By the way, when everyone else in the USAF was sweltering in the jungles of South Vietnam,

 dodging bullets, morter rounds, and mosquitos, yours truly was
doing this...brrrrr...   <grin>


Attached is a photo of a Minden la femme.  Both ladies may be from Minden...?
Photo was taken on December 27, 1962, in Ringgold, Louisiana, on the day
I lost my freedom to roam about the country...<grin>  Now, lets see who can
provide an identification...  I saw photos of the above lady (on the right) on the Minden
pages, but she looks much better in this one...


Yes, the la femme in the picture is me---Mary Richardson Bevill.  I do
 remember Jo Ann and playing in her wedding.  I had wondered where she
 was and how she is doing.  Hard to remember how thin I was back then,
HA!!!!!  I do not remember who the other lady is.  The name has left
 me, but I do remember her face.  I have slept a few times since

Mary Elizabeth Richardson Bevill

Another clue

Well, the bride of forty-five years this December is Jo Ann Fontenot,

who lived in Ringgold, and was from Eunice, Louisiana, before that. 
Her family introduced me to Cajun food, and I am eternally grateful...

gumbo, boudin, jambalaya, etc.  :-)   

Here is a photo from your pages of the singer on the a much

younger age, it appears...

 The other picture has to be at the high school and
 Donald Hinton is on my right and Don Fritz is on my left and I
 think---not for sure---maybe Belle Zachry.  We must have been getting
 ready for a band concert in the auditorium.  Thanks for showing those
 old pictures---I love it.   Mary Elizabeth


Mary Elizabeth Richardson Bevill

The girl in the background that Mary Elizabeth says looks like Belle Zachry looks more like Sue Ellen Barnard to me.

 Sue Ellen played French horn, so she could just be clowning around with that thing that looks like a drum stick with

 padding on it. But it sure looks like Sue Ellen to me.

Waynette Sharon

Just to add my two cents, the girl in the picture with Mary Elizabeth,
Donnie Hinton and Donnie Fritz is definitely Sue Ellen Barnard, class of

Thanks for the memories!!

Ann Frazier Mohler




Regarding your riddles and puzzles, Chef Glen in the picture in my room at Tech, is William Glen Thomas.  I note in the 1957 class obituaries that Glen passed away in 1995.
Turner Almond

At 06:59 PM 11/20/2005, you wrote:

I went to Tech with a guy named Turner Almond from Minden.  He worked in the dining    hall with me and was in AFROTC, as I recall.  His
roommate was a guy named "Glen" something.  Anyone from the Class of 1957 named Glen?




I dug around in the "archives" and found this photo of Glen "somebody."   Perhaps someone can identify him.  Since he was rooming with Turner back then, I "assumed" that he lived in Minden.

The "Glen" Nolan was asking about is Glen Thomas.

Dottie Day Adcock, Class of 1957


We are in Turner Almond's room at Tech (Hale Hall) around 1958.  Yours truly is polishing "the shoes" for the
next day's AFROTC drill.  "Chef"Glen, in background, is preparing a batch of popcorn for the late evening's repast..    As I recall, Turner
caught us in "the headlights..."




Please pass this along to Barbara.  It is a "quiz" for her...  

The lady holding the baby might have attended MHS---a zillion years ago?

By the way, the lady (a relative) is holding a baby that later became my wife? 

Guess who, Barbara?   Ask Barbara if she is familiar with the name "Bobbie?"




Here is another "puzzle" for us "older folks."  This photo was taken in August of
1957.  The "puzzle" is to identify the young lady on the left.  She did not live in the
city limits of Minden, but was graduated from Minden High School around 1960.
In fact, she still lives near her original home and works in Minden.

Guess who?  I already know the young lady on the right... ;-)



 I don't know who the girl is on the right, but I think the one on the left is

Carolyn McGinty Hale.  And she no longer is working in Minden.  Carolyn lives below

Sibley right across the road from the house where she grew up.  She retired several months ago. 

 I saw her a couple of days ago at Loye's Pharmacy and we had a good visit.

Ann Mays Harlan


Who is the young lady on the right.

Poor thing ended up being my wife in
December of 1962....  :-)




Here us the straight "poop"... :-)

I married Jo Ann Fontenot, daughter of Jo Fontenot and Abbie Wimberly, in December of 1962.  They lived in Ringgold at the
time.  Formerly, the family lived in Eunice, Louisiana.  I was in USAF pilot training when we were married.  Our first assignment, after
pilot training at Craig AFB, Alabama (Selma)  was Dyess AFB, Texas, (Abilene) in June of 1963.  After a few months, the USAF
moved the entire unit to Alaska.  This photo was taken in government housing at Elmendorf
AFB, Alaska around 1966.  For more adventures and "Nolan Stories" one may visit

Perhaps someone else on the "Minden Memories" mail list can remember this contraption.   Did ya ever use one, and what did you call it?

As I recall, when I was a kid we used this thing to catch chickens.  It was made of very heavy wire...and, several feet long.  It was homemade, I'm thinking.

Now, I know that some of the "city folk" may have never seen, or used, such.... Sorry if I'm intruding into more important discussions, and/or concerns...

 Here is a video link I found on Google demonstrating how to use the “Chicken Catcher” type wire Nolan ask about. I believe the Walthall’s up in Arkansas had one that I used. But that was too long ago to be certain.

Bill SCOTT, Class of 1961


This is a chicken choker--of course!!

Carl Shaw, Class of 1964


Well, if it is, we used it the wrong way...<grin>

The narrow part at one end was just long enough to slide over the leg of a chicken, nut not
large enough to slide over the "ankle" joint.  We would sneak into the chicken "roosting" house,
slip the long "catcher," or whatever, under the chicken, grab a leg, and complete the capture by pulling them off the roost...

I don't know if it was a "local" invention, or something commercial...but, it did a great job if
ya could sneak up within four or five feet...the length of the "catcher..."

Nolan Bailey, Class of 1957


At 02:54 PM 5/14/2008, you wrote:
The chicken catching contraption you were speaking about was A wire clothes hanger that was bent in the shape of an L on the end. It was used to snare the chickens leg at the skinny part and thus her foot would not slide thrrough. I have seen Lizzy and Hop Harper do it A thousand times . they lived across the street from us at 222 south roosevelt.After the catch, that's where the hatchet came into play.
Ronnie Hennigan 1961


Think you're right.  I'm thinking that this "invention" was an idea passed along among the folks that "farmed" chickens years ago... <grin>

Nolan Bailey, Class of 1957