mr. Albert Maness, Mrs. Myrtle Maness, A. L. Maness, Albert Maness, Jr., Buster Maness and Ralph Maness are all deceased.   


Tuesday, October 14, 2003 Buster Maness
Funeral services for Mr. Buster Maness, 67, were held Monday, Oct. 12, 2003, in Kentucky. Burial followed at Shiloh Cemetery under the direction of Hardy and Sons Funeral Home.
Mr. Maness, a resident of Smith's Grove, Ky., passed away Friday, Oct. 10, after a brief battle with cancer. He was born and raised in the Minden area before moving to Kentucky. He was a retired truck driver from Wal-Mart.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Albert and Myrtle Maness; brothers, A.L. Maness and Ralph Maness; and sister, Jeriline Butler.
He is survived by his son, Donald Maness of Jacksonville, Ark.; daughter, Teri Riley of Portland, Ore.; granddaughter, Brenna Riley; brother, Ted Maness of N. Little Rock, Ark.; sisters, Shirley Maness and Iris Grigsby of Minden; and numerous nieces and nephews.


In 1949 John O. Wright and Nina Wright owned the duplex at 602-& 404 Police Street. They are interred in the Gardens of Memory on row 10, section 1 Gardens of Prayer. The markers read WRIGHT  John O. 1913 - 1901 and Nina W. 1912 - 2001; Together Forever. They were the parents of three children, Wanda Jean, Patricia and Johnny. Wanda Jean is also deceased.

 Wanda Jean Wright is interred in the Gardens of Memory in section 1 Garden of prayer on row 9 near her grandparents Robert C. Wright (1877 - 1970) and Anna B.  (1878 - 1961) Her marker reads Wadna W. Chreene died 16 Dec. 1999 Music notes. Lee A. "Drew shares a monument with her. His reads; Carpentry drawings. Wanda was married but one time to Drew Chreene on the 14th day of July 1955. The names of their children, Ricky, Debbie, Mike and Ronnie are on the headstone. Wanda died playing the piano for a Christmas musical at church when she had a stroke around 7:00 p.m. She had no warning. She was still alive when she arrived at the hospital , but died a short time later. She had ten grandchildren. She would have four great-grandchildren now.

 Wanda Jean Wright is interred in the Gardens of Memory in section 1 Garden of
prayer on row 9 near her grandparents Robert C. Wright (1877 - 1970) and Anna B.
(1878 - 1961) Her marker reads Wadna W. Chreene died 16 Dec. 1999 Music notes.
Lee A. "Drew shares a monument with her. His reads; Carpentry drawings. Wanda was married but one time to Drew Chreene on the 14th day of July 1955. The names of their children, Ricky, Debbie, Mike and Ronnie are on the headstone.Wanda died playing the piano for a Christmas musical at church when she had a stroke around 7:00 p.m. She had no warning. She was still alive when she arrived at the hospital, but died a shorttime later. She had ten grandchildren. She would have four great grand children now.

WANDA WRIGHT CHREENE - Funeral services for Mrs. Wanda Wright Chreene
Chreene, 61, were held at 10 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 18, 1999, at Antioch Baptist Church with the Rev. Malcom Self and the Rev. J.T. Davis officiating. She died Thursday, Dec. 16 in Shreveport. Mrs. Chreene was born in Waldo, Ark. and
resided in Minden. She was a homemaker and a member of Antioch Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her father, John O. Wright, Sr.Survivors include her husband, Lee Andrew Chreene of Minden, three sons, Richard D. Chreene, Michael A. Chreene, and Ronald G. Chreene, all of Minden; all of Minden; one daughter; Debra C. Jenkins of Cotton Valley; one sister, Patricia Smith; one brother, John Wright, Jr.; her mother, Nina Wright, all of Minden; and 10 grandchildren. Pallbearers included Mark Chreene, Jeremy Chreene, Brandon Chreene, David M. Chreene, David L. Chreene and Jason.

I suspect the photographer was standing the the yard at 602/04 Police Street to take this picture. In 1949 the photographer was probably standing in the yard of the duplex. James Frank Corbin, his wife and two daughters lived at 606 Police Street. He is also interred in the Gardens of Memories. Row 5, section 1 Garden of Prayer. He was born 5 April 1910 and died 4 Dec. 1969. Dorothy Jean and her entire family was killed in 1957.

"Dorothy Jean Corbin Dempsey and her entire family died on June 27, 1957 when Hurricane Audrey, a category four hurricane came down in such magnitude
in Cameron Parish that nothing could have prepared the residents for the deadly
tidal surge of 30 foot high waves that rushed over them. Over 425 people lost their life in the storm."


This is the home of Wilma Hare. In August 2007 still lived here with her son Murrell Wayne Hair.

Her husband, Harold Hair had died.

P2736    Police Street, Minden, La. During Snow Storm January 1949

The house closest to us was the home of John O. Wright. It was once a duplex.

The Frank Corbin family lived there when we first moved there in 1948.

Frank and Opal Corbin had two daughters names Dorothy Jean and JoAnn.

On the other side of Wilma and Harold Hair lived the Harper family.

They had a lot of boys in that family. Billy Ray graduated from  MHS in 1953,

Charles Harper graduated in 1955. Sam Harper was a Coach & teacher at MHS. Terrell Harper

was the Father of Mme G. & Sue Harper.

Compliments of Archives & Special Collection Louisiana State University - Shreveport

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

The house you can see best is 406 Police Street.

Harrell A. & Wilma A Hair lived at 406 Police Street with their son Merrill Wayne in 1949.  He was born in 1908 died 1974.

 Interred in the Gardens of Memories on row 10, section 1, Garden of Prayer. 

At 408 Police St.  Mr. & Mrs. Harper had son's Billy Ray and Charles Wayne " Squirrel" Harper living with them. There were Two other sons were Terrell and Sam, who became a coach at Minden High school.

