Sherry how have you been doing?  I was in Minden about three weeks ago and in one of the antique stores and I run across this. Sanitary Milk Can. I would like for you to put it on the Minden memories on the Industry Section. My Grandpaw Eugene Lumpkin was the first President of that company. I thought it would be interestiing and putting it on it. I was told probably it was  made in the 30'or 40's maybe somebody would know.My cousins Don and Joe Ratcliff saw it when I got and they haven't seen one.I got it from Second Hand Rose antique shop.

Jason Lumpkin


Jason, this is really a treasure. We have found a lot of milk cans in antique shops but none as nice as this one. In fact, this is the only one with the name of the company that we have ever seen. It also looks to be in mint condition.


1969-2008 Tara Michele Morehead

Says Linda "I ran across this tattered newspaper clipping that Mother must have had.  How in the world it survived Katrina, I have no idea.  I must have found it at some time since then to put it into the folder where I found it.  I put it together with this picture taken of Tara this year when she was leaving after New Year's.

Submitted by Linda Holt Morehead, Class of 1961


Compliments of Linda Culbertson Pound


The Sanitary Dairy pictures are likely mid-fifties, judging by the hairstyles of the women. Marcus Wren and Jerry Dunn identified the men for me, but didn't label the women. I don't know if they missed the picture or didn't know the names. I've included it anyway.

The large group of men is, left to right, V. E. Penny, Leroy Miller, J. W. Wall, Duane Carley, Marcus Wren, Lionel McCullough, Charles Miller, Jim Lee Stanfield, Danny Smith, Bobby Barton, Jerry Bennet, (sp?) Billy Caskey, Jerry Dunn, George Walter Murphy, Jack Boyce.

Compliments of Linda Culbertson Pound

Left to right: Unknown, Monroe Willis, Charlie Lee Cooper, "Meat" Harris, Robert Benton, Ardaniel Henderson,  Booker T. Scroggins, L. T. Allen, John Henry Willis "Pop.


Compliments of Linda Culbertson Pound

As I said, I don't have the names of the women.

Linda Culbertson Pound

LeVerne Langheld Kidd writes:

*Hi Sherry, I talked with Kaye Miller(Mrs. Charles Miller), she was able to name all the ladies except one. here they are:   L-R, Faye McCullough -- Kaye Wright Miller -- Mrs. Smith(Judy Smith's,class of '56, mom) Marie Crockett( her daughter is Sandra C. Brown, Mrs.Ed Brown's) -- Rae Ratcliff, Herman & Joe's Mom) -- Ruth Morgan -- this lady ? -- Cheryl Miller Benit -- Charles Miller's sister Julia Penny -- Irma E. Kirkley -- Sue Dunn -- Mrs. Hucklby --Gay Wren -- Ginger Caskey -- Mrs. Leroy Miller(Charles & Cheryl's Mom)


Subj: Sanitary Dairy picture of women under Community
Hi Sherry,

  I really enjoy the Minden Memories site.  Recently I spent several hours reading as much as possible.  But when I happened to come across the picture of the women at Sanitary Dairy I found my mother identified as Hazel Murphy.  My mother is Irma E. Kirkley, and she is standing to the left of Sue Dunn.  When my mother was the cafeteria manager at Stewart Elementary in Minden, she ordered all the milk from Sanitary Dairy.    I'm sorry we never got to visit when I lived in Houston.  We now live in Highland Village, which is about 36 miles north of Dallas.  We have been here 18 years.   Billie Ruth Kirkley Notzon, CLASS OF 1954

You are correct. This picture was taken during the Webster Parish' Centennial. We didn't have "helment hair-dooes in the 50's, this much I know!

My father, Sam Culbertson, was one of the five organizers, stockholders and officers. He didn't really work there after the business got off the ground. We moved back to Texas in 1947. He really hated to sell out to Beatrice Foods when the offer was made and regretted it for the rest of his life, because Sanitary Dairy was those five men's "baby", and he was proud of it.

Linda Culbertson Pound

    *Do you remember Mrs. Puckett. She use to dip ice cream on Sunday's. Daddy would take me to the dairy and get an icecream cone after dinner and of course after church. That could be the unidentfied lady.   Ronnie Hennigan     *I remember Mrs. Puckett vividly, as I also enjoyed her ice cream cones on Sundays when I walked from Sunday School at First Baptist to the plant where my father was working.  The lemon ice cream was always my choice and I have never found any as delicious in all the years since Sanitary Dairy was making it and Mrs. Puckett was dipping it.   I may be wrong, but I believe Mrs. Puckett was the first employee when the plant opened.    Thanks to everyone for including me in the information loop.   Best regards, Linda Culbertson Pound Colleyville, Texas


*Hi Sherry, I do not believe unidentifed lady is Mrs. Puckett. I dipped cream with Mrs. Puckett for several years in late 40's and early 50's. Mrs. Puckett had a thin, angular face. Tom  Ashcroft was also there during this time and could take a look.   Herman Ratcliff

The good news is that we have a name of another Sanitary Dairy employee to add to our History. Does anyone have a photo of Mrs. Puckett for our Sanitary Dairy History?

