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                                                                                                                                         A. B. MARTIN HOME




507 fort AVENUE
27 MARCH 1875 - 21 JUNE 1978

PA2258 Martin, Misses Sue & Tempi home, Minden, La. ca1890

Joni Quaid McFarland & Tommy McFarland 

Joni is the daughter of Lucy Moore Quaid & the late Ray Quaid

Formerly the Luke Garlington Home 108 South College Street, Minden, Louisiana

Owners of The Country Place Restaurant

We think this is the old Miller Home. It is located across from Shady Grove Cemetery

Photo compliments of Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

Compliments of Archives and Special Collections LSU - Shreveport 1 University Pl., Shreveport, La. 71115-2399


17 Feb. 1839 14 Mar. 1850
1 Mar. 1910 20 Jan. 1914
Memucan Hunt
30 Nov. 1832
05 Apr. 1920
CSA Veteran

Frances Finley Martin born in Newborn, Ga. 16 August 1844
Died in Minden, Louisiana 21 August 1910 s/o A. B. & F. F. Martin

Alick B. Martin 15 August 1845 - 25 June 1919 CSA Veteran

                                                                PA2449 JACOB W. MILLER HOME EAST OF MINDEN, LA.

           Compliments of Archives and Special Collections La. State University - Shreveport, One University Pl., Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

Subject: JACOB MILLER HOUSE - See Journey of a Wheel under stories for the Miller family. This is the same home.

          Jacob Miller was the father of Alvin, Frita and Will who married my Mothers sister, Lorene. I put the picture into the family tree. I wish we had a lot of that sort of pictures. I remember that house from the times me and Daddy walked over there for Alvin to cut our hair. I wish I knew when the picture was made.

Chris "Bubba" Langheld



Compliments of Archives and Special Collections La. State University

One University Place Shreveport, La. 711154-2399


Minden City Cemetery Section A East

Jennie Sugden Holmes (age 25 years 8 months) daughter of Jennie & L .L. Holmes died 15 July 1884; Infant son died 6 weeks on the 15 July 1884; Marie Lucile Holmes age 5 years 8 months daughter of Jennie & L. L. Holmes died 22

   Minden, City Cemetery Section A Southeast

Joseph J. Miller is buried on the left of Mrs. Nettie Miller Holmes. He was born 29 Oct. 1848 and died 10 May 1919. NETTIE MILLER HOLMES born 05 Sep. 1870 died 31 Oct. 1960; On her right is buried Infant son of J .J. & N.M. Holmes died 1892; M.J. Holmes age 40 years died 19 Sep. 1868; Susan PAUL Holmes born 03 Jun 1830 died 30 Sep. 1915.

Set on the part of the property where the post office has been since 1950

John Agan, La & Genealogy Section, Webster Parish Library, Minden, La. (318) 371-1080 Ext. 20



Miller - Inabnett - The Inabnet House

Residence of J. Lenwood Inabnett, built by William Hardy Later owned by Hill and Miller

The home was originally started by Lucy Brodnax Kennon in 1840, but she died  before the home was completed and the home was first occupied by her son-in-law, William Hardy, around 1855. The home has been in the Miller family since the 1890s. Joe Miller was a well known Minden merchant in the early 1870s. He married Roy Scales. They were the parents of Mrs. Roy Miller Inabnet.

Source: Minden - Press herald

Mrs. Roy Inabnett  (1910-2003)

Funeral services for Mrs. Roy Miller Inabnett, 93, will be held at10 a.m. Friday, May 23, 2003, at Rose-Neath Funeral Home in Mindenwith the Rev. J. Roddy Taylor officiating. Burial will follow at Minden Cemetery.Visitation will be held from 6 until 8 p.m. today, May 22, at the funeral home.
Mrs. Inabnett, a lifelong resident of Minden, passed away Wednesday, May 21, in Minden. She was a member of the Minden Beautification Council, Main Street Committee, and was Minden Woman of the Year in 1962. She was also a member of the Minden Garden Club, the Arrangers  Study Club and the Council Flower Show Judges. Mrs. Inabnett was a lifelong member of First United Methodist Church in Minden. She was preceded in death by her husband, Lenwood Inabnett and her daughter, Sallie Inabnett.She is survived by her son, Joe Inabnett and wife Anne; and their
children, Christian Charlton and Elizabeth Charlton, all of New Orleans. 

  Section A West Minden City Cemetery

J. Lenwood Inabnett is born 15 Nov. 1859 died 15 Jan.1994; Miller?? Our boy with us 10 years (no dates) ; Roy Scales Miller born 24 Oct. 1880 died 05 Oct. 1952; Sallie Frances Inabnet born 17 Jan. 1944 died 03 Mar. 1993; Elizabeth J. Miller (Mother) born 18 Sep. 1832 died 12 Dec. 1925; S. B. Miller born 17 Sep. 1829 died 13 Nov.1891.

The Miller House

With its location directly behind the Webster Parish Courthouse, the final local property in this week's column, the Miller House, is familiar to most in this area. Interestingly, with the recent addition of the Miller Farmstead to the Register, two local properties are largely associated with the descendants of John Miller. The Miller House was placed on the Register on April 18, 1996.

"The Miller House is a two story frame residence located on the edge of downtown Minden. Built c.1840 in the Greek Revival style, it received a major remodeling in the Colonial Revival style in 1917, although much of its early character survives. Alterations have been minimal since the remodeling.

"The Miller House is of local significance in the area of architecture. It is significant on the parish level because its early twentieth century modifications make it an important example of the Colonial Revival influence. It is also significant within the town of Minden as a rare example of the Greek Revival influence due to its surviving original woodwork.

"The comprehensive parish-wide Standing Structures Survey has recorded some 432 buildings in Webster Parish which are over 50 years old. The vast majority of these date from the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries. Most are unstyled. Among the styled buildings the bungalow influence predominates, with mostly low-key examples. Finer or more elaborately styled buildings tend to follow the Queen Anne Revival or Colonial Revival traditions. The parish contains a total of 23 examples of the Colonial Revival influence. The Miller House is conspicuous among this group because its well-proportioned replacement gallery closely resembles one that would be found on an antebellum Greek Revival plantation house. This handsome feature is a truly fine example of something that has been noted by architectural historians as a significant trend in the Colonial Revival movement in the South -- the tendency to espouse the "white columned" look of the increasingly romanticized "Old South." Indeed, the Miller House gallery is so convincing that it passes for antebellum even to the trained eye.

