He was born Robert B. Miller, the son of Carolyn Murth Miller Dutton and
Bernard Miller. He was one of three children. He had a twin brother; Ronald,
and a half sister, Carol Dutton.

Robert played right end and sometimes shared this position with Drew
Simmons. The late Clifford Taylor played left end.

He played football at San Angelo State University. Graduated At TCU in
1962 where he majored in Education. He received his BS Degree in Math and

Robert was in the USAF Reserves for seven years at Coswell AFB. His twin
joined the US Marines.

Since 1981 Robert has been in business for himself as an Independent
Petroleum Landman in Dallas, Texas. He previously worked in the oil business
in Fort Worth, Houston and Dallas. Prior to his participation in the oil industry he
taught math and science in the Ft. Worth Independent School District and sold
insurance for a few years. His hobbies include golf, fishies and traveling.
He enjoys all sports as a spectator.

His favorite memory was the "Cross Blocking Scheme" Red Conkright developed
for Robert and Bobby Hudson. They ran that play time after time. Jerry Frasier
would carry the ball and make ten yards every time. Robert and Bobby would throw
their bodies against the other teams blockers and knock them down. They would
even grab their feet.

Robert was not only tough he was voted most handsome boy in the TIde Talk
in 1955.