By C. Wayne Ellis

Here's a good question to send out to the group.
Anyone remember the one-armed man who was a pool hustler at the Minden Pool Hall (Sin City for us Baptists) in the 1960's. 
He'd try to sucker anyone into betting on games at the pool hall and then wipe out anyone.  Don't remember his name, but fortunately I was with some friends who knew about him the first time I went into the pool hall.
Footnote:  It is funny that we (Baptists) were told that the Pool Hall was a sinful place and we should stay away from it, while at the same time, the recreation center (old Tabernacle) at First Baptist had a pool table....
Also was anyone else (besides me) dumb enough to (manually) set pins at the bowling lanes in the FBC Recreation center on Friday Nights????  I think I got $2.00 per hour and never sweated more in my life.  (It was still better than a job I had a few years ago as a Cable Installer...)
Wayne Ellis ('70) 


His name was Cox-he worked at the courthouse as a dispatcher for the sherrif's office.

Carl Shaw