"Founded in 1836 and incorporated in 1850, the town of Minden is among the earliest communities in North Louisiana. Indeed, on the eve of the Civil War it was a thriving center of trade and commerce. However, the town was all but rebuilt in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Thus, although Minden developed and reached its early fruition during the heyday of the Greek Revival, only six residences survive in the town to represent the Greek Revival influence. Although the Miller House has been modified over the years, it still retains the overall look and massing of a two story, central hall Greek Revival house. More importantly, it retains the distinctively styled front entrances with transoms and sidelights as well as four mantels which are highly characteristic of the rural Greek Revival taste. As such, it constitutes a rare and notable legacy from the town's earliest architectural heritage.

One interesting fact reflected in the history of the Miller House is that the structure was once located much closer to the path of today's street. Joe Miller moved the house back after he purchased in during the 1890s. His daughter, the late Roy Miller Inabnett recounted memories of growing up in the home in the heart of Minden including seeing the flames that destroyed the Minden Lumber Mill in 1918 from the second floor gallery.
That concludes this week's glimpse into these historical structures of our area. The next article in this series will begin with the second local district, the Minden Residential Historic District.

Compliments of John Agan and the Press-Herald, April 6, 2005

                JOHN KILLEN HOME  - RESIDENCE OF MISS MARY BABB BUILT 1886 by John S. Killen

                      Hwy 80, Minden, Louisiana 

 Shreveport Road

Compliments of La. State University - Shreveport Archives & Special Collections  PA2816    262

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

John Killen  moved to Minden in 1849 . He faught with the Minden Rangers during the Civil war and served in in La. Legislature. He was married to Sarah Monzingo on Oct. 4, 1849 a daughter of Jules Monzingo. They were the parents of four sons John W. died when he was 14 years old, Bard died when he was 18 months old, Sampy died at 3 years and William Mac died in 1883 at the age of 12. They were also the parents of four daughters, namely Laura P. Killen who married Patton Culbertson; Martha E Killen who married William A. Turner; Ida N. Killen who married William Stewart andLaura A. who married Joel Hodges.

                                                        Section A West Minden City Cemetery

J. Sidney Killen born 05 Feb. 1826 died 28 Dec. 1903; Sarah A. Killen (w/o J.S. Killen) born 16 Nov. 1828 died 31 Aug. 1913. Rosa Claire Culbertson born 29 Oct. 1874 died 05 Apr. 1973; Eliza T. Turner born 27 Jan. 1880 died 14 Jul. 1903 son of W. A. and M. E. Turner; Rosa Claire Stewart born 25 Nov. 1883 died 02 Sep. 1884 daughter of W. C. and J. N. Stewart; J. G. Hodges (Father) Born 15 Jan. 1862 died 16 Jul. 1912; Laura Killen (Mother) born 08 July 1928; Joel Grier, Jr. son of J.G. & La. Hodges born 16 Jul 1897 died 30 Dec. 1900; Irma Hodges daughter of J. G. & L. A. Hodges born 30 Dec. 1889 died 15 Oct. 1892.

                                                     Section B Southwest & West Minden City Cemetery

Perry D. Stewart born 02 Aug. 1891 died 24 Sep. 1929; Althea Stewart born 11 Sep. 1896 died 21 Dec. 1974; NORA  KILLEN STEWART  wife of WILLIAM G. STEWART BORN 23 Mar.. 1859 died 23 Mar. 1922.; William G. Stewart born 25 Oct. 1854 died 31 Oct. 1925.

                                                    Section A West Minden City Cemetery

William A. Stewart (Father) born 04 July 1848 died 30 July 1933; Martha A. Stewart born 14 July 1854 died 25 Feb. 1925.




            Minden Cemetery

              Section A South



               The McDade - Lyle House

1915 Mc Dade

                                                               The McDade's were grandparents of Jimmy and Johnny Johnson of Minden, La.


                                                                                        PA3009   THE MCINTYRE HOUSE, MINDEN, LA. - Built in 1857

                                                                                        alias McIntyre - Hamilton - Daniels Home on the Lewisville Road

This is now the Daniel's Home

Compliments of Archives & Special Collections La. State University - Shreveport One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399.

There are McIntyre's buried in Section B Southwest & West Alexander McIntyre, M.D. born 05 Jan. 1805 died 23 Feb. 1871.; Elizabeth G. McIntyre/ wife of Dr. A McIntyre.; Leary McIntyre son of William & Ella McIntyre born 23 Oct. 1886 born 23 Oct. 1886 died 14 May 1887. Infant daughter of William and Ella McIntyre born 23 October 1886 died 14 May 1887.; Infant daughter of William and Ella McIntyre (date illegible); Ella Graham McIntyre born 11 Dec. 1852 died 05 Nov. 1891; Isa May McIntyre age 7 years old died 23 January 1866.; Mary P. Barrett born 03 Nov. 1854 died 22 May 1938; Hattie Drew McIntyre age 18 yrs. died 27 October 1855. Wife of I.S. Drew.

 Theo McIntyre born 02 Feb. 1886 died 15 Aug. 1976; John McIntyre born 30 Dec. 1843 died 12 Oct. 1900; Sarah Hamilton  McIntyre born 1842 died 1938;  Alexander & Blackshear "Our Little Babies (age 8 & 9 mons) (no dates); John D. McIntyre (age 11 mons 15 days (no dates); McIntyre, Infant boy; Hamilton, Joseph Jackson 23 Feb. 1859 died 27 Oct. 1891; Charles Henry Hamilton born 23 Jan. 1850 died 12 Nov. 1866; John Duncan McIntyre (Lt. Corps of Engrs. WWII) 27 Jul. 1911 - 11 Feb. 1948;  Banks G. McIntyre 02 Aug. 1879 - 05 Aug. 1948.

