Party Nov. 11, 2006


On behalf of the Minden Memories group, welcome. It was both an honor

and privilege for our group to to host the November 11, 2006 Bayou Inn Ghost

Ghost Walk dinner party. This exciting event was placed in the capable hands

of our committee chairpersons, and the pictures will speak for themselves. 

      1952 - Wanda Monzingo Ballard

      1953 - Mrs. Bob (Earlene) Lyle

      1954 - Carolyn Sale McLemore

      1955 - Linda Mims Martin

      1956 - Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

      1957 - LeVerne Langheld Kidd

      1958 - Ann Mays Harlan

      Invocation and Welcome - Roy Baggett

      Photo's compliments of Jim Gritzbaugh

      Schelly Brown, Coordinator of the Ghost Walk


                                 Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh


Lisa works at the Holiday Inn. She

takes good care of us.

L-R, Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953, Shreveport, La.

and Jim Gritzbaugh, husband of Sherry Gresham

Gritzbaugh of Bellaire, Texas.    

Connie M. C. Perryman, Class of 1952, Henderson, Texas

Linda Mims Martin of Seabrook, Texas

Jim Gritzbaugh, Bellaire, Texas, husband of Sherry Gresham

Kathleen Hortman Bryan, Class of 1953, Homer, Louisiana

Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953 of Shreveport, Louisiana

Kathleen Hortman Bryan and Charlie Hennigan, Class of 1953


WANTED a picture of Benton Irby, Class of 1957, and his

lovely wife, Pat.

ALSO a picture of Schelley Brown at the Ghost Walk. 

If anyone has one took one, would you please e-mail  copy

to us at MindenMemories@AOl.COM?



Mrs. Irene Williams, W. W. "Butch" Williams ( Class of 1965)

and his wife, Ki Williams

Butch Williams is currently the Supt. of Schools for Webster Parish.

We were honored to have them at our dinner. Mrs. Irene Williams

is the widow of our beloved former principal and former Supt. of

School W. W. Williams, Sr.

W. W. Williams, Sr. led us to the realization that the future was

what we made of it and that opportunities were always great for

those with a purpose. The entire faculty reinforced this feeling that

we could make a difference. What we learned those many years ago

at Minden High School those many years ago still has an influence on

our lives. We remain thankful for having received an education in

Minden that got us to this point in life.

The Williams family has made a difference in all of us who have gone

to school at Minden High School. We hope they will come to all of

our events.

Linda Mims Martin & Rob Martin, Class of 1955, Seabrook, Texas

Mary and Roy G. Baggett, Class of 1955 of Blue Ridge, Texas

LeVerne Langheld Kidd (1957, wife of Billy Kidd (1954) and

Marcelee Robinson Culpepper, class of 1957.  I see W. W. "Butch"

Williams in the background. They are all residents of Minden, La.

Earlene Mendenhall Lyle (1956), wife of Bob Lyle (1953 from Alabama

Vera Wood (wife of Tommy Weaver in the red coat (1956). She lives

in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Drew Chreene graduated in 1955 from Doyline, Louisiana and is with

Ann Mays Harlan from the class of 1958.

Schelly Brown, coordinator of the Ghost Walk, Class of 1972)

Carolyn Sale McDaniel, Class of 1954, Stanley Sanders, Class of 1968

all of Minden, Louisiana

Nellie Lunsford Martin, Class of 1951, Minden, La.

Waurynne Hurley, Class of 1952, Springhill, La.

Wanda Monzingo Ballard, Class of 1952, Minden, La.

Jeanette Gipson Baker (1956) and Dr. Richard Baker (1953)

Bo Drake, Class of 1954, Minden, Louisiana

Rose Rabb Hardy (1957) and Carroll Gay Hardy (1955)  of Minden, La.

Stanley and Judy Sanders of Minden. Stanley graduated in 1968.  


  Sue Ann Richardson Kinsey, Class of 1968 from the great state of Texas  

Dottie and Rowland Ivy (1952) from Kingwood, Texas

In the background, I see Richard Thrash, Class of 1958,

Schelley Brown (1972) and Carolyn Sale McDaniel (1954)

Richard and Lani Thrash of Durham North Carolina

Richard graduated with the class of 1958 (Retired USAF)

Catsy Harper (1958) Schneider) and Rowland Schneider

Bobby Wise (1954) and Judy Barron (1957) Wise of Minden

Douglas Leon "Red" Cupples and Cortez David Cupples, Class of

1954, Minden, Louisiana. 

