50 YEARS AGO

                                                                  JUNE 27, 1957

Appearing in the latest issue of The Jena Times, the LaSalle Parish weekly
publication, is an article which Benny and I found interesting.
We live on the "other side of the parish" in Olla and were delighted to find  that the talents and accomplishments of Minden High School students are still remembered after 50 years!  Most remarkable is the fact that in our backwoods rural area, a  graduate of MHS and  a former teacher of MHS would read about their old Alma Mater!
                                                                              Benny and Pat Irby



Also submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd. LeVerne and Benny Irby both graduated from Minden High School



Dorothy Jean Corbin, a 1950 graduate of MHS, and her family lost their life when the hurricane hit Cameron, Louisiana. She was the eldest daughter of Frank and Opal Corbin. Dorothy Jean's younger sister, JoAnn Corbin Holt, graduated from MHS in 1952. 

Hurricane Audrey hit land at Cameron, LA, on June 27, 1957, and I love the idea of a moment of remembrance for Dorothy Jean, Dempsey and the children.  Little Kevin is buried in Minden but the bodies of the other three were never found or else couldn't be identified.    I, then living in Brownsville, Texas,  happened to have been spending 6 weeks with Don, JoAnn and the Corbins when this happened.  I'll never forget Don driving me to an Aunt's home in Vivian at speeds up to 120 mph to get back to Minden to go to Cameron where Dorothy Jean and her family lived.   The stories they had to tell when they returned were unbelievable until we personally saw the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina!    Hurricane Audrey was all so sad and changed so many lives forever.  

Linda Holt Moorehead, Class of 1961

Gardens of Memory Cemetery, Minden, Webster Parish, Louisiana  - Garden of Prayer, Section 1, Row 23, Sp. 1, 2, & 3

James Frank Corbin                          Blank Lt. sp. 2                  Mark Kevin Dempsey

5 Apr. 1910 - 4 Dec. 1969              _____________                6 Oct. 1955 - 27 Jun. 1957, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Corbin

In Memory of Pam  "Pammy" Dempsey who died 27 June, 1957

In Memory of the husband of Dorothy Jean Dempsey who died 27 June 1957

In Memory of Dorothy Jean Corbin Dempsey who died 27 June 1957

Dorothy Jean Corbin Dempsey was loved by all who knew her. This family will live in our hearts and memories for many years to come. Photo's of the Corbin &  Dempsey family would be appreciated & promptly returned to the sender.  Sent to Sherry Gritzbaugh, 4507 Verone St., Bellaire, TX77401 or scan to scanning data or photo's to the website...always send us a message first so we will be expecting them.