Section G. Minden City Cemetery are Kathleen P. McIntyre born 15 Aug. 1914; Grady L. McIntyre born 23 Oct. 1913 died 12 Feb. 1988 Cpl. US Army Air Corps WWII; McIntyre, Ind. Daughter M/M/ G.L. McIntyre.



                                                                      Photo Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle

The Monk Home

THE MCDONALD HOUSE is a private home facing Academy park. Feature: Architecture: Queen Anne, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival, Detail : The Architect design was provided by Clarence King. 

McDonald House--Minden (Webster) Class: Building
Feature(s): Architecture:Queen Anne , Listing:National Register , Ownership:Private
Places : Minden, (-Webster) LA
Feature(s): Architecture:Greek Revival , Architecture:Colonial Revival , Listing:National Register , Ownership:Private
Detail(s): The architectural design was provided by Clarence King.
Places : Minden, (-Webster) LA
Minden Historic District--Minden (Webster) McDonald House

McDonald's interred in Section Southeast A of the Minden City Cemetery are Marshall Hill McDonald born 23 Feb. 1855 died 04 Jan. 1866; James Bonner McDonald born 05 December 1841 died 09 August 1849; Almedia born 26 Jan. 1844 died 11 Aug. 1849.' Emily McDonald was born 20 March 1846 died 27 March 1846' Ben Hodge McDonald was born 30 sep. 1857 died 04 Oct. 1861 c/o James Wesley & Amelia Hill McDonald.  James Wesley McDonald born 01 July 1814 died 10 Dec. 1888; Amelia Hill McDonald born 27 Apr. 1820 died 06 Jun. 1886.; W. D. McDonald born 23 Apr. 1847 died 01 Sep. 1887; Wesley G. McDonald born 12 Dec. 1850 died 22 Jun. 1896.

The McDonald House

Next on the National Register is the McDonald home on the southeast corner of East and West and Lewisville Road, today the home of Mrs. Miriam Monk. The National Register describes that property in this way:
"The McDonald House (c.1900) is a two story frame Queen Anne Revival residence located on a large corner lot in the old residential section of Minden. Despite some alterations, the house retains its National Register eligibility.

"The McDonald House is locally significant in the area of architecture because it is an important example of the Queen Anne Revival style within the context of north-central Louisiana. (This includes the parishes of Lincoln, Union, Claiborne, Webster, Bienville, Jackson and Ouachita.)

"North-central Louisiana, a distinctive area sometimes known as the "Hill Parishes," is mainly characterized by the Upland South culture. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the Queen Anne Revival was a decidedly urban influence in the region. But the several hundred examples found there today are fairly humble. Most are cottages with a two or three bay gallery across half the front and perhaps a single projecting polygonal bay under a gable.

"The McDonald House is important within this group because of its scale and superior architectural styling. It is one of very few two-story examples in the region. More importantly, its complex thirteen bay veranda is a type of feature found on only the grandest examples in the area. Finally, the McDonald House is one of only six Queen Anne Revival residences in the region to feature a turret. Generally speaking, it is the use of a turret which distinguishes the grand Queen Anne houses from the lesser examples. A turret contributes much to the elaborateness of a house's massing, something which is very much a part of the Queen Anne Revival aesthetic. Secondly, because a turret contributes very little extra floor space at considerable extra cost, it is certainly a luxury item."

The McDonald house was built by local banker John McDonald and was part of the property in dispute in a colorful probate battle in the 1920s, after the bachelor McDonald died. The will McDonald made was eventually upheld but the court case was headline news in both Minden and Shreveport newspapers and included prominent attorneys, including former Governor Luther Hall among those representing the prospective heirs.
The McDonald House joined the National Register on August 13, 1986.

Compliments of John Agan and the Press-Herald, April 6, 2005



The Miller home is located at 318 Lewisville Road. This home is a modified two-story Salt Box-style home, unique for the Louisiana area. The Roberts family built this gracious home in 1939. Suzanne Burns and Lyda Madden grew up here.

The home features a beautiful yard and sunroom. The owners, Jimmie and Linda Miller, have given the home a sense of warmth and charm. Lyda Roberts Madden will be on hand for the day to tell of her life growing up in this wonderful house in the heart of Minden's historic district.



After the Monzingo's died, Mrs. Mildred Whitfield bought this home & may have lived in it for a while. They were Mr. Kirtley Miles was married to the daughter of the oe Grover Monzingo                  24 Jan 1885           25 Dec 1953

Mary Lou WILLIS Monzingo        10 May 1886          08 Apr 1976

Page 61, Section B

Mary Lee Monzingo              08 Aug 1912           04 Dec 1994

G. S. Monzingo                    24 Jun 1903           07 Dec 1978

Eris Monzingo Miles was born 18 June 1907,

Kirtley J. Miles was born 25 Dec. 1904 died 01 Nov. 1993.

They are buried in Section F in the Minden City Cemetery.

                                                                                 PA2816 Issac Murrell House Pennsylvania Ave. Built in 1843

Compliments of La. State University - Shreveport Archives & Special Collections  PA2816   

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

PA2970 Murrell Home was the oldest house in Minden, La.

Compliments of La. State University - Shreveport Archives & Special Collections  PA2816    262

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

According to John Agan, Webster Parish Historian this home was built by Drury Murrell and was the home of  B. J. Griffith. It was later sold to the Hortman family. For many years it served as a funeral home. The house burned in the seventies. For more information on the history of this  home see Images of America Minden by John Agan.

                                                                                   Section A West Minden City Cemetery

Eva Phillips Griffith born 29 Nov. 1871 died 23 Apr. 1923; S. W. Phillips born 19 Jan. 1877 dienbsp;                                             

                                                                         Section A West Minden City Cemetery

Eva Phillips Griffith born 29 Nov. 1871 died 23 Apr. 1923; S. W. Phillips born 19 Jan. 1877 died 27 Mar. 1898; W.M. Phillips born 12 May 1844 died 25 Oct. 1924; Mary A. Phillips born 22 Sep. 1842 died 19 Nov. 1911; Eva PHILLIPS Murrell  born 24 Dec. 1974 died 08 Jan. 1958.