 Mrs. Gladys Miller moved into the home with her three daughter's Marie, Martha and Louise after the Harper's sold and moved out. Mrs. Miller was living with her daughter, Louise a few years ago. After she moved the Barnett's were living there when I left Minden. Below 

Mr. M. A. Walker owned the empty lot at 410 Police Street. He later built a home for his Father on this lot. This was an empty lot in 1948 and 1949 when the picture of the snow was taken. I did not find a monument for his Dad in the cemetery next to theirs. Mr. & Mrs. M. A. Walker lived at 412 Police Street. He put in cross ties to keep the trains from having accidents before his demise. He and his wife were members of the Parkway Baptist Church for many years. They are interred in the Garden of Memories Cemetery in row 14, Garden of Prayer section 1. He has a picture of a train on his monument. Mr. Walker was born 9 Sep. 1911 died 23 Sept. 1998. He is interred beside his wife, Nona E. born 22 Sep. 1907 died 28 Dec. 1990. Her nephews now live in the home. I have been told the Walker's purchased their home from the Mayfield's, but they did not live there long after we moved there. 

614 Police Street may have still belonged to Jack Oglesby in January 1949. We bought our house from him. He and his wife had a son named Mack. This is the alley in the picture behind our two houses. Mr Brister lived on Clerk Street behind our home. The alley made a dead end behind his houses. Mr. Oglesby had a stable with horses. Mr. Johnson had a grocery store on Constable Street which backed up to Police Street. He raised sheep behind his house. Police St. use to be a dead end Street. When we moved there it was a dirt road which had not been paved. The Oglesby's sold their home to Nora Bell and Johnny Boekee. Mrs. Boeke died this year. I can't remember when he died. They were buried in Missouri. Their only child ,Freddy, lives in Baton Rouge, La.

616 Police Street was where we lived. Our home has now been sold. We created a lot of happy memories in that house. You can read about them on this site. The alley behind our house was the short cut I often took to Johnson's grocery to buy school supplies. My own Dad, Ben Gresham died on November 1, 1977 in Jackson, Mississippi. He is sleeping in the Evergreen Baptist Church in Bernice, La. near the place he was born.

P2736 Police Street, Minden, La. - snowstorm of  Jan. 1949

This appears to be the alley that was located behind our houses on Police and Constable Street


  Compliments of archives & special collections La. State University - Shreveport One-University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-     2399.

618 Police Street  Until Dean Ingram Jones born 19 Jun. 1917 died 3 Feb. 1990 Beloved wife and mother interred row 7 Gardens of Memory, section 2 Garden of Fountain of Youth beside her husband Arthur Rutledge Jones born 17 Mar. 1923 died 24 Mar. 1990 Pvt. U S Army WW II moved next door with their two little girls.  Connie Perryman and his family were probably our nearest neighbors on Clerk Street in 1948. There was a lot of green space on Clerk Street back then. They lived on the corner of Constable and Clerk. The Harper family lived on the corner of Pine and Clerk next door to the Perryman's. One of my favorite friend's was Patsy Gilbert. They lived in the other direction on the corner of Constable and Clerk near the Fair Grounds. I could see her house from my back yard.

After Mr. & Mrs. Jones moved Rosemary Norwood and her daughter Misty lived on Police Street for many years.

The photographer was probably standing in the yard of Nina and John O. Wright. Living in this home were his children Wanda, Pat and Johnny. This was a duplex apartment in 1949. Frank Corbin and his wife lived here with their two daughters Dorothy Jean and Jo Ann. The house you see belonged to Harold and Wilma Hair. They had one son, Murrell Wayne "Red" Hair. Next door to them was the Harper family. I only knew Billy Ray and Charles Wayne "Squirrel" Harper. There was an empty lot next door to them in 1949. I think the Mayfield sold to the Walker family. Next door to them in 1949 lived Mr. and Mrs. Oglesby. They had a son named Max who would probably have graduated with the class of 1952 had they stayed in Minden. We bought the house next door from them. There was an empty house next door. Clerk Street was on the corner.


Compliments of Archives & Special Collection Louisiana State University - Shreveport

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

262 Dogwood in full bloom - 1969

The Tim Dulany Home, to the right was The Richard McComic Home. Richard and JoAnn lived here with their two children Cindy and Ricky McComic. (It was also once the  "Frenchy" and Jewel Dulany  Home after they moved back to town.

 Compliments of archives & special collections La. State University - Shreveport One-University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399.               



Original home of W. S. Hunter, father of Larry Hunter

                                           The material from this home was used to build the Dulany home on Police St.

Compliments of Archives & Special Collection Louisiana State University - Shreveport

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

When Mr. Larry Hunter built his new home he gave the old lumber, doors and windows  from this home to "Frenchy" and Jewel Dulany. The house  rebuilt on Police Street where it still stands today. They lived here with their children Nell, Joyce, John, Timmy and Jay until they moved to the country. They missed living in town so  much, they built another house on Police Street two years later. After the Britt family moved to Monroe, La., the house was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dandridge.

                                                    Mr. Dulany worked for Coca - Cola

                                                    Mr. Britt worked for the Country Club

                                                    Mr. Dandridge worked for Clement - Braswell

                                                    The Frey's later owned the home in 2008.  It is unknown who they worked for.  

Mama was Jewel (Jack) and, course Daddy was always 
know as Frenchy.
Did you know that Cowboy Drake gave Daddy his nickname Frenchy. Daddy came
to Minden in 1923. His daddy bought the house there on the corner of                     
Goodwill and Marshall. Cowboy's family lived just down the street. They                   
struck up a friendship and since Daddy was so dark, he became Frenchy. One       
of there other friends was Douglas Cheshire. I believe he lived on Goodwill              
                                    Joyce Dulany Anderson, 1952

Howard Shurtleff and Marie Templ lived on Police Street. He was a brother to Mrs. Jack "Alice" Batton. Marie was a sister to Chris Temple. They movedto Springhill and opened a Singer Sewing Machine Company. In 1949 Marie Temple and Howard Shurtleff were living next to this home. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gay bought the house from them.Arthur Howard Shurtleff born 10 December 1920 died 29 August 1985 Marie Temple Shurtleff born 08 August 1922. They did not have children when they were living on Police Street.