Bob Craton (1952) and Judy Spitzfaden Craton (1958) of Minden

My favorite doctor and his wife, Maria and Dr. Steve Kirkikis,

Class of 1953. 

They are now residents of Shreveport. 

L-R, Jack and Jimmy Lou Voorhries & Nona Sales

Jack graduated in 1958 and they live in Minden, La.

THE TUNES...Bobby Moorehead, David Bailey and Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Neil Baker and Benton Irby should have been in this picture. (Notice

Neal and Ruth are seated at the table right behind them. Neal played

the drums. Wish we had realized he was back there.) 

Bobby played the guitar, Earlene and David played the piano. Benton Irby

was one of the original Tunes. If anyone got a picture of Benny and Pat

please send a copy to MindenMemories@AOL.COM

Benny was also a member of the Tunes when it was known as the KATS.

Ruth and Neil Baker, Class of 1956 of Irving, Texas

Neil was the drummer for "The Tunes"

Sandra Tubberville Moorehead and Bobby Moorehead (1954) of

Minden, Louisiana. Bobby played the guitar with "The Tunes"

Virginia and David Bailey of Homer, Louisiana, Class of 1959? , Homer, La.

During the fifties he played the piano for a lot of events and was really good.

Sometimes he played with "The Tunes"

You can listen to the Tunes music by clicking onto the Jukebox button.


   Richard Grigsby (1954) and wife Betty of Minden

   Both are U.S.A.F. Veterans


 Thomas Sharpling  (1954) and Loretta Allen Sharpling (1955)  of

 Minden, Louisiana. 

Shirley Frazier Youngblood and Bobby Youngblood borth from the

class of 1955, Shreveport, Louisiana

1958 graduate, Ann Mays Harlan talking to The Class of 1965

L-R, Claire Turner Fussell of Minden, Alicia (West) Meyers and Carl

of New Mexico and Pat Frazier Betts of Shreveport, Louisiana

Jerry Norwood, class of 1958, Minden, Louisiana

Class of 1958 - Jerry Norwood  lived on Constable Street for a while before

moving to Richardson Street, John Dulany, and Jerry's cousin, Sam


Karen and John Dulany, Class of 1958, Omaha, Nebraska

When John was growing up and going to school in Minden he

lived on Police Street.

L-R, Bo Drake handsomest boy in 1953 lived on Goodwill street a couple

of blocks over from us. Bo can tell you exactly how many kids lived

in our neighborhood during the 50s. He is still a resident of Minden.


Connie Mack Perryman handsomest boy in 1952 was almost my next

door neighbor. He lived on Clerk Street and helped build the house we

lived in. Connie now resides in Henderson, Texas. He said he had a

good time and will  be at our next event. 


Billy and Janet Weaver of Minden, Louisiana

older brother of Tommy Weaver

Tommy Weaver, (1954) and Vera Wood(s) Weaver (1956), Shreveport, La.

Betty Jo Jones Palmer (1955) and Jean Morgan Griffin (1956) both of Springhil

What: Old Minden Cemetery Ghost Walk

The 3rd annual Ghost Walk Doubles Attendance

If you missed the 3rd annual Ghost Walk that was held in conjunction with Veterans Day Saturday November 11th, 2006, you missed the biggest and the best yet. The annual tour in its third year had a huge crowd of visitors from a vast area. Schelley Brown, tour organizer said, "At noon people began to line up in anticipation of being the first to see the living history tours." The 2006 tour brought people to Minden from North Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska to see their ancestors portrayed. Brown estimated the crowd doubled in size from last year and doubled the amount of money raised for the Cemetery Association; a non profit organization that was formed many years ago to help maintain the perpetual care grounds of one of Minden's oldest burial places.
With over 20 actors and actresses in period costume portraying Minden's past leading citizens they definitely got a lot of entertainment and a lot of history. It was as if you were stepping back in time as you listened to the stories being told. It was an amazing sight to behold as your tour guide escorted you to each historical scene. Many of the tour sites this year included historical props to go along with the history being told. In a little over an hour you could see Confederate soldiers along with early business leaders, teachers, doctors and politicians. This was a rare opportunity to learn about our past community leaders and citizens. Ghost Walk teaches you how Minden's women and men endured thru great hardships and strived to overcome great obstacles to make our town what it is today.
"We had some extra treats for our visitors this year," Brown stated. George P and William Crichton, played by Rueben Wright and Hooker Campbell portrayed two young brothers killed during the Civil War. These two young men put on a tremendous show with Janice Mourad whom played their heartbroken mother. At the end of their performance both brothers broke out in song accompanied by some wonderful banjo picking. Next stop was the Hunter brothers where a sample of Coca Cola was handed out after a trip back to WWI. Next on the list were the two wives of F. J. Moess which were played by Chris Broussard and Evelyn Dandridge. These two women told of the trials of war and the love of family all while sitting at their kitchen table with all the ingredients for cooking cornbread in front of them. With thirteen stops this year it was hard to pick your favorite.
Schelley also stated; that she could not have done any of it without all the talented people and guides that volunteered their time and efforts to make this years tour a huge success. If you missed the tour this year you don't want to miss it next year. For more information on the Minden Cemetery and the annual tour you can contact Schelley Brown at 423-1029.

