My Memories of Minden High School

By: Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh


Because we were the first graduating class of the existing building many of our memories are centered in old building that was recently demolished.

Teachers came to school thirty minutes early in case a student needed help with their lessons and stayed one hour after school. Mrs. Foret had tutoring classes in her home at night. Many of her students became successful doctors and engineers. Teachers chaperoned parties and special events. Before the war female teachers were not allowed to be married.

Lunches were free when I was at Minden High School. Milk was seven cents and milk was three cents. We had well balanced meals which most of the students always enjoyed. One meat and two vegetables with a dessert.

The inside stairs from the auditorium to the cafeteria are long gone. We remember standing in line on those stairs on rainy days. The stairs were not well-lit, very narrow and turning. On those days with the doors open we could smell our lunch cooking through the entire school building. Just imagine cabbage and hominy.

The girls pep squad wore white pleated skirts hemmed below the knee. We wore red sweaters with white MHS on the front, white gloves, saddle oxfords, and sailor style hats. We were very prim and proper. You should have heard us yell "We're from Minden, couldn't be prouder, if you can't hear us we'll yell l o u d e r !"

We were so proud of the new 1954 Home Economic Wing in the new building. Everything was brand new. Gracie Davidson was my cooking partner all four years. Mrs. Kirkley was our teacher.

Mrs. John Watkins taught Sewing. She also taught Home and Family Living our Senior Year. That year Joy Garriss, Clifford Taylor and Jerry Cook were my partners. We learned how to tie neck ties, sew buttons on, and that we could have anything we wanted as long as we were willing to pay the price.

Corporal punishment was allowed when we were in school. If we were punished at school you can bet we got another punishment when we got home that evening. Parents and teachers stood behind each other when we were kids growing up and going to school in Minden, Louisiana.


This was an article that appeared in the Tide Talk. There was a picture of the Class of 1955 on the float.When Eric Hayden was our web master he decreased the Tide Talk article and we can't see the people in the picture anymore.

The article below appeared in the Press -Herald when we were having our class reunion around the same time the Tide Talk article was published. I think you might find his comments about Jerry Frasier and his scrapbook interesting. John Agan is a talented writer and publisher of books. (not memoires)

Our high school address is

The above paragraph was part of an article written by John Agan in his Echo's of The  Past.