They sold their home to Mr. & Mrs. Howard Gay shortly after we moved there in 1948. My Dad and Mr. Gay both worked for the railroad. They had two daughters. Mrs. Flois Fitzgerald and Sharon. Howard W. Gay born 9 Jan. 1906 died 31 August 1986 "Dad" Ethel T. Gay born 6 Jun. 1909 died 24 Dec. 1986 "Mom"

The Haynes family owned the big empty field across the street. I use to pick blackberries in the ditches on Police Street. Our street was a dirt road back then. Later, they built a new house on the corner of Pine and Clerk Street and moved their home on Police Street, her sister, Mrs. Toms moved to Police Street after I had left Minden. Today, her grandson and his wife live there.


Lynn Burns Haynes born 05 Feb. 1889 died 07 Feb., 1971; Oscar H. Haynes, Sr. 20 Sep. 1888 died 18 Apr. 1969; Oscar H. Haynes age 76 years, 1 month, 12 days, died 09 December 1996; Fred Walker born 10 January 1896 died 19 November 1954; Lesca McCain born 06 Apr. 1900 died 26 Jun. 1974;

Henry H. Harper born 05 May 1891 died 31 Mar. 1954; Avis B. Harper born 12 Apr 1894 died 16 Feb. 1986

For many years Rosemary Norwood lived at 618 Police Street with her daughter Misty. Before that Dean Jones lived there with her husband and two sons. We missed both families after they moved.

Alfred Rutledge Jones born 17 Mar. 1923 died 24 Mar. 1990 Pvt. US Army WWII; Dean Ingram Jones 19 Jun. 1917 died 3 Feb. 1990 Beloved wife and Mother. Gardens of Memories; Row 7, section 2 Garden of Fountain of Youth.

There was Donald Lars Walker who once lived on Police Street.

Jack Batton once owned land on Police Street. His brother was once the Sheriff. I wonder if that is how our streets got their names?

Police Street

Marshall Street

Constable Street

Justice street

Clerk Street

and Pine Street where you hang em!  Of course, we also had Sheriff O. H. Haynes around the corner. He later became the Sheriff.



              CORNER OF MCINTYRE & Ash Street

There is a grave in the Minden Cemetery for Edward Warren Cemetery for Edward Warren Sapp born Sept. 8, 1870 died 13 Dec.  1935 in section D.

In the Gardens of Memory, Row 14, there is a double marker for Robert Youree Sapp born 5 Apr. 1902-died 13 Sep. 1976 & Eva Matthews born 13 Mar. 1891 died 28 Nov. 1984; Willie F. Hunt born 8 Nov. 1926 died 2 Jan. 1963 La. Capt. Chaplain Corps. WWII

(This is the home Nellie Sapp Burge & Dr. Christine Hunt Sapp grew up in.) It was located directly across the street from the Minden High School gym.



CULPEPPER - (See also Houston  & McComas )

Tommy W. Culpepper  5 Feb. 1939 - 10 Nov. 1996

"Our beloved son, brother, husband, daddy and papa. May the angels lead you into paradise.

The Houston family came to Minden from Pipe County, Ga. and are buried in Section A Southeast Section of the Minden City Cemetery

Robert McComas was blackmith shop foreman at the L&A Railroad. His family moved to Minden to work for the railroad.



Our Family Home

601 Goodwill Street

By Tommy White (1968)

Our family, the James White family, moved to the NW corner of Goodwill and Marshall Streets in 1961. Everyone referred to our home as the old Souter house. I don’t know if Mr. & Mrs. Souter were the original owners or not. This house has a porch completely across the eastern end that faces Goodwill Street. This same porch continues into an L shape for another 15 feet facing Marshall Street. One could sit on our porch and see hundreds of vehicles coming and going each day. Goodwill Street was a main artery leading to the Fair Grounds and the Northwest Vocational Technical School. We owned several clocks but none were necessary. We could tell the time of the day by the immediate increase of vehicles going to and from the NW Vo-Tech School.

I remember walking to Minden High School daily. From our corner, one could choose Goodwill Street or Marshall Street and reach MHS in the same amount of time.

Several of our neighbors allowed me to mow their lawns. Mrs. Dennis lived on Marshall Street next to us directly to the west. She was one of my customers. I remember her owning a black 1955 Chevy. I bet it had no more than 20,000 miles on it in 20 years. That may be stretching the facts a little, however, that car was garaged for days before it would see daylight only to be returned to it hiding place after a brief trip to the grocery store or bank. Auto salesmen’s favorite saying about “clean, low-mileage” vehicles owned by little old ladies” was certainly true about Mrs. Dennis’ 55 Chevy.

Once I saved up and bought a new pair of Levi’s. “Brand Name all the way.” Cost me about $4.00 at W.F. Bealls. (stores had longer and complete names back then…like JC Penneys or Tullos’ T. G. & Y.) Anyway, I was very proud of my new jeans, so I decided to go to a baseball game at the Fair Grounds. I had no money left or if I did it was only enough for popcorn and coke….not enough for the entrance fee of 25 cents and also the treats. So I decided to scale the cyclone-styled fence at a hidden location where I had seen other youngsters do the same. While wrongfully saving the 25 cents, I tore my new jeans. My lesson was learned.

Walking was normal in the 60’s. Everyone walked. Automobiles were for going somewhere. Going somewhere was different from walking over there. Sounds funny!!! It was true. We were having great fun and did not know it. An adult would ask one of us if we would run to the store for them. We would literally trot down to the neighborhood store and buy the 2 pounds of sugar. If an automobile was involved, then the conversation was very different. That conversation was more like, “would someone go to the store” or “if you go by the store, then get some sugar.” Somehow we always knew which store we were supposed to “go to” or “run to”. Today, “running to” or “going to”, means exceeding the posted speed limits in one’s late model SUV. Walking is reserved for the “fitness center” or “going to the restroom”. Times have changed.

