Sat. Oct. 11, 1908...
Had my Dad still been living,
this would've been his 100th birthday...
He pass away 1999, Nov. 21 have just turned 91..
My parents Edgar Earl (Jack) and Bessie Lee (Bess) Young, was married in Athens, La. March 7, 1936...  Reverend Paul Durbin preformed the ceremony, a Methodist minister and native of Winn Parish.
While rummaging through some used books a number of years ago... Picked up a small book,  can't recall why I was attracted this little book, titled EVERLASTING GOODWILL & GLORY.  No matter, as soon as I recognized the author, remembered he'd performed this simple little wedding ceremony of my parents..
Was reminded often by my Mother of the lack of money back then,  the great depression was hardly over.


LeVerne Langheld Kidd