RONNIE - Mr. Cool in his 1957 Ford in 1958


                          Ronnie - 1963 pontiac Le mmans 326 engine with floor shift

                                       taken at Caney Lake by Mack Pevy





The tripplets graduated in 1982 .They are still the only IDENTICAL TRIPLETS" that attenended MHS.By the way there wasn't any fertility drugs at that time.(it was brute muscle)
Ronnie 1961


Ronnie Hennigan of Cotton Valley will be busy this Fathers day and that is that is an understatement. Since Todd, Tim and Tracy identical triplets came home from the hospital. Ronnie has stayed busy around the clock. The triplets were born on the 17trh day of March 1964 in the Minden Sanitarium. to Ronnie 21 and Carolyn 19. Carolyn had three weeks notice from her Doctor (Dr. Tom Richardson) that the baby she was expecting (her first) would be accompanied by two more than she had planned on. Says Carolyn "When the doctor told me I cried." Her husband bravely cheered her up and they both had time to get use to the idea before the triplets arrived. They were living in a small apartment in Minden at the time and that wouldn't do. They have since moved to a bungalow in Cotton Valley, and Ronnie commutes to his job at the La. Army Ammunition Plant near Minden. His Dad is Mr. C. R .Hennigan, a Deputy Sheriff. Ronnie's Mom is Mrs. Lura Hennigan of Minden, a preacher, artist and piano teacher. The triplets maternal grand mother is Mrs. Gladys Oller of Springhill. The young parents are still somewhat bewildered over their houseful of babies, but are learning to cope. There are twenty-one bottles of formula to be mixed everyday and about six dozen diapers to be laundered.  They are on a 2 1/2 hour feeding schedule and nobody got any sleep today. Todd weighed 2.5 lbs; Tim 3.12lbs; and Tracy 3.14lbs. As of 1991 they were the only identical triplets born in Minden High School. The odds of having triplets in 1964  was 560,000 to 1. Says Ronnie "We should have gone to the horse races."

Dr. Richardson also delivered Ronnie, his siblings David, and sister, Sharon Hennigan Waters. Says Ronnie "Charlie was delivered by Dr. Bloom under a tree in Bienville Parish, Louisiana."  Says Sharon "They weighed Charlie on cotton scales and shod him at the blacksmith's. It was waaay out in Bienville Parish. My folks sure were glad to get Charlie to town." He weighed 12 lbs. Labor started early one evening but joy did not come until dawn the next morning.

Charlie's uncle once told him that he was the son of a son of a share croppers son

This Picture of the Old Webster Parish Courthouse with the

Electric Co. black truck in the left hand corner has the the

phone number 82 on it.

Old court house - where Ronnie's Dad, C. R. Hennigan was deputy Sheriff. Notice the black truck at the bottom left of the picture is a 1939 Chevrolet. We think it has Samuel Electric Phone number 82 on it.

                                     Triplets -Innocent

             Ronnie standing behind his sons Todd, Tim and Tracy

                      Triplets - Not so Innocent

                          Todd, Tim and Tracy

My youngest son, Colby Hennigan,  Masters in Science


Todd and wife, Jody.  He's the oldest of the triplets by three minutes.

Tracy is the youngest.

Family outing Picture 1 - Motorcycle trip to Canada

The first three people are Jody Todd Ronnie Miram and Tim . .

The Hennigan Family Outing Picture 2 ,Motorcycle Trip To Canada

Todd & wife, Jody on left, Ronnie's wife, Miram in middle Tim in back

far right is Ronnie. He and Miram and the triplets have traveled

all over the U.S. During the week Ronnie owns his own anti-pest company

in Springhill, Louisiana.


                                    2005 Motor Maids, Inc.

J. C. "Pappy" Hoel Lifetime Achievement Award & Hall of Fame

                     Sturgis SD -  Miram Hennigan, Member


Bangs, Alberto, Canada

Todd & Jody, Tim Hennigan and Ronnie Hennigan

               Ronnie and Miram  in Wyoming

This photo was taken in 2005 somewhere in the Rockies.

 Tim,  Ronnie, Jody,Todd,& Miram

         Johnny Ross David, Class of 1961

        Arthur "Fungus" Frazier, Class of 1960

A. C. McEachern, Class of 1956.  Bo Lee, David Nadrachal, and A. C. all

joined the marines the same year.

            Ronnie and his Peaceful Get-A-Way


               Ronnie Hennigan - 20 year reunion

                   Robert Lee in the background

      Ronnie, Miriam, & Todd on a vacation Trip to Wyoming

                                September 2007

Miriam and Ronnie on Beartooth Hwy in Wyoming