Compliments of Stanley Sanders

  I grew up here on the farm. Oldest resident on Country Club Circle.  Richard (my brother) is the next oldest.  Have always been around tractors and machinery. We raise cows, hay, and trees. I have always been interested in old tractors.  Red tractors mostly, McCormicks, Farmalls and Internationals.   They let me out of Minden High School in 1968.   Went into the army as an engineer mechanic in 1969.  Spent my time in Germany.  Got out in March of 1972.  Joined the National Guard in Dec of 1972. Retired in April of 1992. I am very proud of the young guys that I helped to grow up in the guard. They came in out of high school and got out knowing how to do something like run a bulldozer, motor grader and other pieces of heavy equipment that they would not have had a chance to operate.  Got to go to Germany, Austria, France, England, Panama, Saudia, Arabia, Iraq, and various places in Louisiana.   Started trucking in 1973.  Bought my own truck in 1976. One of these days I may get on regular. The only states that I have not been to (in the lower 48) are New Hampshire and Rhode Island. I have been to New Brunswick, Ontario, and Quebec provinces in Canada.   I have been hauling tank car culverts, flatcars for bridges, picking up damaged cars at derailments to be repaired, and large tanks for the last 15 years.    I have to give credit to my father, Douglas Sanders for teaching my brother and me a lot.  He was very good at building things.  I have had to modify the trailers to haul various loads.   I also have to give a lot of credit to my wife, Judy for putting up with me for the last 26 years.



The Loveland Pass picture was on April 29, 2005.  It was 4 miles up in 2nd gear & 6 miles down in 2nd gear. I was waiting for the transmission to cool off.  My cooler was not working properly.  It got up to 320 degrees.  It is about 12,000 feet on top of the pass.  I was too tall to go through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70. Yes it was snowing up there.   The Lafayette picture was a 45,000 gallon tank that I moved about 5 miles to the rail yard in Lafayette, LA.  It went by rail to some where in North Dakota.

001.The first one( white tank) is in Lafayette, LA

002.The second one is on Loveland Pass.


003.. The 60,000 gallon tank, 11' Diameter X 91' Long was loaded at Rosemount, MN. & delivered to Motiva Enterprizes, in Nashville, TN.

004.. The 30,000 gallon tanks, 9' Diameter X 66' Long,  were loaded in Tallulah, LA. & delivered to a Bio-Diesel plant in New Albany, MS.

005.. The tank is being unloaded at Warner Brothers, Ga.

 #6 is waiting to unload at Warner Robins, GA.

#7.Tanks at new home at Warner Robins AFB,GA..

  #8.The Blue dolly is being made into a steer able.  Can have a tank saddle on it or put square tubing on the turntable.

 I am putting the turntable from a track hoe on it with a hydraulic cylinder to turn it. It will be used to haul long loads

with the capability to steer around turns.

#009.The Coors tank car is well insulated.  It is loaded with beer concentrate in Golden, CO. 

About the same temp. when it gets to the brewery in Memphis, TN.  This one crashed at Marked Tree, AR. 

 I delivered it to the BNSF yard in Memphis, TN. to be repaired.

#010.The Grey Dolly is something I built.  It is a Freightliner frame and suspension with Fruehauf trailer axles.

 I can remove the saddles and put I-beam cross members on to haul long beams or railroad cars.    Below is a lumber car that derailed at Marked Tree, AR.  Delivered it to Hodge, LA. to be repaired.

  It has to be hauled on its side to reduce the height.  It is 15' tall upright.  Would be about 18' on the trailer. 

 Laying it down makes it 14' high and 15' 6" wide.  Much easier to handle width than height.

  #11.This is a lumber car that derailed at Marked Tree, AR.  Delivered it to Hodge, LA. to be repaired.

  It has to be hauled on its side to reduce the height.  It is 15' tall upright.  Would be about 18' on the trailer. 