                                                                             Section B Minden City Cemetery

Benjamin Franklin Griffin born 08 March 1867 died 05 Oct. 1960; Mary Emma Griffith born 22 Mar. 1931 died 26 Aug. 1933; Inez Gladden Griffith born 15 July 1893 died 25 Nov. 1992; Benjamin Paul Griffith born 30 Apr. 1963 died 10 Nov. 1931.        

This appears to be the same picture as P2816

PA2819 Issac Murrell House Pennsylvania Ave. Built In 1843

Compliments of La. State University - Shreveport Archives & Special Collections  PA2816    262

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115-2399

Section A East Minden City Cemetery

James D. Harper born 1 Feb. 1869 died  12 Nov. 1931; Ettie MURRELL Harper born 14 Aug. 1970 died 12 Nov. 1931; James D. Harper Jr. born 03 Jun. 1902 died 23 May 1905; John O. Harper born 01 Oct. 1909 died  1912; Margaret L. Harper born 10 Jan. 1912 died 14 Apr. 1920.

                                                                  Section A Southeast Minden City Cemetery

Martha Murrell 26 Jan. 1844 died 10 Nov. 1844; John Murrell born 01 Aug. 1845; O. B. Murrell born 01 Jun. 1851 died 21 Dec. 1854; C. B. Murrell born 28 July 1856 died 20 Apr. 1857;.Harland born 14 Jan. 1854 died 17 Aug. 1861; Inf. s/o D & E Murrell (No Dates) ; Flora Lizzie Watkins 25 Sep. 1881 - 12 Sep. 1881 d/o John T & Lizzie M. Watkins; Willie Murrell 23 April 1861 died 18 Jan. 1890  wife of Drury Murrell born 07 Sep. 1818 died 23 Jun. 1884; Dana Watkins  died 11 May 1916 daughter of J. T. and L. M. Watkins; Elizabeth Murrell Watkins born 23 Jan. 1858 died 26 Feb. 1921; John Thomas Watkins born 15 Jan. 1854 died 25 Apr. 1925.

                                                                                    Section A South Minden City Cemetery

Mary Ann NEAL Murrell wife of Joseph H. Murrell born 22 Jun. 1831 died 07 Nov. 1917; Mary Lizzie MURRELL Richmond daughter of Dr. J. H. & M. A. Murrell; wife of N. T. Richmond born 10 Dec. 1852 died 19 Aug. 1879; Infant daughter of  N. T. & M. L. Richmond; Leila MURRELL Traylor born 25 Aug. 1850 died 29 Dec. 1943; John Neal Murrell born 15 Aug. 1858 died 04 Apr. 1906.

                                                                                     Section A West Minden City Cemetery

Eva PHILLIPS Murrell born 24 Dec. 1874 died 08 Jan. 1958



        Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd

Sadie Reynolds Home, 215 Pearl Street



Thelma A. Rushing shares a marker in the Garden of Memories with Marion D. Rushing with Marion D. (1895-1975) Garden of Memories in the Garden of Faith in section 1, row 3 (no dates).

This home was originally located at 507 East and West.  It was moved  to make room for the parking area at the Webster Parish Library.  Mrs. Rushing was still living a and did not want to move out of her home. 



The Rock House on the Homer Road had quite a bit of history of MHS alumni.
The house was built by Turner Almond (Class of 1927) around 1937.  It was the home of Gwendolyn Almond (Class of 1950), Jamie Almond (Class of 1953) and Turner Almond, Jr. (Class of 1957). Marriages in the home included Gwendolyn to Billy D. McKellar; Jamie to Robert E. Gaither (Class of 1951--Deceased 1998) and Mary G. Almond (Class of 1929--Deceased 2004) to Cortez Garrett.  In either late 1999 or 2000, the rocks and bricks were removed; the house, garage and barn were all moved to a location just off the Old Arcadia Road (believed to be at the end of Zack Trail) and the original rocks and bricks were replaced.


                                                                  P2788  262 JUDGE SANDLIN HOME, MINDEN, LOUISIANA

Compliments of Archives and Special Collections La. State University - Shreveport

One University Place, Shreveport, La. 71115 - 3300

The Sandlin house was on the southeast corner of First and Broadway, where today the First Baptist Church has a parking lot. the house was torn down in 1977. The house just past the Sandlin home (actually it was the Jack Crichton home, John Sandlin married Jack Crichton's widow, Emma) is the English house. That house was torn down so the First Baptist Church could build its "new" building in 1924. Today that is the site of the FBC Family Life Center on the southwest corner of First and Broadway.     John Agan

Section A West Minden City Cemetery - Judge John Sandlin was born 24 Feb. 1872 died 25 Dec. 1957; Buried near him is Ruth Reams Sandlin born 03 Feb. 11878 died 28 Mar. 1911; Infant Ruth Sandlin born 19 Mar. 1911 died 10 Apr. 1911 and John N. Sandlin Jr. born 03 May 1900 died 19 Apr. 1960 Sgt. US Army WWI & WWII.

Emma Lou Crichton Sandlin is Interred in Section B West . She was born 20 Nov. 1872 and died 11 Sep. 1955. Judge John Sandlin is in Section A West. I could not locate a monument for Jack Crichton. I wonder if it was  lost in the 1933 storm?



This was the home of Dr. & Mrs. Sentell home at Pennsylvania Avenue.  Current owners are Richard & Joyce Humphries Carey.

She was a grade school teacher for Webster parish school district and taught third graders.

 Read more about her under Class of teachers obits.

409 East & West Miss Susan Schoenbrodt Home

This home was owned by her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. & Mrs. Baker.

Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd


This was the A. C. Smith home in the 40's and 50's.  Their daughter was Lillie Ann Smith who graduated from MHS in 1959. 

                        Today this is the law office of Roy M. Lilly, Jr.  This is the "rock house" on South Broadway.


The Spanish Court Apartments were located down the hill from Minden High School going toward town.

