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Rocky Comfort School and Church

Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd


This smaller picture was submitted by Linda Moorehead & LeVerne Kidd on 6/13/05. The larger picture was missing 2 students.

To find the school location, go out the Homer Road about one mile past Wal-Mart. Turn left on Miller Road. Go about 3 mi. to the first blacktop road on the left. This is called Sugar Creek Road. At the corner of Sugar Creek Road and Miller Road there is a historical marker made from local rocks and a plaque with the school name.

Charles Miller, (Class of 1953 or 1952) grew up on this road. son of Charles and Kay Wright Miller's son, Michael, lives near the old homeplace with his family. Charles' mother lived there until her death.

Compliments of LeVerne Langheld Kidd