1910 Minden High School Building


  Photo Compliments of Ellen Baskerville

     The culture of Minden has been described as the culture of the South;
seethed in chronicles and legends, with adequate grace to be fascinating.

     Ellen Baskervill sent this picture of the 1910 building which she found
in her mothers book of memories. Our class of 1955 was the last to attend
Junior High School in this building. The boys attended wood working classes
on the bottom floor in this building  while upstairs the girls were learning to
sew aprons. As the years passed and desired improvements were needed;
this building was torn down and a new senior high school was built on this site.

     For many years few changes were made in the beautiful landscaping. It
was custom for the girls to play above the terrace, and the boys played below
the terrace. Our school experiences are probably different from those of most
boys and girls today. The gym was distanced from the school and it was a lovely
walk. To me, this is the most beautiful campus in the world.

     There was a smoking area for the boys located below the terrace. It had a
peculiar old fashioned look. It is possible that its purpose had been that of
facilitating a garage of possible a place to store materials in.

     There was a branch at the bottom of the terrace. The football field was on the
right; the track field on the left; and going up hill was the gym which is still
standing today.

     During School days we enjoyed the branch between the gym and high
school and would often stop to watch the fish swim. They grew to be big fish
The water was clear and beautiful. There was a small bridge we would cross to
get from the school to the gym.

     I still miss my hometown with the porch swings, the old brick streets and so
many splendid memories of the past.

     Most of all I miss the Friday night football games with their carnival like atmosphere
when the Minden pep squad would yell "We're from Minden couldn't be prouder, If you
can't hear us we'll yell louder!" 

                                         Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Class of 1955