Submitted by Gary Matthews, September 2000

PA2653 Minden, La. Residential section Dan Stewart home on left - 1910  See Judge Sandlifind for the Crichton family. members in the Minden City Cemetery.                                                                                                                        

Never was a Stewart home. It was built by Jack Crichton and his wife, Emma Palmer Crichton. Her brother, Milo Palmer, built on the property behind the house. Jack Crichton died during the first ten years of the 1900s. After John Sandlin's first wife, Ruth Reams (her family next door to the Sugg House in a home that was torn down before 1920 and replaced by the Glass/McInnis house that is there today) died in childbirth in 1911, John Sandlin married Emma Palmer Crichton. They were married until her death in 1955. After she died the Crichton family tried to get him evicted, but he won the case. However, he had moved out of the house when he died on Christmas Day, 1957. Somehow H. O. West ended up owning the home and he donated it to the First Baptist Church in 1960, in exchange for the church making a sizeable donation to Louisiana College. We used the home for Sunday School classes until we built our new building in 1977, the Sandlin house was torn down that year.
The other house in this picture, across First Street (it was actually "I" street but got transcribed incorrectly on a map), is the English home. Mrs. English was a Crichton, a sister to Jack Crichton. Her daughter married a McCrary. The English house was bought by First Baptist in 1924 and the house was torn down so we could build our 1925 church building on that site. J. Agan

Jessie Wilson Crichton born 01 May 1859 died 29 Sep. 1929; Adam Henry Crichton born 09 Mar. 1853 died 29 Sep. 1929; Henry D. Crichton born 06 Sep. 1881 died 04 May 1882 son of A.H. & Jessie Crichton; Jessie Wilson Crichton born 23 Sep. 1880 died 05 Oct. 1880 d/o A. H. & Jessie Crichton.

Milo Palmer born 10 Jun. 1869 died 02 Jun. 1931; Milo Toombs Palmer born 18 Aug. 1909 died 11 Dec. 1869Laura May Palmer born 02 May 1884 died 01 May 1980; Milo Palmo born 10 Jun 1869 died 01 Mar. 1980.

Emma Lou Crichton born 20 Nov. 1862 died 11 Sep. 1955

William Douglas English was born 23 Nov. 1849 died 09 Jan. 1924; Mollie Crichton English born 1860 died 1935; English infant son of W.D. & M.C. English (No dates.)

Mrs. M. A. Crichton born 12 May 1820 died 28 Dec. 1903; Sarah Crichton born 09 May 1849 died 30 Mar. 1884; George P. Crichton born 29 Oct. 1839 died 10 Sep. 1861; William Crichton born 15 Aug. 1841 died 06 Jun. 1862;

Thomas Crichton born 1846 died 1918; Kate Jackson wife of Thomas DCrichton born 1865 died 1946; Thomas Crichton Jr. born 1886 died 1972; Bunnie Hayes Crichton born 1890 died 1975 wife of Thomas Crichton, Jr.; John Grider born 1879 died 1963; Kate Crichton Gridler born 1888 died 1965 wife of J. G. Gridler; John Gridler born 1879 died 1963.

Thomas Crichton III born 20 Jan. 1917 died 04 Dec. 1989; Mary Murff (wife) born 10 Aug. 1919 died 20 May 1983.

                                &nb died 1965 wife of J. G. Gridler; John Gridler born 1879 died 1963.

         Thomas Crichton III born 20 Jan. 1917 died 04 Dec. 1989; Mary Murff (wife) born 10 Aug. 1919 died 20 May 1983.

I went  to the tax assessor's office today to find out who owns the Spanish Courts Apartment complex on West Union.  I discovered a couple of interesting things.
The Ted Polks, descendants of the Fuller's, who currently own the Fuller house, own all the property on that side of West Union from the frame house behind the apt. house where Avice Foret lived all the way past the Fuller house to the location of the first commercial business on that street.  And the creek that crosses West Union just behind the Spanish Courts is VEEDER CREEK.                   

Ann Mays Harlan


                                THE SPILLERS - BANKS HOME                          


This is the Howard Spillers Home on Elm St.


This looks like a house out of Better Homes and Gardens.



Stewart Home on East and West


Sugg-Vance Home  

Tommy Sugg inherited this home from his Aunt Bell Vance.

Source: Minden - Press herald
Monday, April 14, 2003

Thomas Sugg
Graveside services for Mr. Thomas C. Sugg, 80, will be held at 2 p.m.
Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at Minden Cemetery with the Rev. Everett Geis
officiating and the Rev. Gary Knighton assisting. Services are under
the direction of Rose-Neath Funeral Home in Minden.

Mr. Sugg, a native of Minden and a resident of Heflin, passed away
Sunday, April 13, in Shreveport. He was an electrician.

He is survived by his wife Louise Sugg of Heflin; Billy Sugg of
Heflin, and Jerry Stiles of Heflin; daughter, Melanie Gibson of
Heflin; six grandchildren, Jeremy and Thomas Robertson, Cody Gibson,
Jason Stiles, Robert Bruce Stiles, and Chris Walker; five
great-grandchildren; nephew, William Stocking; and niece, Winonah

Mr. Sugg sold the home before his demise.

Robert Vance (Infant no dates);  BELLE PRATT VANCE born 1852 died 1933; Camille VANCE Huckins born 03 June 1884 died 02 Sep. 1972; John Vance Huckins born 10 June 1913 died 12 Aug. 1994; Betty Vance Huckins born 23 April 1910 died 26 April 1910; John Cal Vance born 25 May 1870 died 20 Dec. 1915 son of John C. & Helen Pratt Vance; Theo Vence Rendall born June 1881 died 08 April 1966; Collier Harrison Mingo born 24 March 1904 died 19 May 1938; N. K. Vance born 03 Jun 1884 died 15 Dec. 1952; Mollie A. E. Walker born 16 Jul. 1845 died 18 Mar. 1927 daughter of Allen Vance and Mary Chappel; Helen Prayy (Mother) born 04 Apr. 1850 died 10 May 1886 wife of John D. Vance born 25 Aug. 1843 no death date; Edward Alden Vance no dates

 Section A South  Minden City Cemetery

Mary Belle Sugg Daughter of W.A. & Alice Sugg born 22 Aug. 1884 died 26 Sept. 1885

Amelia STOCKING Sugg born 2 20 July 1912 died 15 Mar. 1979. Grace CHILDS Sugg born 18 Oct. 1889 died 24 Apr. 1958; William Clarence Sugg born 19 June 1877 died 31 Aug. 1938; William C. Sugg Jr. La. Lt. USNR WWII born 31 October 1921 died 03 March 1949.