 Laying it down makes it 14' high and 15' 6" wide.  Much easier to handle width than height.           


  #13   This  description refers to pictures   014, 015, and 016.  The rear car of a passenger train.

 The one where the President would stand and wave & talk to the people. I picked it up at the KCS yard in Meridian,

MS and delivered it to Bob Young in shreveport. He is going to make it into an office for his business.




017.Here we have loaded up to go to the tractor pull in Henderson, TX. back in April 2005.   The Front tractor is my 1955 McCormick WR9S, The 2nd tractor is Our1957 Farmall 450 Diesel, 

The third tractor is Richard's 1958 John Deere 730 LP.

The last tractor is our 1963 Farmal 560 LP.


 Doug passed away back in March of this year.  He had


  019  Doug loved to tinker with tractors. Here he is campaigning in the Fair Parade. 

020  He out pulled everyone at the LA. State Fair with his John Deere 830 Diesel.

  021 Tommy Addison on his Farmall MV campaigning for Doug.

022.This is a 1952 McCormick W6.  I traded for it in 2004. Got for my wife on her birthday. 

She was real happy about that as you can imagine.  It has the same engine & transmission as a Farmall M. 

 Was used in the mid west more on big farms as a pulling tractor.  It was not used in row crop farming like the M.

023.Here is another view.

23a. Judy's tractor after I finished with it.


  024 Richard Sanders's 1968 International 756 Diesel.  He used it to plant and cultivate. 

We cut & bale hay with it now. Cleaned it up and painted it two years ago.

025  Richard Sanders pulling with our 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel at Henderson, TX.

026 Richard  is pulling with his 1958 John Deere 730 LP at henderson, TX.

027.The first is son, Russell Sanders on the 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel pulling at Simsboro, LA. in Nov. of 2004.


 These are my two 1955 Mccormick WR9Ss. 

 I traded 30 rolls of hay for the two tractors.  They did not look like this when I got them. The one on the left, I have finished. 

The one one the right I am still working on when I have time.

There were only 278 of these tractors built.  These two are 10 serial numbers apart.  They were bought new by a feed mill south

of Bossier City.

  When it closed down, back in the 60 s, a family in Haughton bought them. I traded the hay to them for the tractors. 

The one on the left had sat in the son's back yard for over two years. Got it home & had it running in about a hour.  The other one

had sat in the parents pasture for over 13 years with a bad motor.  I have put a power unit engine in it that Richard found at the auction

in Stuttgart,  AR.  Found rear fenders for in it in Minnesota. Have not had time to finish it.  Work keeps getting in the way.

029.This is the first 1948 Farmall Super A that came to Minden.  Mr. Bill Miller bought it new. 

 Traded it back in a year later, was not big enough.  My daddy, Douglas Sanders traded for it in 1949. 

It has been in the family ever since.  Richard, I, several cousins & my kids have learned to drive with it.

030 Tommy Addison's Formall 400

031  Tommy Addison's Farmall 400 High Clear. This tractor was built to cultivate tall crops, such as sugar cane

031a - This is our daughter, Lindsey driving our 1963 Farmall 560 LP in a parade at Magnolia, Ar. 

032b. 20007 KWKH Tractor Ride 100 + miles. We are lined up to leave the lock and dam south #4. Here we are stopped at Downtown Pelican, La. for a break.


032.This is Richard's 1927 Fordson.  It is waiting for someone to restore it. It was a major improvement over following a mule all day long. 

Has to be hand cranked, since it has a worm gear final drive, it can not be pull started.  

Hope you enjoy these pictures, We love to have folks look at them.


I moved this silo from Longview Asphalt ( owned by the Maddens) in Longview, Tx. to Prairie Contractors, in Opelousas, La.

It is 13' 8" H., 14' 10" W., 64'L. 65, 700 LBS. Gross Wt. 110,00 LBS. 91' overall length.

16' 5" overall height

Submitted by Stanley Sanders