Tommy White (1968)

 Tommy is a hard-working insurance agent in Springfield, MO. For some years he worked for now Mayor Bill Robertson in Robertson's Shoes. He and his wife and two    daughters left Minden in the early 1980s and lived for a time in Baton Rouge, Albuquerque, and now in Springfield.

I have never had a conversation with him other than email. Our trips to Minden have not coincided since we "met" via email in 2001. I just vaguely knew who he was in school, and I recall his wife "Nola" also because she has the same first name as my mother. Tommy's parents are in a nursing home in Bossier City -- they lived across Marshall Street from Parkway Church for many, many years.

Tommy's younger brother, Daniel White, is the Dixie Inn police chief. There are about five of the White brothers, no sisters.  

                     Billy  Hathorn (1966)


                    601 Goodwill Street - A Story told by Dr. Carter Norman

I want to give you the history as I know it about the house. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Matthews, parents of my wife, Sue, Norman, rented this house from Mr. Tom Glass in the mid 1930's. Right behind the house is the Aubrey Dennis house, next house is the Warren house. Frank (Budge) Dennis, neighborhood boys and I played baseball behind these two houses when we were around 10 years old. I loved on McEntire St. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews built their own house, 420 Goodwill St., in 1937 across from the back of the Coca-Cola Plant. This is the year Sue and I became sweethearts. 601 Goodwill Street.

Submitted by Carter B. Norman

Jimmy Dale Souther lived on the corner across the street where Tommy White and his family later moved. Marily Rudd also lived on Goodwill street. Farther on down lived the Taylor's...Leroy, Clifford, Cleve and Raymond.


The Jack Batton house on the corner of Goodwill and Marshall Street was built of stone.

 Lorene and Ivy Prince bought their house from him in 1963. In 1940 their house on the corner. He moved the house to where it is now. It was his COW pasture with a stone fence -- like the house he built on the corner in 1945. My friend sat across the street and watched the house being moved.

Mr. Batton and Mr. Cowboy Drake bought and sold cows and horses -- so, the animals were not there very long. They were hidden behind the fence.

Mrs. Watson, a school teacher lived on the corner of Goodwill and Ash street. Across from her  was the Lee family. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cheshire first lived there with his family.

The Howard Gay family lived next door to them for a while. When they moved, Mrs. LeVerne Annon lived there with her three children, Billy Gipson, Orlette Gipson and Yvonne Annon.

Next door was Mrs. Lucille Baggett,  Tommy Lee,  Frances Baggett, Jo Ann Baggett, Roy Baggett, and Judy Baggett.

Judy was flower girl when my eldest sister Bennie Gresham married Ralph Diffenderfer in 1951. Bennie thought she was the most beautiful little girl in the world, and she was.

Fred Boekee was the ring bearer. He lived next door to us on Police Street.  Fred called my Mom from Baton Rouge last night when he learned she had moved. I fear I will never see his sweet little face again. They were such good neighbors.

Mrs. Lockhart lived next to them. She had a son named Cary.

Jo and I were recently talking about the Lockhart's and Mrs. Lockhart's crochet talents. The bed in her spare bedroom was covered with her finished items  she sold to others.    The neighborhood listing on your MM site was such a good idea.  You are constantly finding ways to bring back those Minden memories!  I did notice the name of one of the Harper girls is listed as Emma Jean.  Her name was actually MMEG.  Their mother's name was Louise.  See, I do have some memory cells left in my old age!  The Lee family lived on the corner--one or two houses down from us--next to the corner of Hunter's Park.  Diane, David, Denise and I think there was a younger son.  Not sure though.  Nor can remember their parents name or when they moved there.    Have a great day!     Judie Baggett Greene (former resident of Goodwill Street) 6-28-04

Then there was Mrs. Harper. She was the mother of Mme G. and Sue. They were the children of Terrell Harper and the older Dulany' lived on the corner.


                             THE LEE HOME

This home is located on the corner of Goodwill and Ash Street. David Lee became a famous football player.  Douglas Cheshire and Mrs. Ruth Cheshire Lowe, owner of the Joy Theater, lived here when their first child was born. It was a little girl. They buried her in the back yard in an unmarked grave. 

The Lee home was sold around 2008. 



                             The Airplane Bungalow House

                                           500 Goodwill Street

               Located on the corner of Ash and Goodwill Street

The Corner house on Goodwill and Ash Street was called the Airplane Bungalow House. I think the family that lived there during the fifties were the Watson's. They lived on the same side of the street as the Drake's.  Mrs. Louise Watson, the 7th grade school teacher lived in this house. Some folks called it the Deloney/Watson House.

Thelma Upshaw Williams  (Mrs. Dr.  Sam Williams)

MINDEN, LA- Funeral services for Thelma Upshaw Williams, age 86, will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 29, 2007 at Rose-Neath Funeral Home Chapel. Officiating the service is Rev. Wayne Dubose and Rev. Bill Crider. Interment will follow at Gardens of Memory in Minden, La. Visitation was held on Friday, December 28, 2007 from 5:00 p.m. til 9:00 p.m. at Rose-Neath Funeral Home in Minden, La.

Mrs. Williams was born in Georgetown, La and passed away on Thursday, December 27, 2007 in Minden, La. She was a Social Service Case Worker and a member of the First Baptist Church of Minden, La.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Sam Williams, Jr. and son, Tim Williams.

She is survived by her sons, David Larry and wife, Jean Williams of Colleyville, TX and Robert S. "Bob" and wife, Judy Williams of Texarkana, AR; four grandchildren, Jeannie D. Minyard, David Lynn Williams, Kristie Smoot and Brant Williams; four great-grandchildren, Rae Minyard, Paige Minyard, Zoe Williams and Aeson Smoot; sisters, Gwendolyn Yarbrough of Oxford, MS and Billie Ruth Clark of Pineville, La and brothers, Travis S. Upshaw of Burleson, TX, David L. Upshaw of White Settlement, TX and Richard Upshaw of Carthage, TN.

