The juke box is nice.  I am so glad that the music is in the archives.  1959 does not seem that long ago to me.  It was a fun time. 
We recorded Cleve Taylor's "The Lie" and "Only Time Will Tell" at White's recording studio in Baton Rouge and the others were recorded at the famous Cosmo Mattaso's recording studio in New Orleans. Cosmo did most of the New Orleans music: Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jimmy Clanton, Frankie Ford, Huey" Piano" Smith, Lloyd Price, Smiley Lewis...on and on. 
On our records we had an 18 year old Mac Rebbenack  playing guitar, He later became famous as Dr. John, and several New Orleans horn players that did session work for all of Cosmo's sessions.  The violins were over dubbed later in Memphis by a quartet of string artists.  The Four Jacks, a group from Arkansas, did the background singing.  They later did records of their own.
Even though we never made it big, we had a great time and met many rising stars:  Charlie Rich, Johnny Rivers, Johnny Horton, Don Kirshner, Buddy Knox, Bill Justis, John Fred...
What started for me in Mrs. Doherty's speech class in 1955 ended in January of 1960 when I  entered the world of reality (a regular job). But what fun with the music and because of it, many friends made during those years, Benny Irby, Charles Harper, Bill Slay, Earlene Mendenhall, Bobby Moorehead, Don Holt (and his sister Linda), Jerrilyn Shipp, Cleve Taylor, Ray Mills (later played with Joe Stampley  and The Uniques who had a top 20 hit), Ronnie Gray, Travis Towns, Larry Scruggs, Jimmy Rentz...

Thanks to Jerry Frasier, Class of 1955 for his music and the history of the Tunes.


The Lie was written by Cleve Taylor, Class of 1956

Below is Jerry Frasier, Class of 1955 (Both Cleve and Jerry 

 once lived  on Goodwill St. in Minden, Webster Parish, La.)

 "A Million Tears Ago", Jerry Frasier and Cleve Taylor wrote

this song together along with a contribution from Jim Rentz (not from MHS),

 while at La. Tech. (Cleve was at Tech for two semesters but graduated from LSU).


                Jerry Frasier

L-R, Jim M. Trotta M. Record. Ronnie Gray, Don Holt, Bobby Moorehead,

Jerry Frasier, James Allen McCabe,

Jim Reat, Shirley Boyer and  two unknown females

(Minden Record Shop - Does anyone remember the name?)

Ray Mills, Travis Towns, Jerry Frasier Don Holt, Ronnie Gray and Jeralyn Shipp

Bobby Moorehead, Jerry Frasier, Benton "Benny" Irby and Don Holt

Back Row - Ronnie Gray, Travis Towns - The 4 Freshman,  and Jerry Frasier

Front Row, L-R, Ray Mills, Jeralyn Shipp, and Don Holt

Ray Mills, Travis L. Towns, Don Holt, Jerry Frasier, Ronnie Gray and Jeralyn Shipp on the piano

Cash Box & Billboard were top music magazines of the fifties

Bobby Moorehead, Travis James, Don Holt, Jerry Frasier  and Ronnie Gray

Ronnie Gray, Jerry Ship, Neil Baker, Jerry Frasier, and Don Holt

                           Don Holt, Earlene Mendenhall and Jerry Frasier

                        Jerry Shipp (Jerry Frasier is standing on the right end)

Top Row, L-R, R. C. Corbin, Jeralyn Shipp, Don Holt

Back Row, Travis Towns, Ronnie Gray and Jerry Frasier

                       1955 CLASS Reunion held in Minden, Louisiana 

     Neil Baker, Earlene Mendenhall Lyle, Jerry Frasier and Bobby Moorehead

               Taken at the home of Ed Brown by Jim Gritzbaugh