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1. Members of the group are Bobby Morehead, Jeralyn Shipp,

Jerry Frasier, Don Holt and Travis Towns

2. They were playing for college and high school dances in both Louisiana and Mississippi.


 4. Notice boys wore sports shirts and slack pants and the girls were wearing pretty dresses.

  All the boys wore crew cuts back then.

5. Bobby Moorehead, Don Holt, Jerry Shipp and Earlene Mendenhall, Jerry Frasier singing,

and who played for the Tunes that night is now solved.

     Actually Jerelyn Shipp and Earlene Mendenhall played for the Tunes.

     Pattie Gale did several songs and sit at the piano for the publicity.

I happened across your site with pictures and information about "The Tunes".  The unidentified piano player in the picture from Natchez is Barbara Bennett.  She played at the Wagon Wheel club in Natchez and for many years was the house piano player at Pat O'Briens in New Orleans.  Patti Gale, The Tunes, Jimmy Trotter and Johnny Ramistella (Johnny Rivers) all had records on the SWADE label.  The picture looks to have been taken at the Municipal Auditorium in Natchez. 

Bill Carroll is my father and had the SWADE records label.  A few years ago I became interested in the recordings and the artists he was associated with and did some research, but couldn't find anything at all about The Tunes.  I was very pleased to run across your website yesterday!  My Dad passed away in 1997 so I didn't have much to go on... I have collected copies of the SWADE record releases (there were only five) and have also collected most of the PEL label records which were put out by Jim Rentz in Baton Rouge.

I would very much like to know if Mr. Frasier or Mr. Holt's sister remember anything about my dad during this time.  I do know that the record production and artist management venture of his didn't last very long.  From talking to my older brother, he tells me that my Dad was very enthusiastic, but didn't really have his finger on the pulse of what was going on in the business.  He had a major life change around 1959 or 1960 and moved to from Natchez to Baton Rouge.  I was born in 1966, so this was all before my time.

Somewhere I have negatives of some pictures that were taken of The Tunes.  They are likely from the show in Natchez.  I'll have to see if I can locate them again.

Thanks so much for posting all of the great information about the Tunes!

Wesley Carroll
Baton Rouge

I notice you were asking about a girl sitting at the piano pictures made in Natches,
Miss. at a gig the "Tunes" were playing for. The girl was Patti Gale. She was booked
to do the dance with but, but she only did several songs. Jerelyn Shipp and Earlene
Mendenhall actually played piano for the dance. Every time they would make pictures,
this Patti Gale would want to sit at the piano to get the publicity.

Per a newspaper clipping I had of the event we were listed as the Patti Gale Orchestra.

We did do a gig with Barbara Bennett, but it was in Alexandria, La. at the England
Air Force Base. I still have a pictures of her, and a 45 record of her Swade Recording,
that she gave me.

Hope this will help.

Bobby Moorehead, Class of 1954

I did find my negatives of the pictures taken of The Tunes in Natchez.  Some of them are of the exact pictures that are on the Minden Memories website already, but there are others that aren't shown.  Looks like I have about ten different negatives.  I think the best thing would be to find a way to scan them into my computer and then I can share them.  I know there are computer scanners that work with negatives, so I will check it out.

I'll let you know what I find about scanning the pictures...

Wesley Carroll

6. The Tunes was a group of students from Minden High School.  They continued the

band while while going to school at Louisiana Tech. 

 7. Don Holt, Neil Baker on the drums, Jerry Frasier and Patti Gayle is playing the piano

If you know her last name e-mail us and tell us what it is.

8. Jerry Shipp, Jerry Frasier, Larry Scruggs on drums, Don Holt and Bobby Moorehead playing the guitar


 Minden, Louisiana

10. Jeralyn shipp... Lawrence Scruggs behind her

11. Jeralyn Shipp playing the piano; Jerry Frasier,

DonHolt singing and Bobby Moorehead


12.Don Holt on bass, Larry Scruggs on drums and Jerry Frasier.    

The photos around Jack Moreland, Doug Burt, Jim McCabe, and Shirley Boyer was a New Year's eve dance at the Community house in Minden. Probably 1958.

 13.On the far left is James McCabe & Shirley Boyer.

Jackie Moreland is in the far right corner.

Does anyone know couple in the middle?

14.Doug Burt at the New Years dance.

Anyone know who the girl is?

 15.L-R, Jeralyn Shipp, Jerry Frasier, Lawrence Scruggs and Don Holt

 l6 is Bobby Moorehead dancing with Jeraly Shipp during a break. On the right..

Douglas Burt is dancing with the girl in the black dress.

 17.Jerry Frasier, Bobby Moorehead on

lead guitar and Larry Scruggs on drums.


9. Jerry is singing to a group of Tech Students in this picture..not Minden

19. The boys all had crew cuts and plaid shirts

20. The girls wore lots of crinlin slips under those full skirts

21. Anyone recognize this couple? Is this Bill and Jerry?

22. The Tunes

Is it Bobby Moorehead playing the guitar with Jerry Frasiersinging, 

Don Holt, and Bill ___playing the sax.  Does anyone remember

Bill's last name?

23. Don Holt and Jerry Frasier

24. Bobby Moorehead and Beverly Tash


25 Girl is Jeralyn Shipp and Bill_____again. 

Jerry plays the piano. Bill plays the sax.

26.  Remember the dance called the jitterbug?

27. Don Holt is in the background. Bill  is plaing the horn?

28. Bobby Moorehead is playing the guitar.

29. Lawrence Scruggs

30. Bobby Moorehead and Jeralyn Shipp

31. Don Holt and Jeralyn Shipp

32. Bobby Moorehead, Jerry Frasier and Jeralyn Shipp

33.  Larry Scruggs

34 left to right  Beverly Tash Jeralyn Shipp Larry Scruggs

and Bobby Moorehead, Eldorado

35. Jeraly Shipp  Don Holt  Bobby Moorehead

36. Jerry's, Mother, Mrs. Frasier, Don Holt, & Larry Scruggs looking over car.

Loading up for a show.

 Biographies,  Presenting The Tunes II ... The picture of a boy and girl at the station wagon at the curb... The boy is Bobby Ray Moorehead but I don't recognize the girl.  The car is directly in front of James and Bobby's home at 309 White Oak Drive and Bobby is putting his clothes into the car.  The little house on the other side of the street is what Mother and I called our "dollhouse",  where we lived.  James and I would talk on the telephone and see each other across the street.   :-)   The house up the embankment from our "dollhouse" was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Harris and "Grandma" Harris.  I know "Grandma's" name well but can't think of it at the moment.  She lived to be 102 or 103, I think it was.   She made some clothes for me when I was doing some singing.  I'll never forget a white dress she made for me that I wore to sing on a show at MHS (a minstrel, I think) and how the lights shown on it.  It is VERY embarrassing to me now that I used to sing on any show or church that invited me when all I could do was carry a tune!   I served a purpose... I filled a space

Linda Holt Moorehead  

If you recognize anyone in the pictures...please e-mail

Corrections and additions are always appreciated