Pallbearers will be Bobby Grafton, Bruce Hock, Rick Wright, Gene Jones, Robert McKillips, Curtis Smith, Tommy Walker, Jerry Almond and Alton Kiser. Rose-Neath Funeral Home



  I have revisited Goodwill Street for the first time in 10 years. The house is there but the address is 500 Goodwill. The Souter house is 601 Goodwill. There have been changes to the house since I have seen it.   As for Mrs Watson... Her husband, Ferris Watson, was a nephew of Mrs. Delony. They lived with her at 502 Goodwill (next to the Bungalow House). Mrs Watson never lived in the Bungalow. Sam Williams lived at 500 Goodwill all of my growing up years. One of his daughters, Maxine, was married to Eugene Allen, owner of Al-N-Way Cleaners. His son, Dr Sam Williams, Jr, was a dentist.   Mrs Delony moved to Goodwill Street when I was about 8 or 9 years old, so I grew up with them, too.   Hope this helps. This can be verified by Roy Glenn Baggett.   Bo Drake 


On Marshall Street lived the Warren family. The eldest daughter was Sybil. She was married with children of her own (Nedra, Nelda, Marsha, Nancy and Morris, Jr. called Sonny Boy.) Betty Jean married Charlie Irby, Norma Warren, Bobby Warren and Lila Mae Warren. Next door to Bobby lived Billy Don Adams. W. C. Floyd lived on the other corner of Marshall and Constable. There were a lot of boys and girls living in our neighborhood.

Next was Jerry Wayne Day, Bennie Day, Patsy and Mike Day on on the corner of Police Street and Marshall Street. James Allen McCabe was living across the street from them. For a while Rita and Sandra Hartsfield were living about two doors down from them when Rev. Hartsfield was the pastor of the Parkway Baptist Church.

 On the corner was Betty Jean Davis and her grandmother. Her Uncle also lived there. Later, he tore the family home down & built a duplex. He married the mother of Frankie Norman.

 Across the street was the Weaver family on the corner of Pine and Marshall. (Melba, Harold and Dorothy)  - a few doors down was: Marcelee Robinson's home on Pine Street. Her grandmother lived across the street from the Souter home on the corner of Goodwill and Marshall Street.

 I recall a home, perhaps a garage apartment...not sure all these years to the Weaver's going toward town sitting back from the street and then the Herbert Samuel home. Shirley and Sammy Samuel grew up there. Next was 508 Pine Street where Don Holt and his family lived when "The Tunes" were doing their thing. Don and JoAnn Corbin Holt had bought that house from Sheriff Batton ca 1957, I think when he built the stone house. They lived there until Don was transferred to Natchitoches sometime after 1962. Next going toward town was another Samuel brother's home but I can't at the moment think of his name. They had two boys. Linda Holt Moorehead

Yes, I am interested. Mr. Coffee lived across the street from the Samuel home. He was my Grandfather Gresham's childhood friend. They grew up together in the Gilgal Community. He owned a lot of land on that side of the street. He also raised cows. J. D. Batton was the Sheriff. I think his brother Jack built the stone house on Goodwill street. He had a daughter Jackie who became drum majorette when Mary Ellen Bailey died. Jackie graduated with the class of 1956.

 Maybe a Mrs.Walkers lived next to the McCabe family. Was she the Mother of Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Toms?

 The  McCollum's might have lived on the other side of the McCabe family?

  Morris Melton Jr.lives in one of these homes today.

 There there was Mr. & Mrs. Morris Melton (Nedra, Nelda, Marsha, Nancy and Morris, Jr.)they lived next door to the church parking lot.

  During the early fifties Shirley Boles and her family lived on the corner of Constable and Goodwill. Later this house became the Sunday School   Bldg.

Constable Street - Going down Constable Street lived Betty Lou Norwood, Betty Fritz, Patsy Elkins and Connie Horn was on the corner of Ash and Constable. Dimple Vice lived on Ash Street about a block from Connie. Owen Perry and the Cheshire's also lived on this street.

 We never lacked for friends in our neighborhood. When the Norwood's moved to Richardson Street  Sue Tatum moved in the Norwood on Constable Street.

 There there was Parkway Baptist Church. In the other direction which I often walked was Clerk Street , Patsy Gilbert lived on the corner of Constable Street and Clerk, Mr & Mr  & Mrs..Brister lived almost behind us on Clerk Street, for a while The Lee's lived across from Mr. Brister.  The Perryman's lived near the corner of Clerk and Police Street . The Harper's were on the corner of Clerk and Pine Street, Gracie Davidson  lived on Pine Street.

You will have to agree that we had wonderful neighbors when I was a girl growing up in Minden, Louisiana.  Our generation remembered playing where Lowe Jr. High School was built. We followed the creek all over town from the high school to the Lewisville Road. Today's generation cannot let a child out of the house to play. We had Hunter's playground. They call this PROGRESS!

Did you enjoy living on your street as much as I did mine?

Sherry Gritzbaugh, 1955



Sorry I haven't been in touch with you in the last few months. It has been a
very busy Spring.We spent four weeks in Texas and Louisiana during the last
two weeks of March and the first two weeks of April. Nell came up to Tim's
in Shreveport and we spent five days with them. Mostly we visited with
Cathey and family. She is doing real well, Thank the Lord.

May is always a busy month, what with birthdays, graduations and
confirmations. We even took a trip to Kentucky for five day. We just had a
nice day with all the kids and grandkids. It is so nice to be together on a
holiday. We had just all been together yesterday too as Alex our 13 year old
grandson was confirmed in our church.