R. D. "Don" Hinton


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R. D. "Don"


MINDEN, LA - After a long, full life of service and achievement, R.D. "Don" Hinton, an exemplary member of "The Greatest Generation," died on April 14, 2011, at the age of ninety-eight years. A memorial service honoring his life will be held at First United Methodist Church of Minden at 11:00 AM on Monday, April 18, followed by visitation with the family in the Wesley Room of the church. There will be a private burial service for the family at Gardens of Memory in Minden.

Don Hinton was born on August 13, 1912 at Clay, LA, the second surviving child of Frank A. Hinton and Leila Berry Hinton. He graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1934 with a degree in Agronomy, and after a brief period of teaching in public schools, he joined the fledgling Soil Conservation Service in December 1935. He worked for the SCS for thirteen years, serving in Minden, Plain Dealing, and Ringgold. During this period he married Lucy Jeannette Rathbun of Minden on August 30, 1940, and this union endured for fifty-five years until her death in June 1996. In February 1942 he leased Ferndale Farm in Minden from Mr. C. M. Hutton and began pursuing his chosen career as a dairy farmer. After purchasing Ferndale Farm in January 1952, he spent the remainder of his working life operating the farm, first as a dairy farm with registered Jersey cattle until 1986, than as a beef farm with registered Black Angus cattle for another fifteen years. In addition to being a producer of milk, he became a milk processor when he joined with four other men to establish Sanitary Dairy Products in Minden in 1947. He served for many years as President of Sanitary Dairy until it merged with Beatrice Foods in 1979.

While pursing his life's work in the dairy industry, he also served on the Board of Directors of People's Bank & Trust Co. of Minden as well as the Board of Directors of the Federal Land Bank of New Orleans. After leaving the Soil Conservation Service in 1948, he served for more than sixty years as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Dorcheat Soil & Water Conservation District. He was a member of the Minden Chamber of Commerce and the Minden Lions Club for more than sixty years. During his long residence in Minden, he served the First United Methodist Church in virtually every possible capacity. And finally, he was a strong supporter of his alma mater, Louisiana Tech, and in 2000 he was honored as Tech's Alumnus of the Year. Over the course of his long life, he received many awards and honors for his achievements and service.

Don Hinton was a man of courage, vision, perseverance, boundless optimism, and strong convictions, which he would defend endlessly. Throughout his life he professed and practiced the highest moral and ethical standards, and he emphasized to his sons that living according to one's principles was much more desirable than wealth, status, or power. As a child of the Depression, he lived a frugal and simple life devoid of all luxury or indulgence. A gregarious and out-going person, he treated all people as equals, and he never met a stranger. He was a fortunate man because in his adult life he was able to pursue his chosen career and to realize his ideal existence.

Don Hinton was preceded in death by his parents, his wife, his younger son David Franklin Hinton, his brothers Harry Hinton, Berry Hinton, Lawrence Hinton and Billy Hinton, and his sister Mattie Hinton LaGrone. He is survived by his elder son Donald R. Hinton and wife Helen of Minden, his grandson Dr. Hugh Hinton and wife Rev. Heather Kinnear Hinton of Medford, MA, his granddaughter Dr. Heather Hinton Fowler and husband Dr. Kurt Fowler of Indianapolis, his great-grandson Isaac Alden Hinton of Medford, MA, his great granddaughter Catherine Elise Fowler of Indianapolis, and a special friend, Mrs. Virginia Fox, as well as several first cousins and numerous nieces and nephews.

The family wishes to express their appreciation to Dr. Michael Chanler, Dr. Timothy Talbert, the staff of Minden Medical Center, the staff of Weston Place Rehabilitation Center, and especially to caregivers Barbara Arrington, Shirley Carter, Willis Doyle, Geraldine Garrett, and Stephanie Lewis, for their compassionate, conscientious care of Don Hinton during his last ten weeks of his life.

Memorials may be made to the Bell Fund of First United Methodist Church of Minden, or to Louisiana Tech University.