The Sugg-Vance Home is presently owned and occupied by my niece and her husband - Shelley Simolke and Jay Christy.  They have 6 yr old twins-Parker and Amelia.  Shelley is the daughter of my brother, Albert "George" Simolke, Jr (class of 1963)  His wife, Shelley's mother, is the former Kay Rowland a graduate of Dubberly High School and Centenary College.
Added Note:  On the H.O. West House.  Herman and Gladys West had a daughter - Gloria (class of 1959) married to David Evans, President of Minden Bldg & Loan-also a graduate of the class of 1959.
Correction to Your Notes of the Jack Batton House.  It has the information from the J.D. & Maxine Batton Family.  J.D. was Jack's brother  and a past Sheriff of Webster Parish.  J.D. & Maxine & children, Roger, John & Karen were my neighbors growing up.  They 1st lived on Pine Street before buying land from my dad (Albert Simolke) and building on the Homer Road.  This location is now a shopping center.
Beverly Simolke Bryce ('59)


                                                                             The Frank B. Treat Home 

                    Built about 1870 by Clarence Chaffee, later Baptist parsonage

MINDEN CITY CEMETERY - SECTION B  MINDEN - Hanna Lovelace Treat born 14 Sep. 1972 died 24 Oct. 1977, Frank B. Treat Sr. born 01 Sep. 1893 died 12 May 1972, Helen Brown Treat born 18 Sep. 1897 died 22 Jun. 1983; Frank B. Treat Jr born 10 Nov. 1923 died 22 June 1983.   

                                    PA2762 Bobby Murrell & Back Street, ca 1940

Compliments of Archives and Special Collections - La State University, One University Place, Shreveport, La71115-2399

There is a grave for Bobby Turner in section A of the Minden City Cemetery born 07 Jan. 1881 died 19 Jan. 1960. Buried beside him is Camilla born 07 June 1884 died 16 Mar. 1978.  Also in the plot is Goldie Jacobs Turner born 11 Jul. 1921 died 14 Oct. 1983 and Robert Berry Turner born 15 Jan. 1921.



                                                                     Sons: Bill and Lorenzo

                                            VAN PEENE - DUTTON - DOZE HOME (See also the Dutton Home)


      Minden City Cemetery Section F -  I find markers for Fernand Jules Van Peene 1893-1972  and

                                  Roma B. 1902-1991. They had two daughters Annette and Jeanne.


                                   JOHN T. & LIZZIE MURRELL WATKINS HOME ON COLLEGE STREET BURNED  IN 1943

P1793  Burned. 262 ca 1943.

Compliments of Louisiana State University Shreveport Archives & Special Collections

One University Place Shreveport, Louisiana 71115 - 2399

There is a church where this home once stood on college street.

Section A Southeast Minden City Cemetery

Martha Murrell Born 26 Jan. 1844 died 10 Nov. 1844; John Murrell born 04 Aug. 1844; O. B. Murrell born 01 Jun. 1851 died 21 Dec. 1854; C. B. Murrell born 28 July died 20 Apr. 1857; Harland born 14 Jan. 1854 died 17 Aug. 1861 Infant son of D & E Murrell no dates (d/o D. & E. Murrell).                                                                                                               

Flora Lizzie Watkins born 25 Sep. 1881 died 12 Sep. 1889 daughter of John T. & Lizzie M. Watkins; Willie Murrell born 23 Apr. 1861 died 18 Jan. 1890; Elizabeth Murrell born 17 Oct. 1894. Drury Murrell born 07 Sep. 1818 died 23 Jun. 1884; Dana Watkins died 11 May 1916 daughter of J. T. and L. M. Watkins.

                                                      Section A South Minden City Cemetery

Flora Glenn Watkins born 25 August 1896 died 05 Nov. 1977; Jno D. W. Watkins born 1828 died 1895; Mrs. M. F. W. Watkins born 1834 died 1899.

                                                          Section E Minden City Cemetery

Robert Dyer Watkins born 20 Jan. 1905 died 11 Apr. 1949; Magdaline Amiss Watkins born 22 July 1940. The death date in the book is 23 July 1940. There is room for another grave in this plot. His wife was named Marie Amiss Watkins. She may still be living as there is no grave for her.

John Ridley Watkins is buried next to his wife Eloise Sanders Watkins.  His dates are 21 May 1898 - 04 Apr 1965. 
Lynella Watkins Toadvin (John Watkins' sister) is buried next to her husband Clyde Toadvin.  Her dates are 29 Mar 1903-19 April 1987.  The Clyde Toadvin Watkins listed in the book is an error.  It is Clyde Toadvin born 01 January 1895 died 22 March 1974.

                                                                  THE WATKINS HOME

The Watkins House is now the home of Patsy Kleinger & Charles "Bo" Drake

The Drake Home

Watkins House--Minden (Webster) Class: Building
Feature(s): Architecture:Colonial Revival , Architecture:Queen Anne , Listing:National Register , Ownership:Private
Detail(s): The Primary Certification Status is 'Date Received/Pending Nomination'.
Places : Minden, (-Webster) LA

Marilyn Watkins grew up in this home. Her parents are interred in Section E of the Minden City Cemetery. Robert Dyer Watkins born 20 Jan. 1905 died 11 April 1949.He was married but one known time to Miss Marie Amiss Watkins of Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

Section A south: Flora Glenn Watkins born 25 August 1896 died 05 Nov. 1977, Jno D.W. Watkins born 1828 died 1895, Mrs. M.F.W. Watkins born 1834 died 1899.

Ella Gladney Watkins Section A West born 1872 died 1960.