Sherry, a few years back, Lee dropped John, Jay and myself off in front of
the two story house on Police Street. I had my camera and we walked the
walk. Down Police Street, to Marshall to the short cut through the Grubb's
yard on down that street to the Gym. Down the steps to the branch and up the
steps to the school. I'd like to do it again. When I left my house, I'd meet
Betty Jean Davis and maybe Peggy Staples. We'd walk on down and pick up Sue
Tatum, then Norma Warren, then Marilyn Rudd, then Jane Grubbs and anyone
else along the way. Yes, I miss Minden. Even more so now that Mama and Daddy
are gone.

I love the Memories of Minden site because it brings back so many memories.
Have you ever tried to explain our wonderful childhood to anyone who had not
grown up in Minden in the 40's, 50's and 60's? It's not hard to explain,
just hard to believe it was so wonderful.

I wish for  you and Jim a wonderful summer.

 Joyce Dulany (1952)

That was when the branch was clear and beautiful. Someone had put some goldfish in it. The Grubbs lived on McIntyre Street. Peggy Staples Lived on Pine Street. Sue Tatum lived on Constable Street. Marilyn Rudd and her little brother Max lived on Goodwill. Jimmy Dale Souter lived in the house the White's house which is pictured above. The Warren's lived across the street from the Parkway Baptist Church. Down the street from Marilyn Rudd on Goodwill street lived Bo Bo Drake and the Baggett family. Nellie Sapp lived on McIntyre across the street from the gym. Patsy and Johnny Tinnell lived near her. It was such a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in. We all enjoyed those walks to and from school. What route did you take to school? 

From Art Miller, 1968

                                         GOAT HILL

I've been reading the quips about Goat Hill , and yes, I too lived
on Goat Hill many ,many years ago.  I have some pictures
 I'd like to contribute to this saga.
 My name is Carol Ann Miller LeBlanc.  I would have
graduated with the class of 1958, but my family and I moved in
the very beginning of the 1956 school year.

Carol Ann Miller, Class of 1958, Nov. 23, 2008

I really enjoyed the  Goathill notes.  I was somewhat disappointed that I could not recognize the streets where I lived or the exact names that were included.  I do remember a Casey Jones who was a volunteer firefighter.   He and I rode the back end of a fire truck to a sawmill fire in Cotton Valley.  I remember he was talking a lot about not getting back to Minden in time to go duck hunting.  It was snowing and sleeting and I was too cold to think of anything but getting warm.  I'm not sure what year it was, but I do recall the snow being beautiful.  I recall people like Otis Minter, Gene Hamner, Jim Sparrow, Mary Alice Williams, etc., but I don't recall where everyone lived.  Charlotte Wardlaw (my class of '48) lived in the Fairfield apartments and I believe her Mother was the manager of the apartments.  I rode around Goat Hill  this year on our trip back to the MHS reunion.  My old home is still there, but boarded up and vacant.  The ladies are certainly right: times have changed.  Thanks again to mindenmemories,Christine and Carol for a walk down memory lane.

  Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948'

I also lived on Goat Hill for a while and have fond memories of the area. We lived on Lee St. between Pershing and Meyers.   I graduated in 1956 and other 1956 graduates who lived on Goat Hill were Billy Ray, Elizabeth Maddry, Wesley McCullough, all on Meyers St. and A. C. McEachern who lived on, I believe, Jackson St.

Johnny Lee, Class of 1956


     FROM 1938 - 1950

Submitted by: Carol Miller LeBlanc, Class of 1958 and Christine Sparrow Miller, Class of 1938


Unknown girl, Carol, and Betty Sue Alexander

If anyone recognizes the unknown girl e-mail us and tell us who she is @

Carol Ann Miller, Class of 1958

Carol Ann Miller


                                                           WHITE OAK DRIVE - GOAT HILL   How White Oak Drive got it's name: By Arthur Miller         My grandfather, Hal Miller, owned the whole hill (10 acres) and sold lots to many of the railroad workers for a dime on the dollar.  It was loaded with large white oak trees before the 1933 tornado came. That is why they named it White Oak Drive. After that day most of the beautiful large white oaks lay on the ground. My father Jesse Miller and his two bothers Lee & Bob were running through the big house at the top of the hill opening all the windows when the tornado approached. They learned that procedure in boy scouts. It saved the house from the storm as well as them. They got to watch all the trees fall down and everything fly by. Just one small corner of the house was damaged. Most of the railroad workers & my grandfather at the roundhouse, climbed inside the boilers of steam engines for cover.      White Oak Drive was my favorite hill to roll down in homemade soap box racers. My cousins & I played football for years where the road now comes through that yard.

Now we know......

Goat hill was located off yhe Sibley road just across from Dixie Duggan's dads store.One of the residents was Louis Davis Brabra Davis and his nbrother Buddy Davis. Others included Cecil and Wesly McCullogh'Gene Jones nick named "Eller",Joe Wallace A.C. McEachern,Kitty and Sue Thomas.Sue Thomas married George Gloer whitch was the brother of David Gloer class of 61. Most or some attentedSouthside Baptist Church.locatrd across from Duggan's store. Some went to Eastside and some went to Westside depending on what bus you caught. The mean ones went to Westside and "puff's"went to Eastside.
Ronnie Hennigan class of '61
Some did work at the industrial park in Mcintyre

I grew up on Goat Hill.  It is off The Sibley Road.  Leaving downtown Minden, Goat fHill is to the left off Sibley
Road.  I don't know of another Goat Hill.

Maurice Whitlow, Class of 1948

Goat Hill was at the top of the hill on Lee Street just north of the apartments.  It extended several blocks in both directions.  Some of those who lived on Goat Hill were Claude Reeves, Chris Davis, Jim Towns and myself,

Judy Hamner Dodson (class of 1963)



   Linda Holt Moorehead, nor myself ever lived on Goat Hill. We lived on the Sibley Road, and on White Oak Drive just off the Sibley Road. But I did know where Goat Hill was, and had friends that lived there.   Bobby Moorehead


                                  WHITE OAK DRIVE

…about whether anyone else ever rode down the hill on a cardboard sled. I bet my daddy, Tim Carter, did. When I was 5 years old and we lived in Ruston, LA, near the highway, in the first duplex on the right after the field, Dad took me over to the field and we slid down the hill on cardboard. He said he had done that as a young boy. That would be when he lived on Goat Hill. I taught my boys to do that and a couple of years ago, I took my grandchildren to a similar hillside and put them on a cardboard sled and told them my daddy had done so with me, long before. We had a wonderful afternoon. We recently discussed doing it again and I promised we’d do it very soon.