Ghostwalk pictures were submitted by Schelly Brown

1. Joe Luck portrayed Alberta Glass, Minden's last surviving Confederate war veteran. He was born on the 25th day of August 1845 and departed this life on the 8th day of January 1937. His home still stands. 

2. Jacqueline Ward Taylor was born 26 April 1840 and died 8 July 1930

3. Daniel Webster Stewart and Alice Leona  Reagan Stewart

13 Feb. 1857                          15 Aug. 1871

27 Apr. 1935                           21 Apr. 1954

Their home still stands on the Homer Road in Minden. Daniel Stewart was a prominent attorney and his wife was an artist. The family owned the home until 1995.

4. Dr. Albert Gallatin Harper was born 28 December 1830 in LaGrange, Tenn. and died 11 January 1891.

The granddaughter of Gary Daniels played the part of the person buried in an unmarked grave. We all wish that all the graves could be identified and had monuments. Notice behind her is the Mosely monument. I have been looking for members of that family for a long time after reading the History of Webster Parish. Dr. Mosely was the first Physician in Webster Parish. What happened to him? Is this the resting place of Dr. Benjamin Mosely?  The obit I found on line read that a member of that family was being taken back to the Minden City Cemetery to be buried with other members of the Mosely family. Could they have been killed in the tornado and the graves lost? If you have any information please e-mail us at MindenMemories@AOL.Com so we can add it to our history of Webster Parish. You will have to admit the Mosely family played an important part of the history of Minden and Webster Parish.

5. Alma Edwards            married                  Rutledge C Tompkins

Born 11 Apr. 1880                                      02 Jan. 1877

Died 09 Aug. 1967                                      21 Jul. 1956                      

                                                                La. Capt. Medical Corps WWI

6. Elizabeth Bryan Hamilton was born in NC 9 Oct. 1796

Died 15 Aug. 1870. She was the wife of Major William Hamilton

7. George P                 and       William Crichton

born in Columbus, Ga.               Muscogee County, Ga.

29 Oct. 1839                            15 Aug 1841

Died at Manassas                      Killed at Fort Republic (Roanoke, Va.)

10 Sep 1861                             8 Jun 1862

and their mother Mrs. Mary Ann Crichton born 12 May 1820 in Inverness, Scotland & died 26 Dec. 1903.

8. George Carroll Hunter born 24  Nov. 1890 died in Paris, France 25 Dec. 1918

and Larry B. Hunter 20 March 1896 died 6 February 1971

If you recognize anyone in the picture - e-mail us and mention picture #8 November Ghostwalk & Banquet.

9.Two wives of Frederick J. Moess: Mary Mackey and Mary Fuller

Mary L. Fuller 1863-1942

Mary B. Maess (surname misspelled on stone) w/o F. J. Maess) 1833 - 13 Jul. 1894)


10. The Civil War Trench - Unknown CSA Veterans are buried in this area. This is always one of my favorite places to tour when I visit the Minden City Cemetery. If you can identify the people in this picture e-mail us and mention photo #10 Nov. Ghostwalk & Banquet 2006.

#11.  N. J. Sandlin born in Dublin Co. N. C. 3 August 1832

died 17 December  1896 Saved by Grave

#12. John and Ada Jack Carver Snell  portrayed by Ron Robinson and  Cora Lou Brown Robinson

Ada Jack Carver Snell                and                    John Barnard Snell

7 Apr.  1890                                                      21 Jan. 1884

1 Dec.  1972                                                     20 Mar. 1959       

Mr. Snell was president of Minden Cotton Oil and Ice Company and principal of MHS from 1913-17.

 He was a member of the Beer Bottle Band, who played at Mardi Gras. They were taught to play

the bottle by his wife, Ada Jack Carver Snell.

13. The first person buried in the cemetery was Mrs. Mary A. Smith. She died on or about the 22nd day of April 1840. Her grave remains unmarked.