Robert "Bob" Grambling

        Band Director - Minden High School 1947-67


Robert Grambling devoted twenty years of his life to Minden - the town, the school,
the band, the young people. During those twenty years he captured much of the
spirit of Minden on film. His son, Greg, has allowed Minden Memories to make
those images available online. We express thanks to Greg. To Mr. Grambling, we
express our respect, our admiration, our fondness, and our appreciation for a job well

In 2003, William Turner Watson interviewed Mr. Grambling. From those interviews, we
learned that Robert F. Grambling was born to James B. and Ethel Schegel Grambling
in 1921. Mr. Grambling was a "PK," a preacher's kid. Being Methodist, that involved
moving to different churches through the years. During his high school years the family
moved to Bogalusa where another band member caught his eye. This marked the
beginning of a love story that lasted more than 60 years. In 1943, Bob and Dee were
married by his father in New Orleans.

In 1947, Mr. Grambling was hired to replace the retiring Dwight Blake as band director.
As the country and the parish recovered from the War years, more funds became
available from the parish and the Band Booster Club. Minden Band grew and represented
our city well.

Music and photography kept Mr. Grambling very busy, but not too busy for his church
or his family. He made time for his wife and children, Connie and Greg. Today, she is
Dr. Connie Lane, professor of flute at South Carolina University. her husband, Dr. G. B.
Lane, is a retired professor of music at South Carolina University, and their daughter is
majoring in Musical Engineering at the University of Miami. Greg makes his home in
Ruston where he is an adaptive physical education teacher. He supports and is actively
involved with handicapped sports activities throughout the area.  Mrs Grambling passed
away in January, 2004.  In May, Mr. Grambling made the decision to relocate to South
Carolina near Connie.  He has been a life-long "learner," and has added harmonica and
bass guitar to his repertoire.  Don't be surprised to see him next on the Grand Ol' Opry!

In 1967, he accepted an offer to direct the Byrd High Band in Shreveport, where he was
already a member of the Shreveport symphony.  He had served Minden well. We of
Minden Memories are proud to share some of  “Bob’s Memories” with each of you.


Bob and Dee in high school

The wedding

Dee and Bob in the snow

Dee, Bob, Greg and Connie Grambling

Bob Grambling is the one that did NOT get away!

Greg, Dee and Bob Grambling

Recent Family

From left to right, Greg, Brandie Lane, Connie Grambling Lane, G. B. Lane, Dee and Bob Grambling


 50th. anniversary

Cookie and Puff - We got the kitten from the Cunningham's. Our beagle adopted him

and that is how they slept while he was a kitten. 1957ish.

The House in the snow of 1950 is the one on Ash Street, behind the West's

house that the Grambling's rented from the West's from 1947 until 1955 when they moved to Rathbun Street.

11O7 Rathbun is the house Bob and Dee Grambling built. They lived in it from 1955-1967.     

Bob Grambling  -  October 2004. There is a reason for his big smile...Mr. Grambling has a granddaughter, Branden Dunham Lane (Brandie), who is a 20 year-old student at the University of Miami.  Her major is Music Engineering, for which employment opportunities could be the recording industry, or hardware design, or software design.  She will have a minor in electrical engineering.  Her scholarship in the Music School at Miami  is from her audition as a percussionist.  She does orchestral and wind ensemble percussion, field percussion, and drum-set for popular music.