I loved seeing all the photos of Goat Hill. The photo of my grandparents’ home was much like the ones I’ve seen. I never knew my granddaddy was a postman, but Grandmother and my parents used to talk about the rent house they owned over on Goat Hill.

Seems like I’ve once seen a photo of the Cat and Faye Parker house with a heavy-set woman (wearing an apron, I believe) on the porch and a tall, thin, young man (and a child?) in front of the house. Almost seems like there was a sidewalk. The picture was from the same angle as the one on that page, or I wouldn’t remember it. If I ever run across that picture again, I’ll try to remember to send it. I don’t know that I made a copy of it and I think it was in my grandmother’s pictures.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to that page. I loved reading and viewing all the memories.

Renee’ La Viness, daughter of Tim Carter, granddaughter of Ezra S. and Mildred (Lee) Carter

This is where James Moorehead (1956)  lived on White Oak Oak Drive. Mother & I lived directly across the street from James. His and my houses were at the lower end of White Oak Drive, just off Sibley Rd.  At least one of the pictures even has captions on it pointing out my house and James' house across the street.  We could each sit inside our homes and see the other through the front doors while talking on the telephone.   "Our" Tommy Lewis (MHS 1954) used to laugh at us about that.   

Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961

My Mother's Little Doll House on White Oak Drive

I had told you before about the little house being my and Mother's "dollhouse" since everything was in miniature.  The cabinets were lower than normal, the toilet was lower and even smaller than I had ever seen. It was a cute little house inside and we LOVED it but we rented it from Johnny Harris from Houston. His parents, Percy and (can't remember) Harris (she worked at Rex theater, selling tickets) and Mr. Harris' mother, Della Harris, lived.  Mrs. Della Harris lived to be 102 or 103, I think it was.  She was a wonderful, talented person.   

Submitted by Linda Holt Moorehead (1961)

                      My Mother's doll house

               Submitted by Linda Moorehead (1961)

                  WHITE OAK Drive and Goat Hill


The picture Sherry included with the comments about White Oak Drive and Goat Hill was taken by me on Tuesday morning as I was leaving Minden on my return to South Texas.  This is a picture of White Oak Drive from the original Sibley Road side.  You can no longer drive DOWN this hill.  It is a one way street UP the hill now, but the street is two-way after you reach the top and proceed to the "other" street which parallels Sibley Road (the one-way portion leading to the downtown Minden area)

Ann Mays Harlan (1958)

As I remember, the picture of the house in your e-mail is the Colclasure House. White Oak Drive was a circular drive originally. We lived on the lower part of the drive. The Goat Hill you mentioned was farther down the Sibley Road.  I lived on White Oak Drive several years, and my parents lived there until they passed away. And I never heard anyone give a reason for the name.               

                              Bobby Moorehead (1954)

It was called goat because someone over there raised goats. It is off Sibley road past White Oak Drive. it was where Harold Brooks lived and Otis Minter's family lived. Later Jeanne Ellen Ray lived near there and so did Flo and Corene King.                                 

                    Lucy Moore Quaid (1953)

White Oak Drive

When Mother and I moved to Minden, we rented a house on
White Oak Drive, #300 at that time. When James and I
met, we lived DIRECTLY across the street from each
other on that street but met at Mother's record shop
(Don's Record Shoppe). We could sit in the living room
of our respective houses and see each other as we
talked on the telephone.  lol  Mother and I lived in
what we called "the doll house" that was on the left
triangle-shaped corner of White Oak Drive if you took
the lower WOD from Sibley Road.  In other words, Larry
Toland's service station was across the street behind
my house.  James lived, as I said, directly across WOD
from us, the first house on the right facing WOD if you
took the lower WOD from Sibley Road. Is that as clear
as mud?  lol   It was really a nice little street on
which to live before they cut that street through there
in the late 70s, I would guess it was.  Not sure when.
  I NEVER liked going down the other end of WOD that
was so steep, as shown in the picture. I always had
a fear of the brakes on the car failing.  There were
springs on that hill and one of them ran down through
James' parents' property, from up toward Johnny
Hudson's house, on top of the hill behind the

Mother and I called that little house "the doll house"
because everything was miniature in size.  The rooms
and windows were small, the kitchen cabinets were
low...even the toilet was tiny and low.  It fit us just
fine in those days, though, and we loved that little
house, tiny as it is. 

I thought the street got the name from the grove of
trees that used to be on the hill before they cut the
road through there and ruined our nice little circular
street. I didn't KNOW that they were "White Oaks" but
just figured they were.  At that time I was more
interested in James than the trees.  lol   Bobby could
probably answer the question about the street name.

Where is goat hill?   don't remember hearing of that
one.  Earlene, that picture I received with Sherry's
e-mail was taken from Sibley Road looking at the foot
of White Oak Drive on the "high" side. It seems to
have been taken at the intersection of Sibley and the
"low" side of White Oak Drive.

Linda Holt Moorehead (1961)

The story goes that the man who owned all of the property on that area raised goats before it became residential.  I do not know the name of the gentleman.  Corene King Ingalls

If this a riddle? I'd like to know the answer, too. When we moved to Minden when I was 3-4 years old, the first place we lived was a little house on Goat Hill Drive. It's definitely on a hill, but I don't know where the goats came in.

