I went to Aunt Margritte Burrell funeral and saw Charlie Mary Nell and Margie which I haven't seen in 30 plus years.

I went to Joes funeral at Calvary Baptist church I don't remember much about him as he was older. I also went

to Margret's sister's funeral Neta Burrell. that was Larry and Stanleys mom. Stanley is deceased. Also Nancy's mom.

Steve Fomby is a LSU Medical Center police in Shreveport.  The black that pulled the wagon Was named Will I think.

He had A wife named (chatty). She was part Indian and did  our washing and ironing. There was another black man

named Hot Tomale Jim.  He came through Oak Ridge selling hot tomales. He carried them in an insulated water cooler

and he would ring A bell as he came through. Hot tamales were  A dime a dozen.

     I do remember the Hobo's. Larry Stanley and Walter Anderson would visit their camp. It was located near

 the sewerage plant . Mr. Mobley ran the place. That was Pete's and Jeanne's dad. Mr. Mobley was a fisherman and at times

 he would have 35lbs. cat fish in A huge tank behind his house.

      Larry Burrell lived in the basement of his Aunt Margritte's house while he finished  his last two years of high school

 at MHS It was a cool place to hang out.

 out. Larry and I were best friends. I saw him at our 45'th reunion. He has done well financially.

      Wouldn't you like to go under the Hennigan house and the Anderson house and read the graffito we wrote on the floor

seals. And don't forget the game we played "kick the can".

     Tommy Farrow had 3 sisters Pat, Fay we called her (Shugg) and Betty Rhea.  We lived at 222 W. Roosevelt and they lived 3 houses up the

 hill on the same side of the road. His dad's name was Earl. He worked at the saw mill behind Oak Ridge down by the railroad tracks. He drove

Cadillac's and  fished all the time. When he came around the curve by our house you could here him whistling all the way home. He had a peach

 orchard behind his house  and needless to say he didn't get many peaches because we beat him to them. The  Burrell's lived across the road

 from the Farrows.

   Thanks for the Oak Ridge memories.


                                        Ronnie Hennigan
I was pleased to read Ronnie Hennigan's memories of Oak Ridge. I, too, remember Hot Tamale Jim, (tho I didn't realize that was his

 name. ) I think he must be the same man that sold tamales on the streets of 'downtown' Minden, particularly on Saturdays. That was when

 Mom and Dad would take us  to town for the day. Mother would buy groceries and shop, we would go to the library next door, to the

 theater or  later to the skating rink on Main St. (I believe it replaced a movie theater.) The tamale man would sell his tamales out of a 5

 gallon bucket. Dad would buy a couple of dozen or so  tamales and we'd get ice cold coca colas from Fort's. A favorite place to go was

 Fort's Newsstand, for ice cream cones and comic books!Ronnie, you must remember Nita's Root beer stand. I think Larry Burrell worked

 there at one time.

                                                             Margie Roberts


When Ronnie Hennigan lived in Oak Ridge. He worked at Nita's Barb B-Q and liked to go to the Joy Drive-In. I think you will enjoy reading his Memories of Minden.


I do remember Nita's root beer stand. It still exist as Nita's. They have the best Bar B Q any where.Mike Powell ownes it . He was Nita's andJohn Powells son. Larry Burrell and I both worked there.That was my first paying job. It was orignally Neta's A&W rootbeer.We were car hops (no we didn't wear short skirts).I didn't remember Jims name but I do remember that he lived on east union in the curve across the street from Pevey's garage. He lived in A large red brick home.

Do you remember "Whitey" at Forts News Stand.  He Use to scoop our ice cream and he smoked a cigar down to the ring. John Forts daughter"Dusty" passed away A couple of years ago.She was married to A  J Price and he died about 9 months ago. They owned Western Auto inSpringhill'La.

Thanks for giving me Jim Lyons last name.

I was looking at the old joy drive inn theater pictures. They brought back good memories. I was 15 in 1958 and that was the place to go. We'll probably go to hell for this but we use to take the speakers that you hung on the windows and steal the small speakers inside them and make rear speakers for our cars. Use a toggle switch to change from back speaker to front speaker. Every one thought that was cool, after all rear speakers were a premium back in the day. Hey thought I would just pass that on!!!!

I also remember the ice trucks . they use to come through Oakridge and deliver ice We would run behind the truck and get the chuncks of ice that were chipped off the blocks. My mother was pentecostal and you know how they liked to gossip. We were at the Fairfield Aptments and mother and Mrs. Thornton were gossiping when the ice man was delivering ice. He had to take a 50lbs block up stairs. To say the least he wasn't happy. Mrs. Thornton had A daughter and son . Her name was Jewell and his name was Bubba Thornton. I would be interested if any one remembered them  She would be about 66 and he would be about 65. Also that is where Mrs. Puckett of Sanitary Dairy lived.


                                                      Ronnie Hennigan