Elizabeth Murrell Watkins born 23 January 1859 died 26 Feb. 1921.  Jonn Thomas Watkins born 15 January 1854 died 25 April 1925.  Dana Watkins, daughter J.T. & L.M. Watkins died 11 May 1916. Flora Lizzie Watkins born 25 Sep. 1861 died 1889 dau. of John T. and Lizzie M. Watkins. Also in the same plot are the Murrell's.

Willie Murrell born 23 Apr. 1861 died 18 Jan. 1890. Elizabeth Murrell wife of Drury Murrell born 17 Oct. 1823 died 07 May 1894. Dr


                                             PA2795 JUNIUS WEBB HOME ON EAST AND WEST , MINDEN, LA. BUILLT IN 1861

                                                                     Webb -  McDaniel Home

                                                     Archives and Special Collection LSU State University - Shreveport

                                                         One University Place,  Shreveport, Louisiana, 71115-2399



The photo you have as the old photo from LSU Library, is NOT before we remodeled.  In fact this picture was made just few years ago.  I DO HAVE an old picture that Dean Hodges gave me and it is on the Historic Residential site.       Photo and message submitted by:  Carolyn Sale McDaniel


                                                                  WEBB - MC DANIEL HOME

                                                                   413 East & West Street

413 East and West Street The Webb Home dates of construction vary from 1850-1854 by Junius Webb. This home was built as a town home for the family before he went to the Civil War. The Webb family lived 18 miles from Minden.

     The Webb-McDaniel Home located at 413 East & West Street was built with slave labor as a town house in the Federal Design by Junius Y. Webb, a prominent merchant and planter of what was at that time Claiborne Parish. Estimated dates of construction vary from 1850-1854. Williamson Jones, Parish Surveyor, map of 1851 shows J.Y. Webb as the owner of this location approximately 373’ wide x 533’ deep. Webb Court is shown on the survey and is said to have been the original carriage drive to the rear of the house. The house is distinctive in that it has three stories on two levels, for the original hand hewed random width cypress boards on the front gallery, its solid 3 inch thick cypress interior walls and the original hand made doors and facings over the windows. Three of the original four fireplaces remain. Their small size seems to indicate that they may have used coal, which though low in quality was available in the area, as a fuel. This home has had only three owners. The last Webb family occupants of the house were Captain Webb’s two elderly unmarried daughters, Ida and Sally and their youngest brother ,Stephen, who required special care. Upon their death, M.P. Hodges purchased it from the Webb family and resided there until 1968 when it was purchased by the present owner Carolyn McDaniel and her husband at that time, Joe Warren, and preserved just prior to being demolished. She and her present husband ,Jim , now occupy and maintain the home. The basic plan is the same as originally built.

     Junius Y. Webb was born in Marengo County, Ala., on July 22, 1832, and was a son of Samuel S. and Ann M. (Dickens) Webb, both natives of North Carolina. When still a young man and before achieving his majority he had successfully established himself in the mercantile business.

      In October 1854 he married Miss Annie E. Grigsby, a native of Alabama and daughter of Dr. Samuel Grigsby. After his marriage, Mr. Webb continued as a merchant and planter. During the Civil War, he enlisted in 1862 in an independent cavalry company, the Minden Rangers. At the reorganization of the company in 1863, First Sergeant Webb was elected Captain, serving in that capacity until the close of the war.

     Captain Webb’s primary residence is said to have been located about 18 miles north of town at Flat Lick Plantation ,where he farmed large acreage, and it was here that he sent his family to be cared for by his slaves during the war. The town house remained vacant until his return at wars end.

     At the close of the war Captain Webb continued as a successful merchant and planter. He owned many very large tracts of land. Some that extended to Red River. Court records reflect his involvement in sale and purchase many acres in this area. Mineral analysis of some of this land showed fifty-two per cent iron ore which was said to be of the quality needed for the manufacture of steel. Captain Webb was anxious to have this mineral developed, but did not succeed in getting support for the project. He and his son Samuel G. Webb founded Webb Hardware & Mercantile in which Samuel was active until his death in 1954.

     Captain and Mrs. Webb had 12 children: an unnamed infant who died at birth, Annie, Ida, Samuel Grigsby, Mary Irene, Sally, Junius Young, Mildred, John Webb, Eva, Rhydon Dickens and Stephen Webb. Captain Webb and family, with the exception of the youngest child , were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

      Records indicate that in addition to his business responsibilities Captain Webb also served as Alderman and Treasurer of the Town of Minden for many years.

      His wife Annie died August 03, 1906 and he died two years later on August 04, 1908. They and several of their children are buried in a fenced plot in the Old Minden Cemetery.

     He was considered one of the most reliable and trusted men in the parish.

"The Monroe News-Star"

Tuesday, April 12, 1910

Page 8, Column 2

Burial of Robert Webb.

Minden, April 12.