Corene, Trudy...You both lived in that area all those years ago, Can you answer this?  Whose house is in the picture you included?                                                                                                                                         

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956)

Just got Linda's note responding to you about White Oak Dr., with your inquiry about WOD and Goat Hill attached. I also got an inquiry from   Earlene this AM about Goat Hill. She may send you what I sent to her about it. I told her that I attended the funeral of Chris Davis Tucker on the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the pastor said that the family had told him that it was called Goat Hill because there were so many "kids" living there. Chris was the youngest sibling of Barbara, Buddy, Lewis and LaNell Davis, who grew up on "Goat Hill."  Goat Hill was like from the Sibley Road to East Street wide and from Theus Street to the white apartments where the Whites lived (maybe Talton?). I've never had to really decide just how far it might have included."           

                   Jamie Mays Vance (1959)

     Re Goat Hill:  In the olden days when we were just kids.  When you
bought barbeque it was Goat.  The BBQ places raised their own goats and
goats smell so they had to keep them up out of the air stream.  Do you
remember that big place on the Caney Lake road just before you turned off
Dorchead Road to go to the lake, if you did not take the short cut by the
church camp and saw mill there was a big old house covered with red fake
brick and he cooked BBQ and raised goats. That was also known as Goat Hill
because it was on a hill top and  the road was always full of goats.

(W. D. Sharpling) (1954)

Here's how Jamie remembers it. She and LaNell were good friends. Jamie is talking about Oak Ridge off the Shreveport Road. We need to ask Gary Mathews, since he lives in Oak Ridge now. I sure hope we can get this straightened out.

                    Ann. Mays Harlan (1958)

I must not be talking about the same "Goat Hill you are. LaNell Davis and her siblings called when they lived on "Goat Hill" and they grew up on that circle off the Shreveport Rd. where Bill Cook and the Hruskas lived. You all seem to be calling White Oak Drive "Goat Hill."????

          Jamie Mays Vance (1959)

At one time I seem to remember the Davis family may have Can anyone confirm this?  Can anyone furnish us with a history and/or some pictures of Oak Ridge to post?

About Goat Hill. Some of the Goat Hill Gang contacted my brother last
year.  Their goal was to have a reunion. It must not have come to be as
we have heard nothing more. Our family moved to Goat Hill on Meyers St. in
1948   (first year I saw snow!).  The next year we moved directly down the
street to Sibley Rd., which I later learned was Locust Hill.  We were told
the hillside behind Southside Baptist Church was once very rural (surely
outside the city limits!), covered with goats, and came to be known as Goat
Hill. Naturally, Locust Hill (much smaller than Goat Hill) was
covered with Locust Trees.  Pretty, but such tiny leaves.  Hard to rake.

  The Davises lived on Cherry St.  which crossed Meyers St. Florene and
Corene King lived at the opposite end of Meyers St. away from Sibley Rd.  I
had forgotten about Mr. and Mrs. Stony Ingalls.  Loved their wedding

 Martha Kay Hayes did live up on the hill (Cherry St., I think), but moved
to Sibley Rd., directly across from Southside Church, before we did.  There
are many more of the Goat Hill Gang I remember.

                    Dixie Dugan



I had A long visit with Linda Underwood Nelson the sister of Cecelia Underwood (deceased) Class of 1955,Jane Underwood Cook and Doris Underwood MHS grad 59 or 60? and her brother Terrell Underwood MHS grad51 or52?. They were from goat hill where Dixie Duggan hailed from. Dixie had A brother but we can't remember his name. Help us!

Ronnie Hennigan '61

Dixie Dugan's brother was named Elton. He graduated with Charlotte Lewis Sutton in 1963.
Identified by Charlotte Lewis Sutton, and also Carl Shaw, Class of 1964


  Par. #2 has been changed to read:

         Col. S. F. Goode was born 10 Dec. 1811 and died 10 Dec. 1886. His wife Mary A. Goode was born 23 Mar. 1823 ;died 15 Mar. 1905.                                                                                                                                                                      


                                      THE JULIUS WEBB HOME - THE HODGE HOME - THE SALE/MCDANIEL HOME

                                      THE JULIUS WEBB HOME - THE HODGE HOME - THE SALE/MCDANIEL HOME

                                                                              LOCATED ON EAST AND WEST STREET

East & West Street

 There were two children in the Hodges family. Norma and Dean. Norma died few years ago and lived in Baton Rouge and played the symphony for many years. (Her mothers musical training, ( am sure) Dean is in his seventies now but still very gracious, and intelligent. He returns to Minden periodically to do legal business. Of what nature, I do not know.

The girls Mrs. Hodges talked about must have been Dana Davis. The charming red brick house across the street from me. Dana married Jack Miles.         (Coach  and Kirtley Miles' son.) His family lived on Oak Knoll and they were high school sweethearts. She graduated in 1953. She was one of the beauties that year. She has since died and has a younger brother Dickie living in the house now. Her dad was vice president of Minden Bank and Trust Co.           

One of the Sandra' s was Sandra Gray. She lived directly across the street from my house. Her father died when she was a teenager. He was co-owner of the Gray Connell Ins. Agency. Her mother never remarried and was a delightful neighbor to my family and my children when we first moved here. Sandra's brother is Buddy Gray. Sandra married a Hunt from Ruston.  They lived in Ruston many years but have now retired up on the East Coast. She also was a beauty the same year that Dana Davis was. They were the same age.

 The other Sandra - I am not sure who she was. I a thinking Sandra McConnell but I do not know if she lived anywhere in the neighborhood and just visited the other girls. Her picture is also in the Grig - same year.            

I will try to do you a "research" on this ole Julius Webb house as Dean has given me two very old pictures of the house when he was a young boy and I will

share them with you whenever I get the time to do so. I want the information to be accurate, so will need to check some records.

You asked about Ola Sawyer...she was head nurse at the Minden Sanitarium when the hospital was first built. They wore long white uniforms.

More later,

Carolyn Sale McDaniel (1954)


 This was one of Carter Frazier's rent houses phone 902.

Compliments of Robert Grambling