The burial here Sunday afternoon of the remains of Robert B. Webb, only son of Junius Y. Webb, and wife, Lena Bridger Webb, of Dallas, Texas, who died on Saturday (sic) morning last at Austin, Texas, where he was just completing the last few weeks of his collegiate course, was the cause of a great deal of sorrow and aroused a sympathy most profound in the hearts of Minden's citizens here, where the family is so well known, respected and loved. Handsome, intelligent, loyal to truth, duty and uncompromising in his defense of right, Robert was the embodiment of a pure, well developed manhood, who amid changes of scene and association maintained unsullied the beautiful character developed at home by a fond father and mother, and the sweet association with a loved and only sister. Capt. Junius Y. Webb, merchant, Minden, La. The business position occupied by Capt. Webb in this community is such, that in depicting the commercial interests of Minden it would be manifestly impossible to omit mention of an institution that adds so materially to the stability and representative enterprise of that city. He is one of the oldest merchants and most public-spirited men in Webster Parish. The Captain was born in Marengo County, Ala., on July 22, 1832, and is a son of Samuel S. and Ann M. (Dickens) Webb, both natives of North Carolina. There he made his home until 1862, when he came to Louisiana, and died in what is now Webster Parish in 1863. His wife died in Mississippi while on a visit to a daughter in 1860. They were the parents of six sons and two daughters, all of whom grew to mature years and became heads of families. All the brothers, with the exception of our subject, were physicians and very successful practitioners, being men of superior education. Capt. J. Y. Webb passed his boyhood and youth in Alabama, secured a good education in the high schools of his State, and when quite a young man, and before arriving at his majority, he engaged in the mercantile business at Sumterville. On October, 1854, while a resident of Alabama, he was married to Miss Anna E. Grigsby, a native of the same State and daughter of Dr. Samuel Grigsby. After his marriage Capt. Webb, continued merchandising in Alabama up to 1855, when he closed out and moved to Louisiana, where he began tilling the soil in Webster Parish. In 1858 he located in Minden, embarked in mercantile pursuits again, and this carried on up to the breaking out of the war. In 1862 he enlisted in an independent cavalry company, the Minden Rangers, composed of some of the best citizens of Minden, a number of whom has since become men of more than local renown. This company served first as Gen. Frank Armstrong's escort, after that with Gen. W. H. Jackson. At the reorganization of the company in 1863 Mr. Webb was elected captain, serving in that capacity until the close of the war. During the latter part of the service he was on the staff of Gen. Scott, as inspector. He is considered one of the most reliable business men of Webster parish. He owns quite a tract of land in this parish, which is very rich with iron ore, some of which the Captain had analyzed, and which showed fifty-two per cent of iron of superior quality. It is said to be a quality for the manufacture of steel. Capt. Webb is anxious to have this mineral developed, but being several miles from the railroad he has not succeeded in getting the proper parties to take hold with him in its development. To Capt. And Mrs. Webb have been born nine children: Ida, Samuel G. (a merchant in Minden), Sally, Junius, Mildred Watson (wife of Standley Watson), John, Eva, Rhydon and Stephen. Capt. Webb and family, with the exception of the youngest child, are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


                           WEBB - HUTTON - RATHBUN HOME

Minden City Cemetery Section A West

The home of Samuel G. Webb was constructed around 1909. It was inherited by his daughter, Juliet and her husband Charles Alden Rathbun Sr. born 21 Jan. 1915 died 06 Feb. 1991.  Juliet Hutton Rathbun born 4 Sep 1914. Also in Section A West: Samuel G. Webb  born 7 Oct. 1856 died 15 Aug. 1954. Wife Sallie D. born 22 Feb. 1857 died 20 Nov. 1911.Also in Section A West is Juliet W. Hutton born 24 Sep. 1885 died 31 Aug. 1957 and C. Marion Hutton born 05 Mar. 1874 died 29 Aug. 1956 born Pea Ridge, Ala. d Chattanoga, TN..

This is Mrs. Samuel G.(Sally) Webb and her daughter Mrs.C. Marion ( Juliet ) Hutton

                                  Archives and Special Collection LSU State University - Shreveport

                                         One University Place,  Shreveport, Louisiana, 71115-2399


                                                                                    THE H. O. WEST HOME


      This home was built by H.O. West, the owner of West Brothers Department Store. I thought it   was one of  the prettiest homes in Minden when I was a young girl.

Section G. of the Minden City Cemetery there are markers for Gladys T. West born 18 October 1906 died 13 December 1989 and Herman O. West born 19 May 1900 died 20 August 1981.A daughter, Gloria grew up in this home. They also had a son, Claude who married a sister to Cortez David Cupples.  

*Herman and Gladys West had daughter Gloria (Class of 1959) married to David Evans, President of Minden Bldg. & Loan a graduate of 1959

* Compliments of Beverly Simolke Bryce

                                                             THE WHITFIELD HOUSE

Lewisville Road

(Submitted by Earlene Mendenhall Lyle)

Annetta Baker's birthday party with Carole Whitfield's house in the background.  L to R:  Earlene Mendenhall, Betty Lou Norwood, Mary Jane Adams, Betty Fritz, Carole Whitfield, Annetta Baker, and Mary Jane Adams. 

In 1937 The Tom Moore family was renting this house. They had to move when Mr. & Mrs. Charles Louise Whitfield purchased the house from the Green Realty Company in 1942/3. Mrs. E. Mildred Moore Whitifield celebrated her 100th birthday this year. She died November 24, 2003. Services held November 26 at 2p.m.

Charles Louis Whitfield was born 24 August 1902 and died 6 January 1973. He was a Louisiana Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He is interred in the Gardens of Memory on row 4, section 2, Garden of Faith. Their daughter, Carol L. Whitfield born 1936 died 1986 is buried nearby. Her daughter Linda Carol Kirkland born 18 Oct. 1955 died 1999 is buried next to her. Charles Louise Whitfield, Jr. (twin to Carl L. Whitefield) born in 1936 is also deceased but his resting place is unknown to the compiler.

Essie Mildred Moore Whitfield died Nov. 24, 2003
Funeral services for Mrs. Essie Mildred Moore Whitfield, 100, will be held at Rose-Neath Funeral Home in Minden with Dr. Rick May officiating. Burial will follow at Gardens of Memory Cemetery.
Mrs. Whitfield, a native of Lexington, Miss., and a resident of Minden, passed away Monday, Nov. 24, in Minden. She was a retired registered nurse.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Louis Whitfield; son, Charles Whitfield; and daughter, Carol Whitfield.
She is survived by her son, Tim Whitfield Sr. and wife Brenda of Minden; 12 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.
Pallbearers will be Daniel Larroux, Scott Toland, Chris Toland, Trey Laborde, Cody Laborde, and Scott Coker.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Thomas O born 26 Dec. 1893 died 12 Sep. 1973 in section J of the Minden City Cemetery . He was a private in the Air Service during WWI.  His wife is interred next to him. Hazel Robinson Moore born 15 Jan. 1907 died 13 August 1966. Thomas Omer Moore Jr. born 19 March 1931 died 1950 was PFC 21sst. Inf. 24 Inf Div. Korea PH., Gloria Moore Curry was born in 1927 and died in 1979. Also in the Moore plot is Ray Quade born March 13, 1931 died 27 November 1997.